Need some tips for a bear market? Jim Cramer broke down his top 10 rules in his monthly call to Action Alerts Plus members. 

Here are his 10 rules. 

Rule One: "Circle the wagons around your favorite stocks and have some cash ready to buy more of them."

Rule Two: "Even in a big sell-off, you cannot lose your discipline for price."

Rule Three: "You cannot be afraid to cut and run on a losing position."

Rule Four: "Always keep your bullpen fresh."

Rule Five: "Scour the market for unique opportunities."

Rule Six: "Don't settle for stocks with an inconsistent management team."

Rule Seven: "There are no good houses in a bad neighborhood."

Rule Eight: Rely on technical analysts when everything else "goes out the window."

Rule Nine: "Don't lose sight of what can still work."

Rule 10: "Know thyself."

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