Eric Jackson

Eric Jackson is founder and president of Ironfire Capital and the general partner and investment manager of Ironfire Capital US Fund LP and Ironfire Capital International Fund, Ltd. In January 2007, Jackson started the world's first Internet-based campaign to increase shareholder value at Yahoo! He began his "Plan B" campaign, using blogs, YouTube videos, and wikis, to band together support from fellow individual investors, which encouraged many instituational shareholders to vote against several members of the board of directors at the 2007 annual meeting which led to Jerry Yang assuming the role of CEO six days later. Jackson has been interviewed about his activist efforts by CNBC, Bloomberg, Fox Business, and TV. Global Proxy Watch named Jackson as one of its 10 "Stars '07" who positively influenced international corporate governance and shareowner value in 2007. Prior to founding Ironfire Capital, Jackson was President & CEO of Jackson Leadership Systems, Inc., a leadership, strategy, and governance consulting firm. He completed his Ph.D. in the Management Department at the Columbia University Graduate School of Business in New York, with a specialization in Strategic Management. He was previously Vice President of Strategy and Business Development at VoiceGenie Technologies, a software firm now owned by Alcatel-Lucent. In 2004, Jackson founded the Young Patrons' Circle at the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto, which is now the second largest social and philanthropic group of its kind in North America, raising $500,000 annually for the museum. You can follow Jackson on Twitter at or @ericjackson

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