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With the hyped 5G-ready iPhone release not happening this time, Apple’s “Time flies” event played out largely as expected, which helps to explain modest decline in the stock price as some investors probably chose to "sell the news”. However the event brought some positive developments for investors. Let’s see below the key event takeaways:

  • Key takeaway #1 from Apple's event: it was surprising to see bearishness in real time once CEO Tim Cook confirmed that today was all about the iPad and Watch. Hopes for the iPhone 12 still lingered.
  • Key takeaway #2 from Apple's event: Apple One is a much needed boost for the less successful services (Arcade, News+, even TV+). Pricing seemed smart. Good news for investors, in my view.
  • Key takeaway #3 from Apple's event: Watch SE opens up the total addressable market a bit. Price-sensitive consumers who want some of the better features now have an option.
  • Key takeaway #4 from Apple's event: good to see two iPad models at once, with the Air version looking particularly appealing. Apple is hitting the iron while it's hot: during a rare good year for tablet sales.

Hopes for the 5G iPhone

This certainly leaves us with one highly-anticipated October event, when Apple is expected to finally announced the 5G-ready iPhone 12. Expect the conversation between now and then to revolve around when the announcement will be made, what models will be released, and when the new phones will start shipping. The sooner ahead of the holiday season, the better for the stock.

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