How Annuity Confinemenet Care Riders & Enhanced Benefit Payouts Work

The Annuity Man


Before the Coronavirus, when you attended the bad chicken dinner annuity seminar, you were told about "free" long term care coverage that came with your "too good to be true" indexed annuity.  No underwriting was needed.  No nurse would need to come to your house.  No medical records would be reviewed.  If you were breathing and congnizant, then you would be issued the policy and be able to access those benefits.

Sounds fantastic on the surface, and to the rubes that blindly believe the sales pitch.  Confinement care riders and enhanced benefit payouts attached to annuities aren't a bad thing, they are just NOT too good to be true.  In a perfect world, these rider benefits would serve as secondary coverage...not primary coverage.  Never allow an annuity agent to convince you to cash in or get rid of your traditional long term care policy.  That still is the best coverage, and no...I don't sell traditional long term care products. 

Typically, these types of riders are attached to Fixed Index Annuities (FIAs)...which are CD products (not market return products!) that serve as an efficient delivery system for the contractual guarantees that these confinement care/enhanced benefit strategies provide.

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