Investing Is a 'Constant Learning Game' According to M1 Finance CEO

Want to invest but don't know where to start?

Brian Barnes, CEO of M1 Finance, sat down with TheStreet to discuss advice for newer investors. 

Barnes, who's been investing since he was a kid, broke down what he's learned about investing and how he continues to learn.

"I've been investing since I was eight years old. I'm learning about investing as I go every single day. And so, I don't think that there is a be-all, end-all solution to investing. There's no sort of final rung, where it's, "Okay, I've learned everything there is to know," Barnes said.

"I think that the interesting thing in the investing world is, you can get a world-class portfolio by just using two, three ETFs, putting it to work, and getting market returns. And by keeping costs low, you're just gonna perform better than average over the long term. And so, it's a sort of paradoxical thing," he continued. "Doing very little, you can perform above average. And then, as you, for whatever reasons, if your needs change, if your wants change, you may deviate from the average and move into your own nuanced perspective. But it's a constant learning game."

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