3 Amazing Dividend Stocks to Buy With the Dow in Turmoil

The post Great Recession bull market in stocks is slowly falling apart. 

Investors watched the Dow Jones Industrial Average crash more than 1,000 points on Thursday, just days after a mind-blowing 1,175 drubbing. 

TheStreet's top minds have scoured their beats to find companies with the strongest dividend growth prospects. It's the quarterly checks that these companies churn out to investors that are likely to keep their stocks afloat during the near-term market turbulence. 


Action Alerts Plus holding Microsoft's (MSFT) current dividend yield stands at about 2%, which isn't huge, but solid for a company that's managed to return to high growth following a period of decline says TheStreet's tech editor Nelson Wang. Moreover, the new tax bill will allow Microsoft to repatriate billions of dollars held overseas at an attractive tax rate, perhaps leading to a special one-time dividend. The combination of Microsoft's stock appreciation (shares rose 40% in 2017) and history of increasing dividends make it a very attractive dividend play.

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