Apple: Work-From-Home Benefits Macs (Video)

Daniel Martins

With many stores closed around the world and concerns over a global recession still looming, Apple product sales could look soft in the second quarter. One category that will likely not get hurt as badly, however, are Macs.

A better quarter of computer sales

Gartner has reported that the PC industry saw nearly 3% increase in unit shipments in the second quarter. Apple did even better, although only slightly so. See table below.

Within the peer group, the top 6 producers (Lenovo, HP, Dell, Apple, Acer and ASUS, in descending order) distanced themselves from smaller vendors. The top 3 accounted for two-thirds of total shipments, while Apple was responsible for less than 7%. HP and Acer were clear winners in the quarter, pushing unit sales higher by at least 17% each.

Watch the video for more information on second quarter computer sales.

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