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BofA Capital Levels Fine, CFO Says

Bank of America's capital levels are sufficient to keep the company going for more than two years, CFO Joe Price says according to a report.

Financial Winners and Losers: Wells Fargo

Financial stocks were taking a hefty beating Thursday, as uncertainty about the government's financial bailout plan and stimulus package persisted.

Geithner Bailout Plan May Speed Bank Failures

Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner's bailout plan includes a 'stress test' for banks receiving new government aid, which could identify new weaknesses.

Financial Winners & Losers: Citigroup

Financial stocks were falling sharply Tuesday, after Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner detailed new government initiatives to help the sector.

Financial Winners & Losers: Bank of America

Financial stocks were mixed in trading Monday, as investors awaited additional news of a government bailout for the sector.