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Greece: Creditors must deliver on promise to lighten debt

Greece's finance minister insists the country's international creditors must agree on how to make Greece's debt sustainable to help the nation emerge from its protracted financial crisis

Eurozone's top banker: stimulus needed despite higher growth

The head of the European Central Bank says that while the economy of the 19-country eurozone is improving, it still needs substantial stimulus

India's limits on selling cattle could hurt industry, diets

India has banned the sale of cows for slaughter to protect an animal many Hindus consider holy, but states and industries say the ban will hit beef and leather exports and deprive millions of people of a cheap source of protein

Frenchman and 3 Congolese hostages are released in Congo

Frenchman and 3 Congolese hostages have been released in eastern Congo after being kidnapped in March

The Latest: Italian police tear gas protesters near G-7 site

A stand-off between Italian riot police and protesters during which police used tear gas has ended without further incident