KFC's Latest PR Stunt Is A Chicken Bouquet

Does your mom prefer fried chicken to flowers?

There was the chicken-scented lip balm, Crocs  (CROX) - Get Free Report with both a fried chicken smell and pattern, and a body pillow that looks like the Crispy Chicken Sandwich. The Yum! Brands  (YUM) - Get Free Report-owned Kentucky Fried Chicken has never shied away from PR stunts and questionable items that get people asking "did they really do that?"

Flowers Are Okay But Fried Chicken Is Better?

With Mother's Day coming up, KFC is hoping that yours is the kind of mother that finds flowers okay but fried chicken even better. In partnership with online flower retailer Proflowers, the Louisville-based chain is launching a bouquet that is part flowers and part fried chicken for its U.S. audience.

Called the Kentucky Fried Buckquet (pronounce it the French way without the "t"), the unconventional floral arrangement features a dozen bright roses interspersed with KFC's chicken tenders and drumsticks. 

To get it, you will have to order KFC's Sides Lovers Meal (around $30, depending on location) online or on KFC's mobile app. You'll get a coupon for delivery from Protoflowers and, when you receive both the chicken and the flowers, assemble it into a bouquet. (In case you were wondering how you'll get the chicken pieces to stay in place, the answer lies in skewers.)


"With three sides, four buttery biscuits and the unforgettable – truly – fried chicken and flower table decoration, everybody is sure to get something they like to eat, and mom is sure to smile," Nick Chavez, the chief marketing officer of KFC USA, said in a statement.

This is a special holiday promotion that is only available between May 3 and Friday, May 6 2022 — the latest time to place an order will be Thursday, May 5 by 2:00 p.m.

A Long History Of Stunts And PR Attempts

While food has inspired fashion for decades, KFC in particular has branched out into the world of clothing, homeware and other non-food items; while they're primarily limited-time promotions, the KFC logo has appeared on sweatshirts and hoodies, Karl Lagerfeld bags, SANDALBOYZ pool slides and many other pieces.

That said, this is hardly a strategy that is unique to KFC: this spring, Puma PUMA partnered with the White Castle burger chain to make a shoe that looks like a burger while Dunkin'  (DNKN) - Get Free Report  released a line of branded wedding bow ties, satin robes and ringbearer pillows at a time when many were hosting ad-hoc home weddings during the pandemic.


Fashion and fast food, in particular, are often said to be a natural combination since the devotion and nostalgia that many have for a particular fast-food chain will make them want to get clothing showing off its logo.

A recent study found that 32% of Americans now have a positive association with a given brand. Others may just find it funny to have a burger on a t-shirt or a pillow that looks like fried chicken.

For high-end brands like Kith and Moschino, fast food is also a way to play around with a high-low aesthetic that is favored by many influencers and celebrities.

"It's another avenue for companies like McDonald's  (MCD) - Get Free Report to do this outside of TV (ads)," Andrew Charles, a restaurant sector analyst at Cowen, told CNN last year. "[...] This is already a mature industry that needs to appeal to younger Millennial and Gen Z consumers."