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IPad And Tablet Rivals Will Kill Netbooks, Says Experts

Apple's iPad may soon put a stake in the heart of netbooks, research analysts said this week.

Facebook Slammed Again Over Privacy

Ten privacy advocate groups penned an open letter to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, asking him to make changes to the highly popular social networking site that will give users more control over their own data.

Turn Your ITunes Digital Booklets Into IBooks

iTunes Digital Booklets are the PDF files that come with with some iTunes albums, and include lyrics and cover art. Unfortunately, they've been of limited usefulness since you can't really do much more than view them on the computer or organize them into a smart playlist. Come Monday, however, you'll finally be able to load them onto an iOS 4-capable iPhone or iPod touch--and Apple has kindly released a Knowledge Base article detailing how to do so.

Apple Preps For IPhone 4 Launch With ITunes 9.2

Apple on Wednesday prepared customers for next weeks' release of the iPhone 4 and iOS 4 by updating iTunes to make it compatible with the new mobile operating system.

Summer Fun With The Mac

When you ask kids to close their eyes and think about summer, odds are they think about hot days and playing outside. But summer comes with its downtime too. One way to be prepared for rained-out afternoons and other idle hours is to load up the kids' computer with links to great Websites and other computing activities. Here are some of the Macworld editors favorites: