John Hempton

John Hempton is chief investment officer and founder of Bronte Capital, an Australian based global asset management firm. He was formerly a partner at Platinum Asset Management and has served as chief analyst of tax policy for the New Zealand Treasury.

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The mortgage giants should be able to make sufficient revenue, as long as the government doesn't get in their way.

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Credit losses at the mortgage giants are manageable, but the companies still need to earn their way out of their current predicament.

Watching Fannie and Freddie: Part 6

The government can get its money back on its 'investment' in Freddie Mac, provided Freddie can earn more than $56 billion over a reasonable time period and meet the government interest charges.

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Revenue at these government-sponsored enterprises has risen very sharply.

Watching Fannie and Freddie, Part 4

These models using cumulative default curves help identify future end losses of both companies.