9 Incredible Jobs That Let You Travel For Free

Time to hit the road.

Traveling is often a great way to experience the world -- indulging in life-changing events while allowing a different use for discretionary income than just material things.

The problem is for many people, traveling is expensive.

According to data from the U.S. Travel Association, spending from U.S. residents and international travelers averaged $2.7 billion a day in the U.S. While there are clearly economic benefits to traveling, both in terms of jobs supported and economic growth, the high-cost of lodging, transportation and excursions can limit the amount of trips people take.

But what if cost was not a prohibitive factor -- what if you could do it for free?

Glassdoor has come up with a list of jobs that often have travel as part of their perks, with the various companies paying you to travel for work, all on the company dime.

Traveling for work lets you get the experience without the cost. These nine unique jobs offer travel as a perk.

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s are the highest paid on the list, with an average annual salary of $92,564. But it's the ability to travel to different parts of the world that gives this job a little something extra.

Companies that are actively looking for consultants include Microsoft (MSFT) , GE Healthcare (GE) , Dell and many others.

Cities like San Diego, Los Angeles, Atlanta and Houston are just a few of the hottest markets for consultants.

Flight Attendant

Being a flight attendant can often be a stressful job, requiring a person to deal with unhappy customers in tight spaces. But the perks of being able to fly for free help ease the pain a little bit.

Flight attendants, who on average take home a little over $36,000 a year according to Glassdoor data. They often get themselves and close friends and family the ability to fly for heavily discounted rates or free, since air travel often costs little, according to Flight Attendant Career's, a website about the industry. 

Airlines currently hiring include Hawaiian Airlines, American, Republic Airways and several others.


Being a photographer can be lucrative if you work for a big company or freelance on your own, doing weddings and various other events. But it's the travel that has many photographers keeping their cameras primed and ready.

NBCUniversal, 21st Century Fox and Norwegian Cruise Line (NCLH) are just some of the big companies looking for photographers in places like Fort Lee, N.J.; Miami; and New York. 

College recruiter

College is one of the best times of people's lives, with it often being compared to a four-year travel experience. Becoming a college recruiter can extend that experience for as long as the situation lasts.

Being a college recruiter -- which has an annual salary of $50,435 -- often requires travel to various conferences or events to show off why your company is better than others for the prospective employee.

Companies currently looking for college recruiters include Boeing (BA) , Applied Intelligence, Harris Corporation and more. Hot U.S. markets for the job include San Francisco; Overland Park, Kan.; Norfolk, Va.; and more.

Ski instructor

Aside from hanging out in a ski lodge and being able to ski for free, ski instructors often travel for free, a huge perk that's tonic for the more modest salary.

At an average salary of $25,877 according to Glassdoor, ski instructors aren't in it for the money. But the ability to travel to a variety of different resorts and ski towns, including Aspen, Incline Village, Nevada and more, travel is a huge perk for being an expert on the slopes.

Companies hiring ski instructors include Club Med, Incline Village, Aspen Skiing Company, Vail Resorts and several others.


Journalism is another job where people are not in it for the money, but rather the experiences and the ability to make a difference in the world.

At an average annual salary of $49,679 per Glassdoor data, journalists can travel the world speaking to sources, going to industry events and becoming experts on topics, giving their readers insights they wouldn't be able to get without the travel.

Companies that are looking for journalists include Thomson Reuters (TRI) , Sinclair Broadcasting and Univision, in places like New York; Seattle; and Rock Hill, South Carolina.

Executive assistant

Being an executive assistant is more than just picking up someone's lunch or answering his phones for them. It's effectively an extension of that executive and the job includes a decent salary, as well as travel perks.

Executive assistants, who on average make over $55,000 a year, will often travel with their executives, as they attend business meetings, industry conferences and other speaking engagements. 

Companies actively looking for executive assistants include Uber, Regeneron (REGN) , FM Global and several others, in areas like Palo Alto, Calif.; Los Angeles; and Tarrytown, New York.

Cruise ship worker

Being a worker on a cruise ship has perhaps the biggest perk of any of the jobs on this list -- a person is going on vacation every time he sets foot on the ship.

At an average salary of $23,161, the salary pales in comparison to other jobs mentioned, but being on a cruise ship is an experience unlike any other.

Companies that are hiring workers in a variety of different roles include Entertainment Cruises, Norwegian Cruise Line, Carnival Cruise Line (CCL) and more.

Hot markets for the job (before you set sail) include Detroit, Chicago, Miami and Philadelphia. 

Travel agent

A travel agent helps book trips for others whether working at a small mom and pop shop or for a big corporate giant like American Express. But one of the hidden perks of the job is getting to test out the locale beforehand.

Travel agents will often travel to highly sought after destinations and give their thoughts on the experience so that companies can use this information for their customers and help make better recommendations. Companies that are looking for travel agents include American Express (AXP) , Altour International and AAA, among several others.

The average annual salary for a travel agent is $30,911, according to data from Glassdoor.