5G: clear as day now

Daniel Martins

The mystery has been all but put to rest. With Qualcomm's announcement yesterday that revenues associated with "a global 5G flagship phone" will be partially delayed into 4Q calendar, it is clear as day that at least some version of the iPhone 12 will not go to market in September.

Of course, the questions don't end here: how much of a delay are we talking about? How many iPhone models will be impacted? Will certain markets (i.e. the US) have access to the 5G phone earlier than the rest of the world?

This is yet another reason, besides the elephant in the room (COVID-19), why I don't think that Apple will guide today for its own fiscal 4Q. Why stick your neck out and have to dodge 5G-related questions, when Apple can easily "plead the 5th", blame COVID-19 and skip guidance this time again?