For corporate America, diversity is still an issue. 

Just last week, Citigroup  (C - Get Report) announced that its female employees make 29% less than the male employees. The bank said that it will not only seek to equalize salaries, but that gender equality in senior roles a priority.

Michele Meyer-Shipp, chief diversity officer at KPMG, discussed the importance of diversity in the workplace.

"So companies need to make it really clear that this is a business priority for them. That diversity and inclusion is imperative. They have to set the tone from the very top. The message has to literally filter down the entire leadership chain. Employees need to hear it not only from the top, but they need to hear it from the people that they report to," she said.

"Because what happens is if you're just hearing it from the top and you're not hearing it or feeling it from your own leader there is a disconnect there. And that causes employees to disengage. So the message has to go all the way through," she continued. "And then leaders need to let their employees know that they welcome their opinions, that they welcome their input, and that they want to hear their perspectives. You actually have to tell employees that because they may otherwise assume that their voice is not willing to be heard."

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