Apple: A Unique Back-To-School Season (Video)

Daniel Martins

The third calendar quarter of 2020 will be a unique one for Apple in several different ways. One that I keep gravitating towards is the back-to-school season in the northern hemisphere.

More COVID-19 headwinds

With the pandemic still at full force in the US and other countries, questions remain about how the upcoming school year will be impacted. The US federal government has signaled that it wants schools to reopen and operate normally as soon as possible, but some governors have been pushing back on the idea. In either case, parents don’t seem very confident: two-thirds of them are worried about sending their children back to school in the fall, according to a survey by Deloitte.

The uncertainty can bode ill for Apple. Demand for the company’s tech devices tends to rise ahead of the back-to-school weeks, but it is unclear if the same will happen this year. To make up for lower sales expectations, the Cupertino company has stepped up its game.

Watch the video for more information on Apple’s initiatives for the upcoming school year.

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In my opinion this is an irrelevant strategy for increase Apple sales, not optimistic at all.

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