Jim Wyckoff

Jim Wyckoff is president of JimWyckoff.com, a trading advisory and trading education service.

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Raw Commodities Show Signs of Bottoming

Raw Commodities Show Signs of Bottoming

Recent price action suggests that the worst of the E.U. debt crisis is behind us.

Gold Bulls Safe for Now

Gold Bulls Safe for Now

It would take a move in nearby gold futures prices below major long-term technical support at $1,500 an ounce to begin to inflict serious longer-term chart damage and suggest a major market top is in place.

Gold Zigs While Oil Zags

Currency worries and growth forecasts are pushing gold and oil on divergent paths.

A Positive Trend In Natural Gas

The power sector is consuming more natural gas. Try this ETF for a promising entry into the trend.

Weak Dollar Spurs Gold Bulls

The falling U.S. currency pushes gold higher. Also, choppy crude.