Coronavirus Matters...The Stock Market Doesn't

The Annuity Man

Jon Schwarz's article at pretty much put this current chaotic crisis environment in perspective.  We are now learning a hard lesson on what's important.  If you don't have good health, then chasing stock market riches doesn't mean that much.

Jon summed it up pretty well with a couple of paragraphs:  "This is something profound about our mental weather. A huge fraction of America’s mental energy, and definitely the Trump administration’s attention, are consumed by the stock market’s gyrations. This in itself has been debilitating for us, no matter the direction in which it’s gyrated.  Now the coronavirus may be about to teach us a harsh lesson in what this fixation has done to us. The glare of the stock market’s imaginary wealth has blinded us to what real wealth actually is. Before a new strain of coronavirus began sprinting around the world, all these problems with the stock market may have seemed abstract. But they are now extremely concrete. Think about what we could have done to prepare for this moment, if we’d been less mesmerized by little numbers on screens and paid more attention to the reality right in front of us."

Hello!  If that isn't a two by four to your forehead, then I have no clue what is.  Hopefully, we will all learn from this crisis and be better in the long run for it.  As I always tell people, there are no U-Hauls behind hearses.  In other words, you can't take it with you...and you should stop trying.

Stan The Annuity Man