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I'm the first person to say the annuity industry has earned it's bad reputation.  I don't blame the carriers, but I do blame far too many agents for pushing the sales envelope to get the application signed.  Carriers can't regulate what those army of agents say, which is unfortunate.  I do blame the annuity industry for not having a coherent and disciplined one note marketing message to the 10,000 baby boomers that reach retirement age every single day. 

Annuities are the only financial product on the planet that can provide a lifetime income stream.  They have a monopoly on that benefit proposition.  If you or I were running the annuity industry, I would GUARANTEE you that the "lifetime income" message would be repeated until Pavlov's dog ran out of saliva.

The financial media is to blame as well for allowing the "I Hate All Annuities" and "All Annuities Are Expensive" propaganda to proliferate all platforms.  10 minutes of fact checking and research would reveal that those 2 commonly repeated phrases are incorrect, misleading, and fake annuity news.

I understand the "annuities" is the financial curse word, and looked down upon by the "masters of the universe" on Wall Street.  The brutal fact is that people need more lifetime income guarantees to add to their other annuity payment...Social Security.  Truth matters.  Facts matter.  Informed retirement decisions matter.

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