Amazon Stock Recap: What Investors Should Know This Week

This week, Amazon stock dipped slightly and is now worth $3,206. The Amazon Maven lists its main topics of coverage in the past four trading days.
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Amazon stock  (AMZN) - Get Report had an minimally bearish Memorial Day week, trading lower by 0.5% and finishing this Friday's session at $3,206. The Seattle-based company's shares did not gain ground in their climb towards all-time highs of $3,531. See chart below:

AMZN stock price action on June 4 at the close

AMZN stock price action on June 4 at the close

The best strategy to buy AMZN stock

A few months ago, sister channel Apple Maven asked a relevant question: what has been the best time to accumulate AAPL Now, the Amazon Maven proposes the same question, but with a focus on Amazon stock AMZN instead.

The proposed strategies include buying shares of the e-commerce giant on any given day when the following criteria are met, and then holding the stock for one year:

  1. Anytime, regardless of price
  2. Near peaks (i.e. 10% or less)
  3. After 15% corrections
  4. After sharper corrections of 30%-plus
  5. Above the 200-day moving average

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Is June a good month to own AMZN stock?

May has come to an end. Amazon stock finished the month down a frustrating 7%, while the S&P 500 even managed to inch higher during the same period. None of the FAAMG names performed as poorly as Amazon in the past 30 days.

But investors must be looking forward at this moment. With shares of the e-commerce giant down 9% and flirting with correction territory (historically a more compelling entry point), could June prove to be a much better month for Amazon stock?

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It’s time for an AMZN stock split

NVIDIA Corporation (NVDA) has been the most recent large tech player to announce a stock split: one share of the semiconductor company’s equity becomes four on July 19. Since the news broke, NVDA shares have rallied 14% in less than two weeks.

On the back of another stock split in the tech world, investors might be wondering: valued at well over $3,000 apiece, when will Amazon stock finally undergo its own? And if a split happens, could the event serve as a catalyst that sends shares of the e-commerce giant above previous highs?

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