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Annuities are the most controversial financial product on the planet.  The annuity industry is to blame for a fractured and inconsistent branding message.  Selling agents and advisors are to blame with their "too good to be true" high-pressured sales pitches.  And some consumers are to blame for believing the "I hate annuities" mantra that's being pushed by money managers and financial advisors with anti-annuity agendas.

So a question I get way too often is, "Are Annuities a Rip-Off.?"  A better question would be "Are Contracts a Rip-Off?"  Annuities are contracts.  Don't believe me, then buy one.  You will receive a policy (i.e. contract) in the mail.  What is sometimes a rip-off are how annuities are sold by unqualified salespeople just trying to make a commission.

Are you Social Security payments a rip-off?  Of course not.  Are your pension payments a rip-off?  That would be a NO as well.  Spoiler alert, both your Social Security payments and pension payments are annuities.

As a consumer, the key with annuities is to own them for what they WILL DO (i.e. contractual guarantees), not what they might do.  Never make a decision to buy an annuity based on a hypothetical, theoretical, projected, back-tested, hopeful agent return scenario.  Buy the steak, not the sizzle....and you will find that annuities are NOT a rip-off.

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