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The Annuity Man Podcast is released weekly on all major platforms, and can be accessed through a Spotify link on the Stan on TheStreet site.  This podcast is produced for the consumer to educate themselves on all things annuity, without sales pitches or product agendas.  The Annuity Man Podcast is the brutal truth about annuities.  Stan The Annuity Man is the host of this one of a kind podcast.

Stan The Annuity Man is nationally recognized as the top independent annuity agent in the United States, and has been called “America’s Annuity Agent.” Licensed in all 50 states, his“Will Do, Not Might Do” contractual guarantees-only mantra sets him apart in the annuity industry. Stan tells every client that they should always own an annuity for what it will do, not what it might do. Never make an annuity buying decision on hypothetical, theoretical, projected, back-tested, or hopeful agent return scenarios. Always own an annuity solely for its contractual guarantees.

With over 3 decades of financial services experience while previously working at Dean Witter, Morgan Stanley, Paine Webber, and UBS, Stan The Annuity Man understands markets and investments and knows how annuities can properly fit in a portfolio.

Stan has published 7 books on annuities and publishes a new educational video to his Stan The Annuity Man YouTube channel on a daily basis. He also hosts The Annuity Man Podcast every week on all major platforms. Stan The Annuity Man is not only "America's Annuity Consumer Advocate," he is also the #1 annuity educator and annuity content originator on the planet.

Stan The Annuity Man has been a keynote speaker at almost every major financial trade show and for many top financial organizations. His brutally factual approach to explaining the brutal truth about annuities to consumers cuts through the bad sales pitches and agenda driven product steering that proliferates the current annuity sales environment.

Stan is the founder of The Annuity Man and  He resides in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida and Las Vegas, Nevada....has been married for over 31 years and has 2 daughters.

Fun with Annuities Podcast is hosted by America’s Annuity Agent, Stan Haithcock, The Annuity Man. Hear brutal annuity facts with no sales pitches from the top independent agent in the country, licensed in all 50 states. Author of 7 books, Stan dives deep on all annuity types and strategies. It’s fun, learning the contractual truths on how annuities actually work and if they’ll fit your personal retirement lifestyle. Listen in on how you can be livin’ the reality, not the dream.

Listen on Stitcher, Apple Podcasts, and Spotify. Get the best and highest confinement care and enhanced benefit quotes using Stan's proprietary annuity calculators. You can also receive all 6 of The Annuity Man Owner's Manuals for free and under no obligation and see a live feed of the best fixed rates for your specific state of residence.