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Clean Edge, Inc., founded in 2000, is the world's first research and publishing firm devoted to the clean-tech sector. The company, via its publications, events, and online services, helps companies, investors, and governments understand and profit from clean technologies. Clean Edge, with offices in the San Francisco Bay Area and Portland Oregon, offers insight and intelligence on emerging clean-tech trends, opportunities, and challenges. The company publishes a range of reports including the annual Clean Energy Trends and Clean Tech Job Trends report series; hosts the annual Clean-Tech Investor Summit (along with IBF); maintains a number of benchmark clean-tech stock indices with NASDAQ OMX including CELS, QGRD, and QWND; and produces Clean Edge Jobs, a leading online jobs board for clean-tech job seekers, employers, and recruiters. To keep abreast of the latest clean-tech news; access industry reports; learn more about our services; or sign up for our free e-newsletters; visit

Recent Articles By The Author

Clean Edge Stock Indices Move Higher

Clean Edge and Nasdaq's three benchmark clean-tech stock indices all rose last week.

Clean Edge Indices Fell Last Week

All three indices fell in tandem with the broader markets.

Clean Edge Indices Mixed Last Week

The green energy and wind indices were down, while the smart infrastructure index was up.

Clean Edge Stock Indices Experience Week of Declines

Clean Edge and Nasdaq's three benchmark clean-tech stock indices each retreated last week

Clean Edge Indices Gain

The green, wind and smart-grid infrastructure indices saw another week of mild positive movement.