Nasdaq Selloff: A Make-Or-Break Moment (Video)

Daniel Martins

The Nasdaq 100, of which Apple represents 14%, fell off the bunk bed on September 3.

After reaching all-time highs on Wednesday, the tech-heavy index dropped by roughly 5%. These corrections off the very top have been rare historically. Since the creation of the Nasdaq 100, in 1971, the index fell in a single day by more than 3% from a peak level only a few times: twice in 2020 and again only a couple of months before the start of the sharp March 2000 correction.

Generally speaking, long-term investors should not worry much about dips along the way. Over time, stocks tend to climb. But bubbles can be highly distructive of a portfolio’s value. Check out the graph below.

Following the bursting of the dot-com bubble, the Nasdaq 100 did not return to peak levels for another 15 years. That is, an investor that bought the index in March 2000 and held on for a long time remained under water until 2015. Therefore, yes, there is significant risk of capital loss when valuations shoot well above what could be considered reasonable.

The key question remains: is the Nasdaq 100 in a bubble or not? And are we staring into the early innings of a sharp correction? The is no easy answer here, but watch the video above for a bit more insight into the current market environment.

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