Here we go with government scrutiny again

Daniel Martins

"Apple is facing multi-state probe for 'deceiving consumers' - as Texas attorney general say they may sue. No additional details were provided on the ways in which Apple potentially deceived customers."

It is hard to know whether to be concerned or not about this particular issue, since very little information has been offered. In any case, these suits tend to drag for years, and result in either nothing or a fine that Apple can probably easily afford.

The problem, in my view, lies at the higher level. Apple is a deep-pocketed target, as are its Big Tech peers. As most of Corporate America and Main St. suffer through the current health and economic crisis, a much better-performing Apple should stand out and be even more visible for government scrutiny.

I continue to think that regulatory risk is something for Apple investors to keep thinking about. Currently, my main concern is potential antitrust measures at the federal level.


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