The Relevance of Apple to the Stock Market (Video)

Apple is objectively the most relevant stock in the US market. Pay attention to the Cupertino company and its FAAMG peers, as they all report earnings soon.
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The time has come for the FAAMG group – Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft and Alphabet (Google) – to report calendar second quarter earnings. This is also a good time to refresh our memories on the importance of the five Big Tech names to the US stock market.

Take Apple, for example. The Cupertino company accounts for 12% of the Nasdaq 100. Should the stock hypothetically swing up or down by 10% on earnings day, the whole index would move by a whopping 1.2%. I believe, therefore, that the individual performance of a handful of companies in the most recent quarter will be the main driver of broad stock market returns in the next 7-10 days.

Watch the video for more information on Apple’s (and its FAAMG peers’) relevance to the stock market.

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