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Apple Stock Split: The Moment Of Truth (Video)

Apple intended to make its stock more accessible to a broader base of investors. But will this new demand for shares at a lower nominal price kick in and help to keep momentum alive?

Maybe it should not have been so much of a catalyst, but it ended up being so. It seems evident that Apple’s 4-to-1 stock split led to a wave of optimism in the market. Case in point, shares of the Cupertino company were up more than 8% in the week prior to the split, while the S&P 500 ex-Apple barely moved.

The party for investors that bet on Apple’s stock ahead of the split will be over this week, but a new one could start next. Will the lower nominal price attract new demand from retail investors who could not afford the stock before, helping to keep share price momentum alive?

Watch the brief video above for the Apple Maven’s takeaways on the stock split.

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