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Best Buy Seeks Return to China

Best Buy is searching for ways to reintroduce its brand in China after its first foray into the market ended in failure.

Microsoft Scores With Samsung Royalty Deal

Microsoft scores a notable victory in the smartphone patent wars, persuading Samsung to pay it royalties for every handset the South Korean company sells that runs on Google's Android.

For Chevron, Oil Hunt Is Search For New Technology

Ninety years after it began drilling in Texas, Chevron's reserves growth relies more on improved extraction technology.

Chinese Smartphone Upstarts 'no Threat' to Google

New operating systems for the domestic Chinese smartphone market don't pose a serious threat to Google Android.

'Citizen Kane' Studio Goes up For Sale

The fabled Hollywood studio lot where 'Citizen Kane,' 'King Kong,' and 'Gone With The Wind,' came to life, is being sold.