Richard Widows

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Newly Rated ETFs Buy Money, Commodities

Befitting this era of crummy stock returns, funds that invest in currencies, commodities and international securities dominate our list of newly rated ETFs.

Is It Safe? Procter & Gamble Tries to Keep Up

Procter & Gamble dominates every aisle of the drugstore. So why are its rivals projected to grow faster?

BRIC Funds Trail Emerging Market Indexes

BRIC funds lagged behind broader emerging market indexes in the rally that began in March.

Best in Class: FPL Rides Like the Wind

FPL Group got a head start in alternative energy and is now on the leading edge as the industry blossoms.

Is It Safe? No Discounts on Schwab Shares

For a company that specializes in cheap trading, Charles Schwab shares are expensive.