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Epic Battle: Apple Throws Its Weight Around (Video)

In its fight against Epic Games, Apple has gone on offense. While the Cupertino company is unlikely to be awarded the damages requested, the move could discourage Epic from pushing the envelope further.

The fight between Apple and Epic Games over Fortnite and the App Store continue. This time, the Cupertino company has sued the game maker and is seeking “restitution of all money Fortnite collected through its payment system”.

Given the recent rout in the markets, particularly in tech stocks, the Epic battle has all but vanished from the headlines for now. But any changes to the App Store’s business model or monetization policies that arise from this fight could be a bearish development for Apple’s stock. Therefore, I believe that investors should keep tabs on how the dispute evolves.

Watch the video above for more information on Apple’s fight against Epic.

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