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Apple Stock: March Product Refresh Could Be A Catalyst

Apple could soon announce a March 2021 product refresh event. The Apple Maven reviews some of the most likely event headliners, and explains why investors should care.

The rumor mill has started to churn once again.

It is widely speculated, if not a near-certainty, that Apple will unveil a barrage of new products in the Spring of 2021 – as the company tends to do during the warmer season. The event date has yet to be announced, but will likely fall around the middle of March.

Below are some thoughts about what to expect, and whether the new products might mean something for Apple investors.

Many potential headliners

Aside from the iPhone and a few laptop models, which have been refreshed very recently, almost anything else could happen next month. The list of potential headliners for the upcoming event is long.

Leading the charge, both in likelihood and importance, is the Mac.

In November, Apple unveiled its M1 chip, an internally designed piece of hardware that is faster and more capable than its predecessor. Along with it, the company also announced the new 13-inch versions of the MacBook Air and Pro.

Now, the Apple Maven expects to see the new chip powering other Mac models, including the 16-inch versions of the laptop. The most notable change, however, could come with the desktops. The iMac may very well get a facelift, as the new architecture allows for thinner and more elegant bezels.

Another probable headliner is the iPad. In fact, some believe that the March event will be all about new tablets, first and foremost.

The Cupertino company launched the new iPad Air and eighth-generation iPad as recently as September 2020. However, a handful of other trims could be unveiled this time. The iPad Pro is the most likely candidate: the latest model was released just about one year ago.

Other products could be announced in the Spring, most of them nowhere near as impactful to Apple’s financial performance as the Mac and the iPad. Keep the following devices in mind: AirTags, Apple TV, maybe even the more relevant AirPods.

The Apple Maven’s take

I believe that the March event, if confirmed, could be a catalyst for Apple stock. This is particularly true because of the Mac and iPad.

Both have had an outstanding calendar 2020 of sales, especially the Mac, as the chart below illustrates. It will be hard for Apple to top segment revenue growth of 30%-plus in 2021. To perform well in the new year, the company will have to impress through innovation and dazzling product specs.

TTM Revenue Growth by Major Product Segment.

TTM Revenue Growth by Major Product Segment.

If Apple delivers the goods, investors could get motivated to buy shares ahead of another strong year of sales. The opposite could also be true: lack of enthusiasm could put pressure on valuations, in “sell the news” fashion.

Mark your calendars

As usual, the Apple Maven will cover the product refresh event (if confirmed) in real time, through live blog. Until we hear more about it, block your calendars for mid-March, and keep checking the Apple Maven’s website for more updates.

Twitter speaks

I asked the Twitter-verse: what new product would likely be most relevant for Apple investors? Feel free to chime in below!

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