Best Black Friday Deals For Apple Investors and Enthusiasts

The Apple Maven sets aside conversations about Apple stock and the markets to focus a bit on Santa’s gift list. Here are some of the best Black Friday deals on Apple products to be found online.
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The Apple Maven has spent all of 2020 covering Apple for investors. Now, ahead of Black Friday, allow me to set the markets aside for a moment and pay some attention to Santa’s gift list.

Apple kicks off its four-day shopping special tomorrow. The company is providing gift cards worth up to $150, with the highest reward offered with the purchase of a 16-inch MacBook Pro or 21.5 inch iMac. Many other Apple products qualify for a gift card worth either $25 or $50.

But other retailers will be offering great deals on Black Friday weekend as well. Below are some of the best promotions that I have found on Amazon.

Apple deals on Amazon

Probably the best site to visit for deals on Apple devices is Amazon.

The Apple Watch Series 6 is selling at a $20 discount for the 44-inch model. An even better discount is available on the 40-inch trim, which lowers the final price to $329 in the US.

On the Mac side, the 16-inch MacBook Pro goes for a $250 discount over the regular price, which is a better deal than buying the same product on Apple’s website. Keep in mind that this version of the laptop does not yet carry the brand-new, ARM-based M1 chip that equips the 13-inch model.

For the iPad, it might make most sense to “go big”. The 12.9-inch iPad Pro with 512 Gb of capacity looks very appealing at a discount of $150 to less than $1,150. The same model can be found at full price on Apple’s website.

When it comes to wearables and accessories, one of the better deals that has come across my screen seems to be on the PowerBeats Pro. The device is on sale, $90 off its normal price at an enticing $160, in select colors like Moss and Spring Yellow.

I have secured my own pair of the wireless headset for my winter jogs, ahead of the weekend.

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