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MediPoint: Drug-Eluting Balloons - US Analysis And Market Forecasts

NEW YORK, Oct. 29, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- announces that a new market research report is available in its catalogue: MediPoint: Drug-Eluting Balloons - US Analysis and Market Forecasts Drug-Eluting Balloons - US Analysis and Market Forecasts

SummaryGlobalData has released its medical devices report, "MediPoint: Drug-Eluting Balloons - US Analysis and Market Forecasts". The report is an essential source of information and analysis on the drug-eluting balloons (DEB) market in the US. The report provides in-depth insight into the use of DEB for coronary and peripheral applications in the lower extremity including in-stent restenosis, bifurcation lesions, small vessel disease, femoropopliteal artery and below-the-knee lesions, chronic total occlusions, acute myocardial infarction and lesions in diabetics.The DEB market in the US was assessed to identify the unmet needs in the market, understand the regulatory challenges DEB manufacturers will encounter in the US, identify the challenges to adoption in clinical practice and evaluate future adoption of DEB for select coronary and peripheral indications. The US sales expectations are discussed through careful analysis of adoption patterns of using DEB.Clients can use this report to better understand the Scope of this technology and for strategic planning to explore opportunities in this dynamic market. The report provides insights into the competitive landscape, the marketed and pipeline DEB products, the current and emerging players and comparative market analysis of different types of interventional techniques used to treat coronary and peripheral artery disease. This report is built using data and information sourced from secondary sources and primary research interviews and survey with leading Interventional Cardiologists and Interventional Radiologists, with in-house analysis conducted by GlobalData's team of industry experts.

Scope- An overview of coronary artery disease and peripheral artery disease in the lower extremity, which includes epidemiology, pathophysiology, symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment guidelines and modalities. - Annualized total drug-eluting balloon market revenue by type of disease, annual cost of disease and drug-eluting balloons adoption pattern and procedure data in the US from 2010-2012 and forecast for seven years to 2019. - Key topics covered include strategic competitor assessment, market characterization, identification of unmet needs, reimbursement and regulatory considerations, evaluating market access and implications of the drug-eluting balloon market. - Pipeline analysis: comprehensive data split across different stages of development, emerging trends and DEB designs in development, including investigation of DEB coating technology, antiproliferative agent used, balloon and catheter design and durability. - Analysis of the current and future market competition in the US drug-eluting balloon market. Insightful review of the key industry drivers, opportunities, restraints and challenges. Each trend is independently researched to provide qualitative analysis of its implications.

Reasons to buy- Develop and design your in-licensing and out-licensing strategies through a review of pipeline products and technologies, and by identifying the companies with the most robust pipeline. - Develop business strategies by understanding the trends that will shape and drive the DEB market in the US. - Drive revenues by understanding the key trends, innovative products and technologies, market segments, and companies likely to impact the US DEB market in the future. - Formulate effective sales and marketing strategies by understanding the competitive landscape and by analyzing the performance of various competitors. - Identify emerging players with potentially strong product portfolios and create effective counter-strategies to gain a competitive advantage. - Track device sales in the US DEB market by disease and indication from 2010-2019. - Organize your sales and marketing efforts by identifying the market categories and segments that present maximum opportunities for consolidations, investments and strategic partnerships.

Table of Contents1 Table of Contents 81.1 List of Tables 161.2 List of Figures 222 Introduction 252.1 Catalyst 263 Disease Overview 273.1 Overview 273.1.1 Coronary Artery Disease 273.1.2 Peripheral Artery Disease 273.2 Anatomy and Physiology 283.2.1 Coronary Arteries 283.2.2 Peripheral Arteries of the Lower Extremity 293.3 Pathophysiology 313.3.1 Coronary Artery Disease 313.3.2 Peripheral Artery Disease 323.4 Clinical Presentation 333.4.1 Symptoms 333.4.2 Risk Factors 363.4.3 Disease Classification 373.4.4 Diagnosis 393.4.5 Clinical Outcomes 423.5 Epidemiology 763.5.1 Coronary Artery Disease 763.5.2 Peripheral Artery Disease 783.6 Economic Impact of Coronary and Peripheral Artery Disease 803.6.1 Cost of Coronary Artery Disease 813.6.2 Cost of Peripheral Artery Disease 823.6.3 Treatment Costs of Coronary and Peripheral Artery Disease 844 Competitive Assessment 864.1 Overview 864.2 Product Profiles by Company 874.2.1 Aachen Resonance 884.2.2 B. Braun 914.2.3 Biotronik 974.2.4 Blue Medical 1004.2.5 Cardionovum 1064.2.6 C.R. Bard 1124.2.7 Concept Medical Research 1184.2.8 Cook Medical 1224.2.9 Eurocor 124 4.2.10 Medrad (Bayer Healthcare) 138 4.2.11 Medtronic 141 4.2.12 Minvasys 1495 Unmet Needs 1525.1 Need for Better Clinical Outcomes in Specific Lesions 1525.1.1 Chronic Total Occlusions 1525.1.2 Small-Vessel Coronary Lesions 1535.1.3 Long Lesions 1535.1.4 Heavily-Calcified and Uncrossable/Undilatable Lesions 1545.1.5 Bifurcation Lesions 1545.2 Need for Better Revascularization of the Femoropopliteal Artery 1555.3 Difficulty in Treating the Infrapopliteal Artery 1575.4 Eliminating Mechanisms of Failure with Balloon Angioplasty 1585.5 Addressing Challenges of Stenting 1605.5.1 Risk of Post-Procedural Complications 1605.5.2 In-Stent Restenosis 1615.5.3 Stent-In-Stent Procedures 1635.5.4 Prolonged Dual Antiplatelet Therapy 1645.5.5 Lack of Homogenous Drug Distribution 1655.5.6 Delayed Healing 1655.5.7 Stent Fracture 1665.5.8 Negative Vessel Remodeling 1675.5.9 Long-Term Vessel Patency 1675.6 Need for Effective Therapy for Specific Patient Populations 1685.7 Lack of Clinical Data 1695.8 Addressing the Complications of Bypass Surgery 1695.9 Need to Improve Medical Therapy 1705.10 Comparative Studies on Exercise Therapy for PAD 1716 Pipeline Products 1726.1 Overview 1726.2 Pipeline by Stage of Development 1736.3 Pipeline Product Profiles 1756.3.1 NF-?B Decoy Oligo DEB 1756.3.2 Drug-Coated AngioSculpt 1776.3.3 BioPath 1806.3.4 BioStream 1816.3.5 Boston Scientific Drug-Coated Balloon 1826.3.6 Coroflex DEBlue 1836.3.7 Covidien Drug-Coated Balloon 1856.3.8 Caliber Therapeutics DEB 1876.3.9 Elixir Medical Corporation DCB 188 6.3.10 LifeTech Scientific Corporation DEB 188 6.3.11 Micell Technologies Drug-Coated Balloon 188 6.3.12 Drug-Coated Chocolate DEB 190 6.3.13 Passeo-18 Lux 192 6.3.14 Vascular Nanotransfer Technologies Drug-Coated Balloon 193 6.3.15 WOMBAT DCB 1947 Clinical Trial Analysis 1967.1 Overview 1967.2 Clinical Trials to Watch 1977.2.1 Drug-Eluting Balloons 1977.2.2 Vascular Stents 2108 Industry Overview 2158.1 Procedure Trends 2158.1.1 Factors Contributing to the Rise of Coronary and Peripheral Interventions 2158.1.2 Coronary Artery Disease 2168.1.3 Peripheral Artery Disease 2178.2 Physician Decision-Making Process 2208.3 Market Access 2228.3.1 Regulatory Process 2228.3.2 Adoption 2238.3.3 Reimbursement Trends in US 2288.4 Regulatory Issues/Recalls 2318.4.1 Product Recalls 2318.5 Mergers and Acquisitions/Partnerships 2318.5.1 Biosensors International and Eurocor 2318.5.2 Boston Scientific Corporation and Guidant Corporation 2328.5.3 Covidien and ev3, CV Ingenuity 2328.5.4 C.R. Bard and Lutonix 2338.5.5 Micell Technologies and Maxcor Lifescience 2338.5.6 Medrad and Bayer 2348.5.7 Medtronic and Invatec 2349 Current and Future Players 2359.1 Overview 2359.2 Trends in Corporate Strategy 2369.3 Company Profiles 2399.3.1 Aachen Resonance 2399.3.2 AnGes MG 2409.3.3 AngioScore 2429.3.4 AVIDAL Vascular 2449.3.5 B. Braun 2469.3.6 Biosensors International 2489.3.7 Biotronik 2509.3.8 Blue Medical 2529.3.9 Boston Scientific Corporation 254 9.3.10 Caliber Therapeutics 256 9.3.11 Cardionovum 258 9.3.12 Concept Medical Research 260 9.3.13 Cook Medical 262 9.3.14 Covidien 264 9.3.15 C.R. Bard 266 9.3.16 DSM Biomedical 268 9.3.17 Elixir Medical Corporation 270 9.3.18 Eurocor 272 9.3.19 LifeTech Scientific Corporation 274 9.3.20 Medtronic 276 9.3.21 Micell Technologies 278 9.3.22 Minvasys 279 9.3.23 TriReme Medical 281 9.3.24 Vascular Nanotransfer Technologies 28310 Market Drivers, Opportunities, Barriers and Substitutes 28510.1 Market Drivers 28510.1.1 Rising Prevalence of Disease 28610.1.2 Viable Treatment for Select Indications 28710.1.3 No Metal Left Behind 29210.1.4 Avoid Stent-in-Stent Procedures 29310.1.5 Reduce the Need for Prolonged Dual Antiplatelet Therapy 29410.1.6 Enhanced Vessel Healing and Better Patency 29410.1.7 Technical Feasibility of Future Interventions 29510.1.8 DEB as an Adjunctive Therapy 29610.1.9 Limb Amputation 296 10.1.10 Cost Savings 297 10.1.11 Availability of Long-Term and Cost-Effective Data 298 10.1.12 Launch of DEB in the US 29810.2 Opportunities 29910.2.1 Improve DEB Design 29910.2.2 DEB Hybrid Systems (DEB + Stent) 30310.2.3 Target Indications Where Stenting is Not Satisfactory 30310.2.4 Challenges in Treating the Femoropopliteal and Infrapopliteal Arteries 30610.2.5 Target Challenging Patient Populations 30810.2.6 Launch DEB in the Japanese Market 30910.2.7 Emerging Markets 30910.3 Market Barriers 31010.3.1 Slow Adoption 31010.3.2 High Selling Prices 31410.3.3 Lack of Reimbursement 31510.3.4 US FDA Regulatory Challenges 31610.3.5 Healthcare Cost-Cutting and Reimbursement 31710.3.6 Availability of Venture Capital 31810.3.7 Medical Device Excise Tax 31910.4 Market Substitutes 31910.4.1 Vascular Stents 31910.4.2 Liquid Drug Delivery Catheter 32311 Drug-Eluting Balloon Market Analysis 32611.1 Market Distribution by Indication 32611.2 Primary Versus Adjunctive Therapy 32811.3 Comparative Market Analysis 33011.3.1 Coronary Artery Disease 33011.3.2 Peripheral Artery Disease in the Lower Extremity 33212 Country Outlooks & Forecasts 33412.1 United States 33412.1.1 Overview 33412.1.2 Market Analysis 33413 Appendix 33913.1 Bibliography 33913.2 Abbreviations 36313.3 Report Methodology 36713.3.1 Overview 36713.3.2 Coverage 36713.3.3 Secondary Research 36713.3.4 Forecasting Methodology 36813.4 Physicians and Specialists Included in this Study 37013.5 Physician Survey 37313.6 About the Authors 37413.6.1 Analysts 37413.6.2 Global Head of Healthcare 37513.7 About MediPoint 37613.8 About GlobalData 37613.9 Disclaimer 376

List of TablesTable 1: Classification Systems for Determining the Severity of PAD Symptoms 35Table 2: Risk Factors Associated with CAD and PAD 36Table 3: Types of Atherosclerotic Lesions 38Table 4: Treatment Guidelines to Improve the Symptoms of CAD* 43Table 5: TASC II Classification of Iliac Artery Lesions 45Table 6: TASC II Classification of Femoropopliteal Artery Lesions 46Table 7: TASC II Classification of Infrapopliteal Artery Lesions 47Table 8: Types of Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting 59Table 9: Complications of Coronary/Peripheral Artery Bypass Surgery 60Table 10: Indications for Using Drug-Eluting Balloons 63Table 11: Drug-Eluting Balloon Coating Characteristics 66Table 12: Drugs Incorporated Into Drug-Eluting Stents 69Table 13: Types of Lesions Treated Using Atherectomy 72Table 14: Prevalence of CAD in the Population Age ?65 Years in the US (millions), 2010–2019 77Table 15: Prevalence of PAD in the Population Age ?65 Years in the US (millions), 2010–2019 79Table 16: Direct and Indirect Healthcare Costs 80Table 17: Healthcare Expenditures ($bn, 2008$) for CAD in the US 81Table 18: Healthcare Expenditures ($bn) for PAD in the US 82Table 19: US Mean Hospital Costs* for Coronary and Peripheral Revascularization Procedures, 2010–2019 ($US) 84Table 20: Marketed DEB Products 87Table 21: Elutax SV Product Portfolio 88Table 22: Elutax SV SWOT Analysis, 2013 90Table 23: SeQuent Please Product Portfolio 91Table 24: SeQuent Please SWOT Analysis, 2013 96Table 25: Pantera Lux Product Portfolio 97Table 26: Pantera Lux SWOT Analysis, 2013 99Table 27: Pioneer Product Portfolio 100Table 28: Pioneer SWOT Analysis, 2013 102Table 29: Protégé Product Portfolio 103Table 30: Protégé SWOT Analysis, 2013 106Table 31: Restore DEB Product Portfolio 107Table 32: Restore DEB SWOT Analysis, 2013 108Table 33: Legflow DEB Product Portfolio 109Table 34: Legflow DEB SWOT Analysis, 2013 111Table 35: Other DEB Products Developed by Cardionovum 112Table 36: Lutonix Product Portfolio 113Table 37: Lutonix SWOT Analysis, 2013 118Table 38: Magic Touch Product Portfolio 119Table 39: Magic Touch SWOT Analysis, 2013 121Table 40: Advance 18 PTX Product Portfolio 122Table 41: Advance 18 PTX SWOT Analysis, 2013 124Table 42: Dior Product Portfolio 125Table 43: Dior SWOT Analysis, 2013 131Table 44: Freeway Family of DEB Product Portfolio 132Table 45: Freeway Family of DEB SWOT Analysis, 2013 135Table 46: Magical Product Portfolio 136Table 47: Magical SWOT Analysis, 2013 138Table 48: Cotavance Product Portfolio 139Table 49: Cotavance SWOT Analysis, 2013 141Table 50: IN.PACT Family DEB Product Portfolio 142Table 51: IN.PACT SWOT Analysis, 2013 149Table 52: Danubio Product Portfolio 150Table 53: Danubio SWOT Analysis, 2013 151Table 54: Global DEB Pipeline Products 174Table 55: NF-?B Decoy Oligo DEB SWOT Analysis, 2013 177Table 56: AngioSculpt SWOT Analysis, 2013 179Table 57: BioPath SWOT Analysis, 2013 181Table 58: BioStream SWOT Analysis, 2013 182Table 59: Boston Scientific DEB SWOT Analysis, 2013 183Table 60: Coroflex DEBlue SWOT Analysis, 2013 185Table 61: Covidien DCB SWOT Analysis, 2013 187Table 62: Micell Technologies' DCB SWOT Analysis, 2013 189Table 63: Drug-Coated Chocolate DEB SWOT Analysis, 2013 191Table 64: Passeo-18 Lux SWOT Analysis, 2013 193Table 65: Vascular Nanotransfer Technologies DCB SWOT Analysis, 2013 194Table 66: WOMBAT DCB SWOT Analysis, 2013 195Table 67: Medicare National Average of Inpatient Hospital Payment for Coronary and Peripheral Interventions, 2012–2013 229Table 68: Aachen Resonance Company Profile 239Table 69: Aachen Resonance, Marketed DEB Product 240Table 70: Aachen Resonance SWOT Analysis, 2013 240Table 71: AnGes MG Company Profile 241Table 72: AnGes MG, Pipeline DEB Product 242Table 73: AnGes MG SWOT Analysis, 2013 242Table 74: AngioScore Company Profile 243Table 75: AngioScore, Pipeline DEB Product 243Table 76: AngioScore SWOT Analysis, 2013 244Table 77: AVIDAL Vascular Company Profile 244Table 78: AVIDAL Vascular, Pipeline DEB Product 245Table 79: AVIDAL Vascular SWOT Analysis, 2013 246Table 80: B. Braun Company Profile 246Table 81: B. Braun, Marketed and Pipeline DEB Products 247Table 82: B. Braun SWOT Analysis, 2013 248Table 83: Biosensors International Company Profile 249Table 84: Biosensors International, Pipeline DEB Products 249Table 85: Biosensors International SWOT Analysis, 2013 250Table 86: Biotronik Company Profile 251Table 87: Biotronik, Marketed and Pipeline DEB Products 251Table 88: Biotronik SWOT Analysis, 2013 252Table 89: Blue Medical Company Profile 253Table 90: Blue Medical, Marketed DEB Products 254Table 91: Blue Medical SWOT Analysis, 2013 254Table 92: Boston Scientific Corporation Company Profile 255Table 93: Boston Scientific Corporation, Pipeline DEB Product 255Table 94: Boston Scientific Corporation SWOT Analysis, 2013 256Table 95: Caliber Therapeutics Company Profile 256Table 96: Caliber Therapeutics, Pipeline DEB Product 257Table 97: Caliber Therapeutics SWOT Analysis, 2013 258Table 98: Cardionovum Company Profile 258Table 99: Cardionovum, Marketed and Pipeline DEB Products 259Table 100: Cardionovum SWOT Analysis, 2013 260Table 101: Concept Medical Research Company Profile 260Table 102: Concept Medical Research, Marketed DEB Product 261Table 103: Concept Medical Research SWOT Analysis, 2013 262Table 104: Cook Medical Company Profile 262Table 105: Cook Medical, Marketed DEB Product 263Table 106: Cook Medical SWOT Analysis, 2013 264Table 107: Covidien Company Profile 265Table 108: Covidien, Pipeline DEB Product 265Table 109: Covidien SWOT Analysis, 2013 266Table 110: C.R. Bard Company Profile 266Table 111: C.R. Bard, Marketed DEB Products 267Table 112: C.R. Bard SWOT Analysis, 2013 268Table 113: DSM Biomedical Company Profile 269Table 114: DSM Biomedical, Pipeline DEB Product 269Table 115: DSM Biomedical SWOT Analysis, 2013 270Table 116: Elixir Medical Corporation Company Profile 270Table 117: Elixir Medical Corporation, Pipeline DEB Product 271Table 118: Elixir Medical Corporation SWOT Analysis, 2013 271Table 119: Eurocor Company Profile 272Table 120: Eurocor, Marketed DEB Products 273Table 121: Eurocor SWOT Analysis, 2013 273Table 122: LifeTech Scientific Corporation Company Profile 274Table 123: LifeTech Scientific, Pipeline DEB Product 275Table 124: LifeTech Scientific SWOT Analysis, 2013 275Table 125: Medtronic Company Profile 276Table 126: Medtronic, Marketed DEB Products 277Table 127: Medtronic SWOT Analysis, 2013 277Table 128: Micell Technologies Company Profile 278Table 129: Micell Technologies, Pipeline DEB Product 279Table 130: Micell Technologies SWOT Analysis, 2013 279Table 131: Minvasys Company Profile 280Table 132: Minvasys, Marketed DEB Product 280Table 133: Minvasys SWOT Analysis, 2013 281Table 134: TriReme Medical Company Profile 281Table 135: TriReme Medical, Pipeline DEB Product 282Table 136: TriReme Medical SWOT Analysis, 2013 283Table 137: Vascular Nanotransfer Technologies Company Profile 283Table 138: Vascular Nanotransfer Technologies, Pipeline DEB Product 284Table 139: Vascular Nanotransfer Technologies SWOT Analysis, 2013 284Table 140: Percent of Patients with CAD or PAD Expected to Receive Stenting with DEB Angioplasty, US, 2018 (N=12) 328Table 141: DEB Sales ($m) Forecast for the United States, 2010–2019 335Table 142: Physicians Surveyed, By Country 3731.2 List of FiguresFigure 1: Coronary Arteries of the Human Heart 28Figure 2: Peripheral Arteries of the Lower Extremity 29Figure 3: Pathophysiology of Coronary Artery Disease 31Figure 4: Pathophysiology of Peripheral Artery Disease 32Figure 5: Treatment Modalities – Coronary Artery Disease 49Figure 6: Percent of Patients with CAD Who Receive Each Therapy Option Only, US, 2012 and 2019 (N=5) 50Figure 7: Treatment Modalities – Peripheral Artery Disease 51Figure 8: Percent of Patients with PAD Who Receive Each Therapy Option Only, US, 2012 (N=7) 52Figure 9: Percent of Patients with PAD Who Receive Each Therapy Option Only, US, 2012 (N=7) 53Figure 10: Drug-Eluting Balloon 62Figure 11: Types of Stents Used to Treat CAD and PAD 68Figure 12: Bare Metal Stent 68Figure 13: Drug-Eluting Stent 69Figure 14: Covered Stents 70Figure 15: Bioabsorbable Stent – Remedy 71Figure 16: Types of Atherectomy 73Figure 17: Prevalence of CAD in the Population Age ?65 Years in the US (millions), 2010–2019 78Figure 18: Prevalence of PAD in the Population Age ?65 Years in the US (millions), 2010–2019 80Figure 19: Healthcare Expenditures ($bn, 2008$) for CAD in the US 82Figure 20: Healthcare Expenditures ($bn) for PAD in the US 83Figure 21: US Mean Hospital Costs* for Coronary and Peripheral Revascularization Procedures, 2010–2019 ($US) 85Figure 22: Image of the Protégé DEB 104Figure 23: Percent of CAD and PAD Patients with Acute Vessel Recoil After Standard Balloon Angioplasty, US, 2012 and 2018 (N=12) 159Figure 24: Percent of CAD and PAD Patients with Thrombosis After Stenting, US, 2012 and 2018 (N=12) 161Figure 25: Percent of CAD and PAD Patients with ISR, US, 2012 and 2018 (N=12) 162Figure 26: Percent of CAD and PAD Patients Who Receive Stent-In-Stent Procedures, US, 2012 and 2018 (N=12) 163Figure 27: Percent of CAD and PAD Patients with Stent Fracture, US, 2012 and 2018 (N=12) 166Figure 28: Global DEB Pipeline Products by Stage of Development, 2013 173Figure 29: AngioSculpt Scoring Balloon Expansion Profile 178Figure 30: Drug-Coated Chocolate DEB 190Figure 31: Population (? 65 years) of CAD Patients Receiving Interventional Procedures, US, 2010–2019 216Figure 32: Population (? 65 years) of PAD Patients Receiving Interventional Procedures for the Peripheral Arteries in the Lower Extremity, US, 2010–2019 218Figure 33: Population (? 65 years) of PAD Patients Receiving DEB Angioplasty for the Peripheral Arteries in the Lower Extremity, US, 2010–2019 219Figure 34: Medicare National Average of Outpatient Hospitalization Payment for PCI and Endovascular Procedures, 2012–2013 230Figure 35: DEB Market for Treating CAD and PAD in the Lower Extremity, Company Share (%), 2012 235Figure 36: DEB Market for Each Type of Disease, Company Share (%), 2012 237Figure 37: Importance of Each Therapy Attribute in Adopting DEB for the Treatment of CAD and PAD, Global, 2012 (N=112) 300Figure 38: Projected US DEB Market Distribution (%) by Indication, 2018 (N=12) 327Figure 39: Percent of Patients with CAD Receiving Each Type of Interventional Technique Only, US, 2018 (N=5) 331Figure 40: Percent of Patients with Lower Limb PAD Receiving Each Type of Interventional Technique Only, US, 2018 (N=7) 332Figure 41: US DEB Market ($m) for Coronary and Peripheral Applications, 2010–2019 336

Companies Mentioned Aachen ResonanceAnGes MGAngioScoreAVIDAL VascularB. BraunBiosensors InternationalBiotronikBlue MedicalBoston Scientific CorporationCaliber TherapeuticsCardionovumConcept Medical ResearchCook MedicalCovidienC.R. BardDSM BiomedicalElixir Medical CorporationEurocorLifeTech Scientific CorporationMedtronicMicell TechnologiesMinvasysTriReme MedicalVascular Nanotransfer Technologies To order this report: MediPoint: Drug-Eluting Balloons - US Analysis and Market Forecasts

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