Yaron Steinbuch's recent article in the NY Post explored the Coronavirus craze for buying and hoarding toilet paper.  If you have been to your local grocery store or Costco type warehouse, the shelves are probably empty.  For the last month, every time I have gone to the grocery store there has not been one roll to be found.

My wife had a good take on this toilet paper fiasco.  She said that most people go to the bathroom at their workplace, and now that they are home...they are not benefiting from that free employer "paper fest."  Will toilet paper now become part of a company's benefits package.  Why not?

Below are some excerpts from the article that I found interesting.

"Amid a wave of coronavirus panic buying, no product has proven to be more prized than good ol’ toilet paper — no matter how many plies.  The mass buying spree has many wondering why people choose to stockpile the basic necessity, which has many alternatives, albeit not quite as comfortable.  Another consumer expert said the toilet paper craze also reflects people’s need to hang on to their modern lifestyle.  The runs on toilet paper sparked the trending hashtags #toiletpapergate and #toiletpapercrisis."

If there was ever an example of taking something for granted, the Coronavirus toilet paper crisis has probably taken most of us by surprise.  As I told my wife recently, when I go to the store and see a full rack of toilet paper...I will know that I country is back to normal.  Strange times indeed. 

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