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Forbes recently published an article that listed all of the critical links you might need to get through this Coronavirus pandemic...from a financial standpoint.  Compiled by the Forbes staff writers, the opening paragraph is a journalistic welcome mat for timely and needed information.  This will be an article that you will "pin" to your favorites.

"As layoffs spread and businesses shut down, many Americans face sudden and severe financial challenges. While the pain is widespread, so too are the relief efforts. This Forbes guide aims to cut through the confusion and help you protect your finances in these uncertain times." 

Below are the categories where they list multiple links.

Income Replacement.  Taxes.  Housing.  Student Loans.  Banking.  Insurance.  Retirement.  Budgeting & Money Mindset.  Credit Cards.  Spending.  Freebies.  Small Business.  Helping Others.  Travel.  This list is so all-encompassing, I feel like writing them a thank you note for compiling this incredible resource.

Every single one of those categories have informative links below them that can help with whatever you need or are trying to achieve.  In a world of disinformation and fake news, this is the best resource I've seen during these chaotic times.  Short.  Concise.  To the point.  Valuable.

The majority of people that read or Forbes are probably living in a I am.  We have worked hard in our careers and will be able to financially survive however long this pandemic lasts.  If you fall in that category, I encourage you to go to the "Helping Others" category.  It might be the best investment you will ever make.

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