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Apple Stock: How Much Will The Metaverse Move The Needle?

Yet another tech giant embracing a more ‘meta’ future, Apple’s move into mixed reality hardware could give shares a slight boost, at best.

The largest stock by market capitalization, Apple stock AAPL may only see modest gains going forward, due to its large size.

After gaining more than 78% in 2020, and up more than 35% so far in 2021, bearish investors may be correct in saying that the iPhone giant’s valuation fully reflects its future growth. Or are they?

Figure 1: Apple's new iPhone 13 model.

Figure 1: Apple's new iPhone 13 model.

There’s a new tech frontier opening up. A market that, if it lives up to the hype that’s recently emerged about it, could create a big opportunity for Apple. I’m talking about the metaverse.

While Meta Platforms FB, formerly Facebook, has put this trend on the map, it’s not the only FAANG component moving into this space. We’ve talked previously here at The Apple Maven about this company’s metaverse exposure.

But how exactly will its move into AR (augmented reality) and VR (virtual reality) hardware translate into growth for its business, and in turn, further big moves for the stock? Let’s dive in, and take a look at the numbers.

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AAPL Stock and its Metaverse Exposure

Over the past few weeks, after the Facebook/Meta Platforms news, the sell-side community has taken a closer look at other major tech names, to handicap their potential as metaverse plays. Apple has made a frequent appearance on these lists.

And it has, primarily, because of its upcoming AR and VR products. But to what extent will high demand for these mixed reality devices boost the price of AAPL stock?

It depends on who you ask. Previously, we talked about how, based on projections from Morgan Stanley’s Katy Huberty, AR/VR sales could add $150 billion to Apple’s valuation. Compared to its current $3 trillion valuation, not exactly something to write home about.

However, other projections suggest that the upside from the metaverse trend may be more substantial. Per estimates published online by a buy side analyst, the company could eventually generate $200 billion in annual sales from mixed reality devices — in turn, possibly adding $25 per share to its valuation.

The Apple Maven’s Take

With this trend just getting started, it’s unclear whether it will be the “next big thing,” or simply something that only has a moderate impact on the performance of FAANG stocks.

For Apple, the company likely needs more than just success with mixed reality devices to deliver the type of average annual returns it’s seen over the past decade. For example, success with its planned Apple Car might be another crucial piece.

There are many reasons to make AAPL stock a long-term holding. But readers may want to take other factors into account before buying shares on the metaverse catalyst alone.

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