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Services Orinted Architecture (SOA) Market

NEW YORK, April 25, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- announces that a new market research report is available in its catalogue: Services Orinted Architecture (SOA) Market

WinterGreen Research announces that it has published a new study Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) middleware. The 2013 study has 606 pages, 213 tables and figures. Worldwide markets are poised to achieve significant growth as the SOA systems provide the base for cloud computing and support the use of smartphones for transactions and collaboration. SOA is useful for addressing the need for flexible systems, the need for adaptation to mobile handset presentation of information, and the need for marketing analytics. SOA supports cloud computing solutions with a platform. IBM is the market leader, setting the defacto industry standard in SOA systems implementation. IBM WebSphere is the defacto SOA standard by virtue of providing a way to interconnect disparate siloed web applications within a large data center. IBM is the leader in SOA. IBM is the leader because it has invested in integration and analytics technology needed to achieve comprehensive IT systems implementation that achieves support for collaborative systems. The implementation of SOA depends on a broad set of technology frameworks that interact seamlessly to achieve the end point integration needed to manage complexity of modern IT systems. IBM stands alone in the IT industry with that capability of managing complexity.IBM SOA is used to implement cloud systems that stretch the boundaries of the enterprise to user end points, permitting marketing departments to target smartphones, implementing management decentralization and supporting user empowerment. SOA forms the base for business intelligence (BI) and analytics systems. It enables organizational ability to perform diagnostic analytics. Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) is the foundation for modern transactional systems. As the Internet extends transaction systems to real time, SOA has been invented to extend the transaction systems appropriately. SOA supports the evolution of Internet based real time e-business and end-to-end business process integration. In the next decade, the same SOA principles will be at the core of a new era of business engagements that transact at Internet scale across locations, devices, people, processes and information. IBM is able to manage scale and security. It has built a set of systems that have been criticized over the years for being too complex and too large, but now that the Internet and real time computing have evolved, IBM stands alone in its ability to scale reliably and securely. IBM SOA is first and foremost tuned to supporting mobile application development, big data, and cloud computing. The SOA enterprise architecture supports mobile development by providing transparent seamless API support for all the different mobile smart phones. Infrastructure tools with business-user-friendly data integration, coupled with embedded storage and computing layers (typically in-memory/columnar) and unfettered drilling — accelerates the trend toward decentralization and user empowerment of BI and analytics, and greatly enables organizations' ability to perform diagnostic analytics. Cloud and mobile computing redefine SOA, providing ways for companies to implement analytics and mine social media data to create information that is usable for decision making. These initiatives depend on a solid integration foundation, permitting IBM to increase its already large market SOA share because IBM has such comprehensive SOA platforms that hide complexity from users, supports efficient systems implementation. SOA, mobile development , big data , API , cloud computing , framework architecture, enterprise architecture, mobile, and infrastructure tools are used to implement business-user-friendly data integration. coupled with embedded storage and computing layers (typically in-memory/columnar) and unfettered drilling — accelerates the trend toward decentralization and user empowerment of BI and analytics, and greatly enables organizations' ability to perform diagnostic analytics. The key factors which should be in place for a cloud implementation of SOA are virtualization, reusability of services, governance procedures, security control systems and processes and an understanding of pricing of services as they are consumed over cloud.Cloud computing amplifies SOA's impact. And the converse is also true, i.e., having SOA helps deliver better and a wider variety of services using the cloud environment. A case can easily be made that the ROI from cloud can be better and investment recovery can be much faster if SOA is used in designing the architecture. The use of APIs for system-to-system communications is exploding with the use of mobile, social and cloud computing. Simple APIs are very popular for B2B integration. For example a cell phone carrier can offer a set of APIs to sell and provision a cell phone so retailers can carry their phones and offer the carriers' phone plans. Through APIs the retailer becomes a channel for the carrier. A use of SOA APIs in retailing is to support multi-channel systems implementation, which means giving the same user experience in store, on mobile devices, and over the web. Traditional retail systems are embracing new technologies to compete with online retailers whose market share is rising dramatically every year. Companies with strong brand recognition are realizing that they can leverage that brand by providing online shopping experiences that mirror the retail market positioning they have always done. This example is another trend in that IT modernizations have strong business drivers and are being funded even in a slow growth economy. Easy-to-install software and limited up-front investment is a business requirement driving the move to cloud computing where resource is paid for as needed. SOA has been widely adopted by the 18,500 large enterprise organizations worldwide because it meets the integration criteria needed by lines of business. Significant SOA implementations are expected to be upgraded in the very large enterprise customer base as enterprises work to achieve data center elasticity that provides flexible response to changing market conditions. There are another 14,800 emerging enterprises, companies with annual revenue between $300 million and $2 billion, expected to continue to build out SOA implementations. SOA provides modules of code that can be reused in different ways as market conditions change. SOA markets are anticipated to reach $15.1 billion in 2019. This represents significant growth. In 2010, WinterGreen Research had SOA markets at $4.0 billion, by 2012 they had reached $7.1 billion. Growth has been achieved organically because more frameworks are needed to build cloud computing and more infrastructure is needed in the data center to interconnect applications using middleware. Systems that were classified as data center infrastructure are now reclassified as SOA. SOA growth is driven by the need to provide flexible response to changing market conditions. WinterGreen Research is an independent research organization funded by the sale of market research studies all over the world and by the implementation of ROI models that are used to calculate the total cost of ownership of equipment, services, and software. The company has 35 distributors worldwide, including Global Information Info Shop, Market, Research and Markets, Bloomberg, and Thompson Financial. Report MethodologyThis is the 548th report in a series of primary market research reports that provide forecasts in communications, telecommunications, the Internet, computer, software, telephone equipment, health equipment, and energy. Automated process and significant growth potential are a priority in topic selection. The project leaders take direct responsibility for writing and preparing each report. They have significant experience preparing industry studies. They are supported by a team, each person with specific research tasks and proprietary automated process database analytics. Forecasts are based on primary research and proprietary data bases. The primary research is conducted by talking to customers, distributors and companies. The survey data is not enough to make accurate assessment of market size, so WinterGreen Research looks at the value of shipments and the average price to achieve market assessments. Our track record in achieving accuracy is unsurpassed in the industry. We are known for being able to develop accurate market shares and projections. This is our specialty. The analyst process is concentrated on getting good market numbers. This process involves looking at the markets from several different perspectives, including vendor shipments. The interview process is an essential aspect as well. We do have a lot of granular analysis of the different shipments by vendor in the study and addenda prepared after the study was published if that is appropriate. Forecasts reflect analysis of the market trends in the segment and related segments. Unit and dollar shipments are analyzed through consideration of dollar volume of each market participant in the segment. Installed base analysis and unit analysis is based on interviews and an information search. Market share analysis includes conversations with key customers of products, industry segment leaders, marketing directors, distributors, leading market participants, opinion leaders, and companies seeking to develop measurable market share. Over 200 in depth interviews are conducted for each report with a broad range of key participants and industry leaders in the market segment. We establish accurate market forecasts based on economic and market conditions as a base. Use input/output ratios, flow charts, and other economic methods to quantify data. Use in-house analysts who meet stringent quality standards.Interviewing key industry participants, experts and end-users is a central part of the study. Our research includes access to large proprietary databases. Literature search includes analysis of trade publications, government reports, and corporate literature. Findings and conclusions of this report are based on information gathered from industry sources, including manufacturers, distributors, partners, opinion leaders, and users. Interview data was combined with information gathered through an extensive review of internet and printed sources such as trade publications, trade associations, company literature, and online databases. The projections contained in this report are checked from top down and bottom up analysis to be sure there is congruence from that perspective. The base year for analysis and projection is 2011. With 2011 and several years prior to that as a baseline, market projections were developed for 2012 through 2018. These projections are based on a combination of a consensus among the opinion leader contacts interviewed combined with understanding of the key market drivers and their impact from a historical and analytical perspective. The analytical methodologies used to generate the market estimates are based on penetration analyses, similar market analyses, and delta calculations to supplement independent and dependent variable analysis. All analyses are displaying selected descriptions of products and services. This research includes referencde to an ROI model that is part of a series that provides IT systems financial planners access to information that supports analysis of all the numbers that impact management of a product launch or large and complex data center. The methodology used in the models relates to having a sophisticated analytical technique for understanding the impact of workload on processor consumption and cost. WinterGreen Research has looked at the metrics and independent research to develop assumptions that reflect the actual anticipated usage and cost of systems. Comparative analyses reflect the input of these values into models. The variables and assumptions provided in the market research study and the ROI models are based on extensive experience in providing research to large enterprise organizations and data centers. The ROI models have lists of servers from different manufacturers, Systems z models from IBM, and labor costs by category around the world. This information has been developed from WinterGreen research proprietary data bases constructed as a result of preparing market research studies that address the software, energy, healthcare, telecommunicatons, and hardware businesses.

Table of Contents SERVICES ORIENTED ARCHITECTURE (SOA) - MIDDLEWARE EXECUTIVE SUMMARY ES-1 IBM is the leader in Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) ES-1 Cloud And Mobile Computing Redefine SOA ES-2 SOA ROI ES-5 Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) Market Driving Forces ES-6 Services Oriented Architecture SOA Market Shares ES-9 SOA Market Forecasts ES-11 1. SOA - MARKET DESCRIPTION AND DYNAMICS 1-1 1.1 SOA Foundation Technology for Cloud, Mobile, Office, and Collaboration 1-1 1.1.1 SOA Foundation Technology For Cloud 1-2 1.1.2 Team Collaboration 1-2 1.1.3 Applications Built Using A SOA Style Deliver Functionality As Services 1-3 1.2 SOA Application Modernization Based On Integration Technology 1-7 1.2.1 SOA Supports Cloud 1-7 1.2.2 SOA Supports Mobile 1-8 1.2.3 Organizations Positioning SOA To Close The Gap Between IT And Business 1-9 1.2.4 Model-Driven SOA 1-10 1.3 Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) Automates Key Business Processes 1-12 1.3.1 SOA Virtual Experience 1-13 1.3.2 SOA Building a Channel 1-14 1.3.3 SOA Integration Platform 1-15 1.3.4 SOA Infrastructure Supports Delivery of Information As A Service 1-18 1.4 Change Engineering 1-25 1.4.1 SOA Integration Developer 1-26 1.5 SOA Part Of A Continuum 1-27 1.5.1 Alignment Of IT To Business 1-29 1.6 Enterprise Cloud Computing Environments 1-30 1.6.1 Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) Interconnects Siloed Applications 1-32 1.6.2 Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) Improves IT Efficiency 1-32 1.7 Benefits of SOA 1-35 1.7.1 SOA Facilitates Integration Beyond The Enterprise Network 1-36 1.8 Services Oriented Applications (SOA) Unlock Business Value 1-38 1.8.1 Aligning Business Process And Technology 1-38 1.8.2 Business Process Challenges 1-39 1.8.3 Business Environment 1-39 1.9 Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) Ability To Transform Business 1-39 1.9.1 Services Oriented Architecture Works By Abstracting Business Processes 1-40 1.9.2 Dynamically Building Application Portfolios 1-41 1.9.3 Flexible Application Framework 1-42 1.10 Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) Workflow 1-42 1.10.1 Infrastructure for Services Oriented Architectures Services-Oriented Architecture (SOA) 1-43 1.11 Web Services Standards 1-44 1.11.1 SOA Development Methodology 1-46 1.11.2 SOA Creates Transformation of Document Interchange 1-47 1.11.3 Information Is Mapped From Nodes In A Source Schema To Nodes In The Destination Schema 1-47 1.12 IT Spending, Worldwide, 1Q13 Update 1-48 1.12.1 World Economy Undergoing A Transformation 1-48 1.12.2 Global Economic Conditions: 1-49 1.12.3 Global Economy Becomes Steadily More Sluggish 1-50 1.12.4 Global Economic Conditions Impact Markets 1-52 2. SERVICES ORIENTED ARCHITECTURE (SOA) - MIDDLEWARE MARKET SHARES AND FORECASTS 2-1 2.1 IBM is the leader in Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) 2-1 2.1.1 Cloud And Mobile Computing Redefine SOA 2-2 2.1.2 SOA ROI 2-5 2.1.3 Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) Market Driving Forces 2-6 2.2 Services Oriented Architecture SOA Market Shares 2-9 2.2.1 IBM SOA Infrastructure Provides A Framework 2-12 2.2.2 IBM SOA Technology Leader 2-12 2.2.3 IBM SOA Governance and Service Lifecycle Management 2-13 2.2.4 IBM SOA Dominates the Industry 2-14 2.2.5 IBM SOA Composite Applications 2-17 2.2.6 IBM SOA Frameworks 2-17 2.2.7 TIBCO Software Spotfire 2-19 2.2.8 Tibco SOA iProcess Suite and ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks SOA 2-19 2.1.1 Tibco Business Process Management on SOA Foundation 2-20 2.2.9 Tibco Software 2-21 2.2.10 Tibco Software Acquires Maporama Solutions 2-22 2.2.11 Tibco Customer Interportpolice Deploys Tibbr As Global Collaboration Platform 2-23 2.2.12 Firoano 2-23 2.2.13 Oracle SOA 2-24 2.2.14 Software AG SOA Systems 2-24 2.2.15 Microsoft Cloud-Ready SOA SQL Server 2012 Information Platform 2-25 2.2.16 Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Enables A Cloud-Ready Information Platform 2-26 2.2.17 Fujitsu CentraSite SOA Governance 2-26 2.2.18 SOA Competitive Analysis 2-27 2.3 SOA Market Forecasts 2-29 2.1.2 SOA Market Segment 2-33 2.1.3 SOA Delivered By Workflow And Application Server 2-34 2.3.1 SOA As A Foundation For Cloud Computing 2-37 2.3.2 Advantages Offered By SOA 2-39 2.3.3 SOA As An Architecture 2-40 2.3.4 Enterprise SOA Used To Master Changing Market Conditions 2-41 2.3.5 Building a Robust Data Integration Layer 2-42 2.3.6 SOA Shared Workoad 2-43 2.3.7 Multi-Lingual Service Creation 2-44 2.3.8 Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) Segment Market 2-44 2.3.9 Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) Infrastructure Core Frameworks Processes 2-46 2.3.10 Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) Enterprise Market Forecasts 2-47 2.1.1 zEnterprise Implements Hybrid Modernized Computing with Improved ROI 2-48 2.3.11 Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) Mid-Market Forecasts 2-51 2.3.12 Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) Framework and Repository Market Forecasts 2-54 2.3.13 SOA Application Middleware Governance Market Forecasts 2-56 2.3.14 SOA Application Middleware Business Process Management (BPM) Market Forecasts 2-58 2.3.15 Services Oriented Architecture Business Processes Flow 2-60 2.3.16 SOA Application Middleware Development Market Forecasts 2-61 2.3.17 Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) Segment Market Totals, Business Process, Repository, Development, Governance Market Forecasts 2-63 2.3.18 Enterprise Modernization 2-66 2.4 IBM Leadership In SOA 2-70 2.4.1 Value of IBM WebSphereMQ, DataPower, and WebSphereMQ Broker to SOA 2-74 2.4.2 IBM SOA Model 2-75 2.4.3 SOA Components Use IBM WebSphereMQ 2-77 2.4.4 IBM WebSphere Application Server Leverages Java Technology as a Stack 2-78 2.4.5 IBM SOA Fabric Across The Enterprise To Reuse IT Assets 2-78 2.4.6 IBM WebSphere Adapters 2-79 2.5 Services Oriented Architecture Cloud Computing 2-80 2.6 Services Oriented Architecture SOA Market Big Data 2-81 2.7 Services Oriented Architecture SOA Pricing 2-82 2.7.1 Fujitsu Interstage Parallel Processing Software Pricing 2-82 2.8 SOA Applications Middleware Market Industry Segment Analysis 2-83 2.9 Competitive Factors Affecting The SOA Market 2-86 2.9.1 Services Oriented Architecture Market Trends 2-88 2.9.2 Internet Impact 2-91 2.9.3 IT Department Need For zEnterprise and SOA 2-93 2.9.4 SOA Represents The Implementation Of Process From The Desktop 2-94 2.9.5 Stack Based vs. Decoupled WebSphereMQ Mission Critical Messaging Approaches to SOA Solutions 2-94 2.9.6 Cost, Time And Resources Required To Create And Maintain Integration In A Rapidly Changing Environment 2-95 2.9.7 Application Connectivity Infrastructure Enhances E-Business 2-95 2.9.8 SOA Service Oriented Architecture Markets 2-99 2.9.9 E-Business 2-99 2.10 SOA Regional Analysis 2-102 3. SERVICES ORIENTED ARCHITECTURE (SOA) - MIDDLEWARE PRODUCT DESCRIPTION 3-1 3.1 IBM SOA 3-1 3.1.1 IBM SOA Foundation 3-2 3.1.2 IBM SOA Foundation 3-3 3.1.3 IBM SOA Foundation Addresses Specific Challenges 3-5 3.1.4 IBM SOA the Foundation for Cloud Computing 3-6 3.1.5 IBM SOA Services 3-8 3.1.6 IBM Smart Cloud Infrastructure As A Service (IaaS) 3-9 3.1.7 IBM SmartCloud Datacenter Virtual Machines 3-10 3.1.8 IBM SOA Governance and Service Lifecycle Management 3-10 3.1.9 IBM Uniquely Positioned To Deliver SOA Infrastructure 3-11 3.1.10 IBM SOA Life Cycle Positioning 3-14 3.1.11 IBM SOA Governance Lifecycle 3-15 3.1.12 lBM SOA Gateway 3-16 3.1.13 IBM Mobile Application Platform Pattern 3-17 3.1.14 IBM SOA PureSystems 3-18 3.1.15 IBM WebSphere Application Server 3-21 3.1.16 IBM WebSphere SOA Open Systems Foundation for Cloud Computing 3-21 3.1.17 IBM WebSphere SOA and Enterprise Service Bus V6.0.2 Foundation Platform For Cloud Computing 3-22 3.1.18 IBM WebSphere Enterprise Service Bus 3-24 3.1.19 IBM WebSphere Integration Developer (WID) 3-25 3.1.20 IBM® WebSphere® Real Time 3-26 3.1.21 IBM SOA Components Provide Self-Contained Modules Of Basic Functionality 3-28 3.1.22 IBM SOA As Mechanism For Defining Business Services 3-29 3.1.23 IBM Patterns For E-Business 3-29 3.1.24 IBM SOA Composite Applications 3-31 3.1.25 IBM SOA Components 3-32 3.1.26 IBM SOA Approach For Building A Business Solution 3-35 3.1.27 IBM SOA Adoption 3-37 3.1.28 IBM Workload Deployer 3-44 3.1.29 IBM LOG Elixir Enterprise 3-46 3.2 Tibco SOA and Spotfire 3-47 3.2.1 Tibco Expansive, Flexible, Managed Data Access 3-49 3.2.2 Tibco Quick, Powerful, Contextual Visual Analysis 3-50 3.2.3 Tibco Visually Manages By Exception 3-51 3.2.4 Tibco Real-Time & Big Data Predictive Analytics Add Teradata Aster 3-52 3.2.5 Tibco tibbr Social Enterprise Platform 3-57 3.2.6 Tibco ActiveMatrix Service Grid 3-57 3.2.7 TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks 3-58 3.2.8 Tibco ActiveMatrix Service Performance Manager 3-60 3.2.9 Tibco ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks 3-61 3.2.10 Tibco SOA iProcess Suite 3-66 3.2.11 Tibco iProcess Suite 3-69 3.2.12 Tibco SOA iProcess Suite Deployment and Execution 3-70 3.2.13 Tibco iProcess Modeler 3-71 3.2.14 Tibco Spotfire® Analytics Platform 3-73 3.2.15 Tibco Partners With Leading Solution Providers 3-73 3.3 Fujitsu 3-74 3.3.1 Fujitsu Software Interstage 3-74 3.3.2 Fujitsu Software Supports the Utilization of Big Data 3-74 3.3.3 Fujitsu Symfoware Server Database Solution 3-75 3.3.4 Fujitsu Software Interstage response to Smartphones, Tablet Devices And Other Smart Devices 3-75 3.3.5 Fujitsu Software Interstage Big Data Software Features 3-76 3.3.6 Fujitsu Interstage Big Data Parallel Processing 3-77 3.3.7 Fujitsu Interstage Big Data Complex Event Processing Server 3-77 3.3.8 Fujitsu Interstage eXtreme Transaction Processing Server 3-77 3.3.9 Fujitsu Symfoware Server 3-78 3.3.10 Fujitsu Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) 3-78 3.3.11 Fujitsu SOA Governance And Management Solution 3-79 3.3.12 Fujitsu Interstage Products & Solutions 3-81 3.3.13 Fujitsu Interstage Application Development Cycle Manager 3-82 3.3.14 Fujitsu CentraSite SOA Governance 3-83 3.4 Microsoft 3-84 3.4.1 Microsoft Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) 3-84 3.5 Oracle 3-86 3.5.1 Oracle SOA Suite 3-87 3.5.2 Oracle SOA Governance 3-88 3.6 SAP 3-89 3.6.1 SAP SERVICE-ORIENTED ARCHITECTURE 3-90 3.7 Perficient, Inc 3-91 3.7.1 Perficient SOA and Business Integration 3-92 3.7.2 Perficient SOA Standard and Custom Offerings 3-93 3.8 SOA Software 3-94 3.8.1 SOA Software API Security 3-94 3.9 SOALIB - 3-95 3.10 Informatica / Active Endpoints 3-95 3.10.1 Informatica / ActiveVOS 3-95 3.11 SOA Software SOA Governance 3-96 3.11.1 SOA SoftwarePortfolio Manager – API and SOA Planning Governance 3-98 3.11.2 SOA Software Policy Manager – Comprehensive Closed-Loop SOA Governance 3-98 3.11.3 SOA Software Lifecycle Manager – Service and API Development 3-100 3.11.4 SOA Software Service Manager – SOA Policy Management and Governance 3-101 3.11.5 SOA Software Comprehensive Closed-Loop Integrated Governance Solution 3-102 3.11.6 SOA Software Repository Manager 3-103 3.11.7 SOA Software Service Manager 3-103 3.11.8 SOA Software Policy Manager 3-103 3.11.9 SOA Software SOLA 3-104 3.12 RedHat JBoss® Application Server 3-104 3.12.1 RedHat JBoss® Application Server SOA Provides Application and IT Fabric 3-105 3.13 Apache Tomcat SOA 3-105 3.13.1 Apache SOA Component Overview 3-105 3.13.2 Apache SOA Case: Defect Tracking 3-106 3.14 Software AG 3-107 3.14.1 Software AG Service-Oriented Architecture 3-107 3.15 CA Technologies SOA 3-108 3.15.1 CA Siteminder Web Services Security 3-109 3.16 Crosscheck Networks 3-109 3.16.1 Crosscheck Networks SOAPSonar Server Edition 3-110 3.16.2 Crosscheck Networks SOAPSonar Professional Edition 3-110 3.16.3 Crosscheck Networks SOAPSonar Personal Edition 3-111 3.17 Fiorano SOA Platform 3-111 3.18 Fiorano 3-113 3.18.1 Fiorano SOA Platform® 3-115 3.18.2 Fiorano ESB 3-116 3.18.3 Fiorano ESB: Enterprise Class Cloud Technology 3-116 3.18.4 Fiorano ESB: Cloud Enabled Platform 3-118 3.18.5 Fiorano Financial Services 3-120 3.18.6 Fiorano Integrated Enterprise Solutions 3-122 3.18.7 Fiorano Cloud Platform® Integrates Applications Across SaaS, PaaS and On-Premise 3-123 3.18.8 Fujinami Fiorano ESB 3-123 3.18.9 Fiorano Cloud 3-125 3.18.10 Fiorano Cloud Platform - Architecture 3-127 3.19 Hewlett Packard SOA 3-129 3.19.1 HP SOA Governance 3-130 3.19.2 HP SOA Quality 3-130 3.19.3 HP SOA Management 3-131 3.20 Layer 7 SecureSpan SOA Gateway 3-132 3.21 Managed Methods 3-134 3.21.1 Managed Methods JaxView 3-134 3.22 WSO2 3-134 3.22.1 WSO2 Governance Registry 3-134 3.22.2 WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus 3-135 3.22.3 WSO2 Data Services Server 3-135 3.23 Oracle SOA 3-136 3.23.1 Oracle WebLogic Server Foundation for Cloud Applications and Application Infrastructure Consolidation 3-138 3.23.2 Oracle WebLogic SOA Benefits 3-139 3.24 Microsoft SOA 3-140 3.24.1 Microsoft Model-Driven SOA 3-140 3.24.2 Microsoft Web Service 3-142 3.24.3 Microsoft Web Service-Oriented Architecture Phase 1 Expose 3-142 3.24.4 Microsoft Web Service-Oriented Architecture Phase 2: Compose 3-142 3.24.5 Microsoft Web Service Phase 3: Consume 3-143 3.24.6 Microsoft Web Service for Government 3-143 3.24.7 Microsoft Web Services on Amazon 3-1433.24.8 Microsoft SOA Definition 3-144 3.24.9 Microsoft SOA Basics 3-145 3.24.10 Microsoft SOA Extensions 3-145 3.24.11 Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Enables A Cloud-Ready Information Platform 3-147 3.24.12 Microsoft Data-Tier Application Package 3-148 3.25 Software AG SOA Systems 3-150 3.25.1 Software AG webMethods SOA Integration 3-151 3.25.2 Software AG Service-Oriented Platform 3-152 3.25.3 Software AG Comprehensive Service Enablement 3-152 3.25.4 Software AG Multi-Lingual Service Creation 3-154 3.25.5 Software AG Adapters Disconnect How The Service Is Implemented From How It Is Invoked 3-154 3.25.6 Software AG Integration Of Non-SAP Apps And Trading Partners with SAP environment 3-155 3.26 Pegasystems 3-160 3.27 SAP 3-161 3.27.1 SAP SOA Applications 3-163 3.28 Lockheed Martin SOA 3-164 3.28.1 Lockheed Martin Uses SOA To Achieve A Leadership Position In Global Surveillance 3-165 3.28.2 Lockheed Martin SOA Systems Optimized For Agility, Effectiveness, And Evolutionary Growth 3-167 3.28.3 Lockheed Martin SOA Whole Systems Thinking 3-168 3.29 Managed Methods 3-168 3.29.1 Managed Methods Cloud and SOA Systems Governance 3-169 3.29.2 Managed Methods Cloud and SOA 3-171 3.30 WSO2 3-175 3.31 Layer 7 3-176 3.31.1 Layer 7 SecureSpan 3-176 3.31.2 Layer 7 Adapt Services 3-179 3.32 Intel 3-180 3.32.1 Intel SOA Expressway for Healthcare 3-180 3.33 Crosscheck Network 3-181 3.33.1 Crosscheck Network Service Testing Product Specifications 3-182 3.33.2 Crosscheck Network Service and ESB Testing Available in Software, VMWare, and Cloud Image 3-185 3.33.3 Crosscheck Network Functional Testing 3-185 3.33.4 Crosscheck Network Performance Testing 3-186 3.33.5 Crosscheck Network Compliance Testing 3-186 3.33.6 Crosscheck Network Security Testing 3-186 3.34 Mendix 3-187 3.35 360logica 3-187 3.36 Rally Software / 6th Sense Analytics 3-187 3.37 AtminiTrack Application Service Provider 3-187 3.38 Advanced Fitness Designs Inc 3-187 3.39 FitStats Web 3-188 3.40 Advanced Millennium Technologies 3-188 3.41 Taroby 3-188 3.42 SOA Integration Engines Leverage ESB 3-188 3.43 IBM Software Enterprise Service Bus 3-191 3.43.1 IBM ESB and SOA 3-191 3.43.2 IBM WebSphere DataPower Integration Appliance 3-195 3.44 Web Services Adapters 3-197 3.45 IBM Cloud Services Focused on Reliability and Enhanced Security 3-198 3.45.1 IBM WebSphere Message Broker 3-198 3.46 HP CloudSystem Matrix 3-199 3.47 Software AG webMethods Adapters 3-199 3.48 Mission Critical Messaging 3-200 3.49 IBM WebSPhereMQ 3-201 3.49.1 IBM WebSphere MQ Hardware Cluster May Be Set UpIn An Active-Passive Mode Or An Active-Active Mode 3-202 3.50 Tibco Messaging 3-202 3.51 FioranoMQ 3-204 3.52 Software AG webMethods Broker 3-205 3.53 Rally Software 3-206 4. SERVICES ORIENTED ARCHITECTURE (SOA) - TECHNOLOGY 4-1 4.1 Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Technology Foundation for Cloud Computing 4-1 4.1.1 Asynchronous And Synchronous Messaging 4-1 4.1.2 Synchronous Calls 4-1 4.1.3 Asynchronous Calls 4-3 4.1.4 Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) Technology 4-4 4.1.5 SOA Validation System 4-4 4.1.6 SOA Exception Management 4-6 4.2 SOA Data Integration 4-7 4.2.1 Encapsulating Business Logic As Services 4-7 4.2.2 Composite Applications 4-7 4.2.3 SOA Return on Investment (ROI) 4-12 4.3 SOA Management Systems 4-15 4.3.1 SOA Management and Security 4-15 4.3.2 SOA Management 4-16 4.3.3 Monitor And Manage SOA Application Service Levels 4-17 4.4 SOA Security 4-18 4.5 Mission Critical Massaging and SOAP 4-23 4.6 SOA Automatic Service Failover Protection 4-25 4.7 Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) Layers 4-26 4.7.1 Service-Oriented Architecture Business Benefits 4-28 4.7.2 IBM WebSphere Integration Workflow Support 4-29 4.8 Business Benefits of Service-Oriented Architecture 4-30 4.8.1 Service-Oriented Architecture IT Benefits 4-31 4.8.2 SOA Self-Assessment 4-32 4.8.3 Service Infrastructure 4-32 4.8.4 Infrastructure Implementations Using SOA Products 4-33 4.8.5 SOA Technology Principles 4-33 4.8.6 Decoupled Services Value 4-34 4.8.7 Security 4-34 4.9 Web Services 4-35 4.9.1 Web Services Software Components 4-36 4.9.2 SOA Web Services Technology 4-38 4.9.3 Creating a SOAP Web Service 4-41 4.9.4 Java Technology 4-42 4.9.5 J2EE 4-42 4.9.6 Soap 4-43 4.9.7 Apache Soap 4-44 4.9.8 Load Balancer With SSL Support 4-45 4.9.9 Points Of Failure 4-45 4.9.10 Metadata Repository 4-46 4.9.11 Metadata Describes Location, Format, Relationships, Transformation, Rules, Cross-Reference 4-47 4.9.12 Metadata Drives Creation Of Data Integration Services 4-48 4.9.13 Wrappering 4-49 4.9.14 SOA Data Integration Layer Supports Developer Access To Metadata To Build Services 4-50 4.10 State Machine 4-52 4.10.1 SOA Network Strategy 4-53 4.10.2 SOA Representational State Transfer Is A Mode Of Communication Accessible To Programs And Humans 4-54 4.10.3 Registry SOA Engine 4-55 4.11 SOA Dynamic Architecture 4-56 4.11.1 Google Search Engine Dynamic Architecture 4-58 4.11.2 BigFiles 4-59 4.11.3 Repository 4-59 4.11.4 Microsoft .Net Defines Reusable Modules Dynamically 4-60 4.11.5 Microsoft Combines Managed Modules into Assemblies 4-61 4.11.6 Microsoft Architecture Dynamic Modular Processing 4-61 4.11.7 IBM SOA Architecture is Dynamic for the Transport Layer 4-63 5 SERVICE ORIENTED ARCHITECTURE (SOA) - COMPANY PROFILES 5-1 5.1 Actuate 5-1 5.1.1 Actuate Core Strengths 5-2 5.2 CA Technologies 5-3 5.3 Crosscheck Networks 5-5 5.4 Fiorano 5-5 5.4.1 Fiorano Leadership In Enterprise Middleware 5-6 5.4.2 Customers Worldwide Choose Fiorano 5-7 5.5 Fujitsu 5-8 5.5.1 Fujitsu Revenue 5-8 5.5.2 Fujitsu Technology Solutions Services 5-10 5.5.3 Fujitsu Personal Computers 5-15 5.5.4 Fujitsu Development and Production Facilities 5-16 5.5.5 Fujitsu Corporate Strategy 5-22 5.5.6 Fujitsu Revenue 5-23 5.5.7 Fujitsu Interstage 5-26 5.5.8 Fujitsu Acquires RunMyProcess Cloud Service Provider 5-27 5.6 Hewlett Packard 5-28 5.6.1 HP Printing and Personal Systems Group 5-29 5.6.2 HP Software 5-29 5.6.3 Hewlett Packard Revenue 5-30 5.7 IBM 5-31 5.7.1 IBM Strategy 5-31 5.7.2 IBM PureData System for Transactions 5-33 5.7.3 IBM Business Partners 5-33 5.7.4 IBM Messaging Extension for Web Application Pattern 5-35 5.7.5 IBM PureSystems Partners 5-35 5.7.6 IBM MobileFirst 5-35 5.7.7 IBM Business Analytics and Optimization Strategy 5-36 5.7.8 IBM Growth Market Initiatives 5-36 5.7.9 IBM Business Analytics and Optimization 5-37 5.7.10 IBM Strategy 5-37 5.7.11 IBM Smarter Planet 5-38 5.7.12 IBM Cloud Computing 5-40 5.7.13 IBM Business Model 5-41 5.7.14 IBM Business Revenue Segments And Capabilities 5-42 5.8 Informatica 5-49 5.8.1 Informatica Master Data Management (MDM) 5-50 5.9 iWay Software 5-51 5.10 Layer 7 5-52 5.11 Managed Methods 5-53 5.11.1 Managed Methods Solutions 5-54 5.12 Microsoft 5-56 5.12.1 Microsoft Key Opportunities and Investments 5-56 5.12.2 Microsoft Smart Connected Devices 5-56 5.12.3 Microsoft: Cloud Computing Transforming The Data Center And Information Technology 5-57 5.12.4 Microsoft Entertainment 5-58 5.12.5 Microsoft Search 5-58 5.12.6 Microsoft Communications And Productivity 5-59 5.12.7 Microsoft Revenue 5-60 5.12.8 Microsoft Customers 5-61 5.12.9 Microsoft .NET Framework 5-61 5.13 Nastel Technologies 5-61 5.13.1 Nastel Privately Held Company 5-62 5.14 Oracle 5-63 5.14.1 Oracle Revenue 5-64 5.15 Perficient 5-65 5.16 Progress Software 5-66 5.16.1 Progress Software Revenue 5-67 5.17 Rally Software 5-68 5.17.1 Rally Software Revenue 5-69 5.17.2 Rally Software Solutions for Organizations 5-69 5.17.3 Rally Software Revenue 5-70 5.18 Red Hat 5-71 5.19 SAP 5-72 5.19.1 SAP offers NetWeaver 5-73 5.19.2 SAP SOA Enterprise Applications 5-74 5.19.3 SAP Aligns Solutions With Innovation to Improve Production Process 5-74 5.19.4 SAP User Planned Updates 5-75 5.19.5 SAP Core Applications 5-76 5.19.6 SAP Rapid-Deployment Solutions 5-76 5.20 SOA Software 5-77 5.20.1 SOA Software Enterprise API Management Revenue 5-78 5.20.2 SOA Software Partners 5-78 5.20.3 SOA Software Customers 5-79 5.20.4 SOA Software Innovation 5-79 5.20.5 SOA Software Products 5-80 5.21 Software AG 5-80 5.21.1 Software AG 5-80 5.21.2 Software AG Revenue by Segment 5-81 5.22 Tibco Software 5-82 5.22.1 Tibco Software 5-83 5.22.2 Tibco 5-83 5.22.3 Tibco Software Customers 5-83 5.22.4 Tibco Event-Enabled Enterprise Platform 5-84 5.22.5 Tibco Platform 5-85 5.22.6 Tibco SOA Development 5-85 5.22.7 Tibco Revenue 5-87 5.22.8 Tibco Cloud Computing Environments 5-90 5.22.9 Tibco Software Acquires Maporama Solutions 5-90 5.22.10 Tibco / Maporama Solutions 5-91 5.22.11 Tibco Customer Interportpolice Deploys Tibbr As Global Collaboration Platform 5-91 5.22.12 Renaissance Capital / Tibco Big Data Opportunity 5-93 5.23 WSO2 5-94 5.23.1 WSO2 Products 5-94 5.23.2 WSO2 Open Source and Standards 5-94 5.23.3 SEERC Technology Research Center Uses WSO2 for Governance Registry 5-95 5.24 360logica Software Testing Company 5-95 5.24.1 360logica Software Testing Company- 5-96 5.24.2 360logica Software Services 5-96 List of Tables and Figures Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) - Middleware Executive Summary Table ES-1 ES-3 Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) Market Segments Table ES-2 ES-7 Services Oriented Architecture SOA Market Driving Forces Table ES-3 ES-9 Services Oriented Architecture SOA Market Shares, Dollars, Worldwide, 2012 Figure ES-4 ES-12 Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) Market Forecasts, Dollars Worldwide, 2013-2019 Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) - Middleware Market Description and Market Dynamics Table 1-1 1-4 SOA Use of APIs to Extract Data from a Software Application Table 1-2 1-5 Value of SOA API Loose Coupling Table 1-3 1-6 SOA Technology Value Table 1-4 1-12 SOA As A Fundamental Building Block Table 1-5 1-16 Dramatic Increase in Business Activity Speed Drives SOA Table 1-6 1-17 Business Aspects of Change Response Creating Need for SOA Table 1-7 1-18 SOA Engine Manages Information Access To Create A Service Table 1-8 1-19 Services Oriented Architecture Achieves Flexible Infrastructure Table 1-9 1-20 Services Oriented Architecture Line Of Business Positioning Table 1-10 1-21 Services Oriented Architecture Business Process Efficiency Table 1-11 1-21 Services Oriented Architecture Business Process Challenges Table 1-11 (Continued) 1-22 Services Oriented Architecture Business Process Challenges Table 1-12 1-23 Services Oriented Architecture Business Process Risk Management Table 1-13 1-24 Services Oriented Architecture Business Process Improvements Table 1-14 1-25 Change Engineering Table 1-15 1-28 SOA Primary Elements Part Of A Continuum Table 1-16 1-31 Typical Problems Encountered By Enterprises Implementing SOATable 1-17 1-35 Management Tools That Enable SOA Approaches Table 1-18 1-37 SOA Facilitates Integration Beyond The Enterprise Figure 1-19 1-54 Foreign Exchange Trend Figure 1-20 1-55 GDP Growth Outlook Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) - Middleware Market Shares and Market Forecasts Table 2-1 2-3 Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) Market Segments Table 2-2 2-7 Services Oriented Architecture SOA Market Driving Forces Table 2-3 2-9 Services Oriented Architecture SOA Market Shares, Dollars, Worldwide, 2012 Table 2-4 2-10 Services Oriented Architecture SOA Application Market Shares, Dollars, Worldwide, 2012 Table 2-5 2-28 SOA Market Product Competitive Differentiators Figure 2-6 2-30 Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) Market Forecasts, Dollars Worldwide, 2013-2019 Figure 2-7 2-32 Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) Market Forecasts, Units, Worldwide, 2013-2019 Table 2-8 2-33 Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) Market Forecasts, Units, Worldwide, 2013-2019 Table 2-9 2-36 Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) Functions Table 2-10 2-39 Advantages Offered by SOA Table 2-11 2-43 Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) Benefits Table 2-12 2-45 Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) Segment Market Totals, Dollars, Worldwide, 2013-2019 Figure 2-13 2-47 Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) Enterprise Market Forecasts, Dollars, Worldwide, 2013-2019 Table 2-14 2-50 Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) Enterprise Market Forecasts, Units, Worldwide, 2013-2019 Table 2-15 2-51 Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) Mid-Market Forecasts, Dollars, Worldwide, 2013-2019 Figure 2-16 2-52 Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) Mid-Market Forecasts, Units, Worldwide, 2013-2019 Figure 2-17 2-55 Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) Framework and Repository Market Forecasts, Dollars, Worldwide, 2013-2019 Figure 2-18 2-57 Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) Governance Market Forecasts, Dollars, Worldwide, 2013-2019 Figure 2-19 2-59 Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) Business Process Management (BPM) Market Forecasts, Dollars, Worldwide, 2013-2019 Figure 2-20 2-62 Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) Development Market Forecasts, Dollars, Worldwide, 2013-2019 Figure 2-21 2-63 SOA Market Segments, Dollars, Worldwide, 2012 Figure 2-22 2-64 SOA Market Segments, Dollars, Worldwide, 2019 Table 2-23 2-65 Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) Segment Market Totals, Business Process, Repository, Development, Governance Market Forecasts, Dollars, Worldwide, 2013-2019 Table 2-24 2-66 Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) Segment Market Totals, Business Process, Repository, Development, Governance Percent, Market Forecasts, Worldwide, 2013-2019 Table 2-25 2-68 SOA Modernization Solutions Table 2-26 2-69 SOA Modernization Key Benefits Table 2-27 2-73 IBM SOA Functions to Streamline IT Processes Figure 2-28 2-84 SOA Software Market Industry Segments, Dollars, Worldwide, 2012 Table 2-29 2-85 Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) Software Market Industry Segments, Dollars, Worldwide, 2012 Table 2-30 2-87 Services Oriented Architecture SOA Competitive Market Factors Table 2-31 2-89 SOA Network Business Integration (BI) Table 2-31 (Continued) 2-90 SOA Network Business Integration (BI) Table 2-32 2-92 Internet Impact On SOA Table 2-33 2-97 Impact of Application Connectivity On E-Business Table 2-33 (Continued) 2-98 Impact of Application Connectivity On E-Business Table 2-34 2-100 SOA Business Environment Market Drivers Figure 2-35 2-102 Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) Regional Market Segments, Dollars, 2012Table 2-36 2-103 Services Oriented Architecture Regional Market Segments, 2012 Table 2-37 2-105 SOA Business Process Management Market Driving Forces Figure 2-38 2-106 Comparative Value of Innovation Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) - Middleware Product Description Figure 3-1 3-3 IBM SOA Services Foundation Figure 3-2 3-6 IBM SOA Foundation Table 3-3 3-7 IBM SOA Alignment of IT with Business Goals Table 3-4 3-8 IBM SOA Adoption IT Modernization Trends Figure 3-5 3-13 IBM SOA Reference Architecture Table 3-6 3-14 IBM SOA Life Cycle Positioning Stages Table 3-7 3-15 IBM Software Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Figure 3-8 3-16 IBM® SOA Governance Lifecycle Table 3-9 3-17 IBM Worklight Functions Table 3-10 3-18 IBM Mobile Application Platform Pattern Modules Table 3-11 3-19 IBM SOA PureFlex System Solution Types Table 3-12 3-20 IBM PureData System Table 3-13 3-20 IBM SOA PureSystems Positioning Figure 3-14 3-22 IBM SOA Foundation Business, Infrastructure, and Data Information Architecture Table 3-15 3-25 IBM WebSphere SOA Enterprise Service Bus Integration Logic Functions Figure 3-16 3-30 IBM Insurance Business Ecosystem 30 Figure 3-17 3-32 IBM SOA Components Implement Repeatable Business Tasks and Can be used Together to Provide A Composite Application Table 3-18 3-33 IBM SOA Components Figure 3-19 3-34 IBM SOA Component Operations Figure 3-20 3-36 IBM Service-Oriented SOA Approach For Building A Business SolutionFigure 3-21 3-38 IBM SOA Adoption Path Table 3-22 3-40 IBM SOA Systems for Connecting People, Processes, And Information Table 3-23 3-41 IBM SOA Systems Choice of IT-Centric Entry Points Table 3-24 3-42 Obstacles to Development of the Big Data Market 42 Table 3-25 3-43 IBM Big Data Market Challenges 43 Table 3-26 3-45 IBM WebSphere Administrative Console Functions 45 Table 3-27 3-47 IBM ILOG Elixir Enterprise Functions: 47 Figure 3-28 3-49 Tibco Spotfire Actionable Insight 49 Figure 3-29 3-51 Tibco Spotfire Visualization, Dynamic Control Charts 51 Table 3-30 3-53 Tibco Application Integration Modules 53 Table 3-31 3-58 TIBCO ActiveMatrix Service Grid Benefits 58 Table 3-32 3-60 TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks Benefits 60 Table 3-33 3-62 Tibco ActiveMatrix Functions 62 Figure 3-34 3-63 Tiboc SOA Product Suite 63 Tabe 3-35 3-64 TIBCO ActiveMatrix SOA Key Features 64 Table 3-36 3-65 Tibco SOA Integrated Services Environment 65 Table 3-37 3-66 Tibco Standards-Based Heterogeneous SOA Figure 3-38 3-67 Tibco SOA iProcess Suite Figure 3-39 3-68 Tibco iProcess Suite Built on SOA Foundation Figure 3-40 3-70 Tibco SOA Systems Updates Figure 3-41 3-72 Tibco iProcess Modeler Table 5-42 3-80 Fujitsu CentraSite SOA Product Suite Features Table 3-43 3-81 Fujitsu Cloud-Based Software Related to BPM. Table 5-44 3-84 Fujitsu CentraSite SOA Management Information Table 3-45 3-85 Microsoft SOA Benefits Figure 3-46 3-86 Oracle SOA Table 3-47 3-87Oracle SOA Suite Features Table 3-48 3-88 Oracle SOA Suite Benefits Table 3-49 3-89 Oracle SOA Governance Features Table 3-50 3-90 SAP SOA Benefits Table 3-51 3-92 Perficient SOA Functions Table 3-52 3-93 Perficient SOA Standard and Custom Offerings Table 3-53 3-106 SOA Service-Oriented Apache projects Figure 3-54 3-108 Software AG SOA Figure 3-55 3-112 Fiorano SOA Platform Figure 3-56 3-114 Fiorano SOA Platform Table 3-57 3-117 Fiorano ESB: Enterprise Class Technology Table 3-58 3-118 Fiorano ESB: Cloud Enabled Platform Functions Table 3-59 3-120 Fiorano ESB: Cloud Enabled Platform Target Markets Table 3-60 3-122 Fiorano Financial Services Positioning Figure 3-61 3-124 Fiorano Cloud Platform Architecture Table 3-62 3-125 Fiorano Cloud Key Benefits Figure 3-63 3-126 Fiorano Cloud Fast Time to Market Functions Table 3-64 3-127 Fiorano Cloud™ Integration Platform Features Table 3-65 3-128 Fiorano Cloud Peers Scalability Functions Table 3-66 3-129 Fiorano Cloud Platform High Availability Functions Table 3-67 3-130 HP SOA Governance Features Figure 3-68 3-131 HP SOA Management Table 3-69 3-133 Layer 7 SecureSpan SOA Gateway Features Table 3-70 3-136 Oracle WebLogic Server Benefits Table 3-71 3-137 Oracle WebLogic Server Functions Table 3-72 3-139 Oracle WebLogic SOA Benefits Figure 3-73 3-141 Microsoft Architecture of SOA Runtimes Table 3-74 3-146 Microsoft SOA SQL Server Main Pillars Table 3-75 3-148 Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Cloud-Ready Information Platform Figure 3-76 3-149 Microsoft Domain SOA Table 3-77 3-151 Software AG / Progress Software SOA Positioning Table 3-78 3-153 Software AG webMethods Integration Server Service Functions Table 3-79 3-154 The webMethods Integration Server key standards Supported Table 3-80 3-155 Software AG The webMethods Integration Server Services Problems Addressed Table 3-81 3-156 Software AG The

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