Clay Fisher

Clay Fisher, an independent investor, comes from from a long line of investors. His grandfather, Philip Fisher, was a legendary growth-stock investor who pioneered the concept of growth-stock investing along with T. Rowe Price. His father, Ken Fisher, is a Forbes columnist, CEO of Fisher Investments and a member of the Forbes 400. Clay Fisher previously worked as a buy-side analyst for investment bank Robertson Stephens and later with Feshbach Brothers. He was executive vice president and co-founder of The Private Client Group, a division of Fisher Investments, which is now the majority of his family's business, where he spent most of his career.

Recent Articles By The Author

Behind Andy Xie's China Housing Numbers

Those who call China's housing market a "bubble" fail to mention that a huge percentage of China's existing housing stock is old and "pre-teardown."

A Manic Wall of Worry?

A Manic Wall of Worry?

We're now in a manic state because we had a 14% correction. With that and the myriad of worries we've heard about since, it shouldn't be a surprise that home sales were down in May.

E-House: Growth in China Real Estate

Longer term it is very easy to see E-House China capturing a 10% market share even if sales in the world's largest real estate industry were to stay flat.

Intevac: Cheap Hard Disk Stock

Intevac is a small player in the hard disk industry that seems to have been overlooked even as its stock has performed well.