Are QLACs a good idea for retirement income?

The Annuity Man

In 2014, one of the best pro-consumer products was introduced by the IRS and the Treasury Department.  Yes...those 2!  In addition, that pro-consumer product is also an annuity. annuity!  That product was called a Qualified Longevity Annuity Contract (QLAC).  When I was first told about QLACs in 2014, I made the bold prediction that QLACs would be the #1 selling annuity type in America.  Being the top independent agent in the country (aka: America's Annuity Agent), I forgot the one hurdle that would prevent QLACs from becoming the most popular annuity of all time.  That one hurdle...low commissions to the agent.

I forgot that most agents choose the annuity that they sell based on what product has the highest commission.  They don't care that QLACs can be used for future income in a Traditional IRA.  They don't care that QLACs can be structured "Joint Life" with a spouse even though you are using your personal IRA.  They don't care that QLACs combat inflation with income starting at a future date.  They don't care that QLACs have the potential to lower your taxes on your RMDs (Required Minimum Distributions).  Sad but true.

The bottom line is that QLACs are a great future pension income product that can be used with Traditional IRA assets.  You should learn more to see if a QLAC would be a good fit for your current portfolio.

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