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FAAMG Face-Off: Who Has Outperformed in 2021?

Stocks continue to produce strong returns in 2021, but Big Tech has been falling behind. Here is a look at how each FAAMG name has performed so far in the new year – the winner may come as a surprise.

We are about eight weeks into 2021, and the new year has not looked much like 2020 in the equities market.

Yes, stocks continue to produce strong returns, following up on the recovery from the February-to-March bear market. The S&P 500 has been up about 4% so far. However, the market dynamic has shifted.

Tech and growth stocks, the big winners of the first nine months of 2020, have been out of favor this year. Meanwhile, the small cap and value factors have outperformed. See chart below: the purple and yellow lines represent the latter group, while the green and blue lines reflect the former.

Tech, Growth, Small Caps and Value Factors performance chart.

Tech, Growth, Small Caps and Value Factors performance chart.

Big Tech struggles

With the undeperformance in tech and growth came dismal price behavor for the FAAMG stocks: Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft and Google’s Alphabet. The chart below shows that the group has lagged behind the S&P 500, with year-to-date return of only 1.8%.

However, not all Big Tech names have been losers in 2021. Microsoft, for example, has seen gains of nearly 6% so far. I chose this stock as my top FAAMG pick for the new year, and the bullish case was recently reinforced by a killer fourth quarter. I have not been disappointed until now.

FAAMG performance chart.

FAAMG performance chart.

Alphabet: winner so far

However, the best FAAMG stock of 2021 has been Alphabet. Shares have climbed an impressive 18% so far in the new year, lavishly beating whatever relevant benchmark or peer one chooses to look at.

Part of the reason for the recent rally has been Alphabet’s killer earnings report, delivered in late January. The company topped expectations by a wide margin, and Wall Street analysts followed up with a barrage of target price increases.

The other plausible reason has to do with valuation. Alphabet was the worst performing FAAMG stock in 2020. At the end of the year, a forward price-earnings ratio of only 21.6 times looked highly compelling, having expanded the least among its five key peers throughout the twelve-month period.

The combination of strong fundamentals and reasonable price seems to be working very well for the Mountain View, California-based tech giant.

Twitter speaks

FAAMG has been out of favor in 2021, a stark contrast to what happened last year. What do you think happens next? Leave your opinion below.

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