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Don't Ignore China ETFs

Don't Ignore China ETFs

Investors should pay attention to the recent upswing in he upswing in China ETFs and resources-related ETFs.

Choose ETFs With Relative Strength as Well as Defensive Attributes

Choose ETFs With Relative Strength as Well as Defensive Attributes

The best way to participate in a momentum market (should you choose to do so) is to sprinkle in sectors that have relative strength as well as defensive qualities.

Resources-Related ETFs: Your Chance to Play 'Catch Up'

Resources-Related ETFs: Your Chance to Play 'Catch Up'

Time to revisit reflation-oriented assets -- precious metals, materials, natural resources and resources-related companies -- which are popping on Fed and euro hopes.

7 ETFs Near 52-Week Highs, Despite Gloom

Financial stocks weren't it. Energy companies weren't the answer either. But good buys are out there.

5 Hardest-Hit, Least-Affected ETFs in Selloff

What happens when legislative and market uncertainties lead corporations to sit on their wallets.

Bad Times Don't Deter 'Dividend Aristocrats'

Why some investment professionals cheer for terrible economic data.

ETF Winners for Jump in Consumer Spending

Telecom fund appears to be among the most attractive funds in some time.

Reform Fails to Slow Financial ETFs

Goldman Sachs and its rivals can change a label to keep trading as they see fit. And financial ETFs keep rolling.