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MediPoint: Total Wrist Reconstruction - US Analysis And Market Forecasts



NEW YORK, April 10, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- announces that a new market research report is available in its catalogue:

MediPoint: Total Wrist Reconstruction - US Analysis and Market Forecasts

MediPoint: Total Wrist Reconstruction - US Analysis and Market Forecasts

SummaryInjuries to any of the bones, ligaments, tendons or nerves in the wrist joint can cause pain. Severe arthritis is the most common condition for patients considering a total wrist replacement surgery. Two major categories of arthritis may affect the wrist joint, namely osteoarthritis and rheumatoid or inflammatory arthritis. Post traumatic arthritis is another reason for the onset of osteoarthritis years later after trauma to the joint. Finally another indication for wrist pain and dysfunction includes carpal tunnel syndrome.The growth rate is moderate for the adoption rate of these devices and will be due to a slow and gradual adoption rate, with the US to be one of the major countries to lead the way. For TWF, the trends are similar, though with lower growth rates.

Scope- An overview of arthritis, which includes epidemiology, etiology, symptoms, diagnosis, pathology and treatment guidelines.- Annualized the US TWR market revenue and future forecasts from 2009 to 2011, forecast for 7 years to 2018.- Investigation of current and future market competition for TWR- Insightful review of the key industry drivers, restraints and challenges as well as predicted impact of key events.- Competitor assessment including device approval analysis and device sales forecasts.- Marketed and pipeline product profiles covering efficiency, safety, clinical study details, device approvals, product positioning and device sales forecast.- Analysis of unmet needs within the market and opportunities for future players.- Technology trends evaluation to assess strength of pipeline.- An overview of all devices in development including clinical study details, design and material selection considerations, efficacy reports, and device approval timelines.- Company profiles including business description, financial overview and SWOT analysis.- Coverage of key market players.- Strategic assessment of the TWR device sector through market impact analysis, future market scenario and company analysis.- Direct quotes from Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) as well as orthopedists

Reasons to buy- Understand the trends shaping and driving the US TWR Market.- Realize device preferences of physicians who have performed the tests already.- Access market sizing, forecasts and quantified growth opportunities in the US TWR Market through 2018.- Quantify candidate patient populations to better design product pricing & launch plans.- Drive revenues, formulate effective sales and marketing strategies and gain in-depth understanding of the competitive landscape.- Perform benchmarking analysis of growth opportunities against currently marketed products.- Assess competitiveness of products in market by understanding the strengths and weaknesses of current competition.- Take a comprehensive look at the market's device pipeline and identify promising, paradigm-shifting products.- Create an effective counter-strategy to gain a competitive advantage against those currently in the market.- Organize your sales and marketing efforts by identifying the market categories and segments that present the best opportunities for growth.- What's the next big thing in the US TWR market landscape? Identify, understand and capitalize.

Table of Contents1 Table of Contents 51.1 List of Tables 101.2 List of Figures 122 Introduction 132.1 Catalyst 133 Disease Overview 143.1 Anatomy and Physiology 143.2 Pathophysiology 153.2.1 Overview 153.2.2 Osteoarthritis 153.2.3 Rheumatoid Arthritis 153.2.4 Carpal Tunnel Syndrome 163.2.5 Others 163.3 Clinical Presentation 173.4 Clinical Outcomes 183.4.1 Overview 183.4.2 Conservative Therapy 193.4.3 Arthroscopic Debridement 193.4.4 Proximal Row Carpectomy 193.4.5 Total Wrist Fusion 203.4.6 Total Wrist Replacement 223.4.7 Wrist Fusion Versus Total Wrist Replacement 243.5 Epidemiology 263.6 Economic Impact 283.6.1 Economic Impact of Treating Arthritis 283.6.2 Cost Effectiveness of Orthopedic Implants 294 Competitive Assessment 304.1 Total Wrist Implant 304.1.1 Overview of Historical Designs 304.1.2 Current Designs 304.2 Total Wrist Fusion 434.2.1 Overview of Historical Designs 434.2.2 Current Designs 435 Unmet Needs 525.1 Long-Term Clinical Data 525.2 Limited Product Offerings 535.3 Failure and Revision Rate 545.4 Minimal Bone Resection and Other Complications 545.5 Lack of Pipeline Products 565.6 Need for Better Physician Training 566 Pipeline Products 586.1 Overview 587 Industry Overview 597.1 US Procedure Volumes 597.2 Market Access 627.2.1 Regulation 637.2.2 Adoption 637.3 US Reimbursement Trends 647.4 Regulatory Issues/Recalls 667.5 Mergers & Acquisitions / Key Partnerships 678 Company Profiles 698.1 Small Bone Innovation Inc. 698.1.1 Overview 698.1.2 Portfolio Assessment 698.1.3 SWOT Analysis 708.2 Depuy Synthes International 708.2.1 Overview 708.2.2 Portfolio Assessment 708.2.3 SWOT Analysis 718.3 Integra LifeSciences Inc. 728.3.1 Overview 728.3.2 Portfolio Assessment 728.3.3 SWOT Analysis 728.4 Biomet Orthopedics 738.4.1 Overview 738.4.2 Portfolio Assessment 738.4.3 SWOT Analysis 748.5 Medartis AG 748.5.1 Overview 748.5.2 Portfolio Assessment 748.5.3 SWOT Analysis 758.6 Acumed 758.6.1 Overview 758.6.2 Portfolio Assessment 758.6.3 SWOT Analysis 768.7 Tornier N.V. 778.7.1 Overview 778.7.2 Portfolio Assessment 778.7.3 SWOT Analysis 788.8 Swemac Orthopaedics AB 788.8.1 Overview 788.8.2 Portfolio Assessment 788.8.3 SWOT Analysis 798.9 Zimmer Holdings Inc. 808.9.1 Overview 808.9.2 Portfolio Assessment 808.9.3 SWOT Analysis 818.10 Skeletal Dynamics 828.10.1 Overview 828.10.2 Portfolio Assessment 828.10.3 SWOT Analysis 829 Market Drivers & Opportunities 839.1 Market Drivers 839.1.1 Rise in Osteoarthritis 839.1.2 Aging 839.1.3 Trauma 839.1.4 Patient Demand and Awareness 849.1.5 Availability of Long-Term Clinical Data 849.1.6 Further Technological Advancement 859.1.7 Corporate Promotions and Teaching Seminars 859.2 Opportunities 869.2.1 Expanding Aging and Arthritis Indication 869.2.2 Revision Surgery 869.2.3 Emerging Markets 879.2.4 Capitalizing on Market Fragmentation 8710 Market Threats & Substitutes 8810.1 Market Threats 8810.1.1 Slow Technological Advancement 8810.1.2 Physician Perception and Learning Curve 8810.1.3 Complications 8910.1.4 Cost 8910.1.5 Lack of Long-Term Studies 9010.2 Substitutes 9010.2.1 Therapeutic Options and Fusion 9011 US Outlook & Forecast 9111.1 Market Overview 9111.2 US Market Analysis 9112 Appendix 9312.1 Abbreviations 9312.2 Bibliography 9412.3 Report Methodology 10012.3.1 Overview 10012.3.2 Coverage 10012.3.3 Secondary Research 10012.3.4 Forecasting Methodology 10112.3.5 Primary Research – Key Opinion Leader Interviews 10212.3.6 Primary Research – Physician Survey 10212.3.7 Expert Panel Validation 10212.4 Physicians and Specialists Included in this Study 10312.4.1 Dr. Philippe Bellemère 10312.4.2 Dr. Vikas Gupta, MBBS, MS 10312.4.3 William H. Seitz, Jr., MD 10312.4.4 Robert M. Szabo, MD, MPH 10312.4.5 David Warwick, MD, BM, DIMC, FRCS (Orth) 10312.5 About the Authors 10412.5.1 Analysts 10412.5.2 Global Head of Healthcare 10512.6 About MediPoint 10512.7 About GlobalData 10512.8 Contact Us 10612.9 Disclaimer 106

List of TablesTable 1: Clinical Symptoms and Descriptions 17Table 2: Advantages and Disadvantages of Wrist Fusion and Total Wrist Replacement 25Table 3: Direct and Indirect Costs of Arthritis 28Table 4: Universal 2 Total Wrist Implant System (Integra LifeSciences Inc.) 32Table 5: SWOT Universal 2 Total Wrist Implant System 32Table 6: ReMotion Total Wrist (Small Bone Innovations, Inc.) 34Table 7: SWOT ReMotion Total Wrist 34Table 8: Maestro Total Wrist System (Biomet Orthopedics) 36Table 9: SWOT Maestro Total Wrist System 36Table 10: Tornier Resurfacing Capitate Pyrocarbon Implant 38Table 11: SWOT:Tornier Resurfacing Capitate Pyrocarbon Wrist Implant 38Table 12: Motec Wrist Joint Prosthesis (Swemac Orthopaedics AB) 40Table 13: SWOT Motec Wrist Joint Prosthesis 40Table 14: MWP III Total Wrist Prosthesis (Zimmer Inc.) 42Table 15: SWOT MWP III Total Wrist Prosthesis 42Table 16: LCP Wrist Fusion Set (DePuy Synthes, Johnson & Johnson Co.) 45Table 17: SWOT LCP Wrist Fusion Set 45Table 18: Integra Total Wrist Fusion System (Integra LifeSciences Inc.) 47Table 19: SWOT Integra Total Wrist Fusion System 47Table 20: Arthrodesis System 2.0/2.3, 2.5 APTUS Wrist (Medartis AG) 49Table 21: SWOT Arthrodesis System 2.0/2.3, 2.5 APTUS Wrist 49Table 22: Arthrodesis System 2.0/2.3, 2.5 APTUS Wrist (Medartis AG) 51Table 23: SWOT Implate Wrist Arthrodesis Nail 51Table 24: Complications and Risks for TWR and TWF 55Table 25: Product Components and Costs 62Table 26: Reimbursements Associated with TWR 65Table 27: Medicare Payment Trend for Wrist Procedures,1992–2004 65Table 28: Company Profile – Small Bone Innovation Inc. 69Table 29: SWOT Analysis – Small Bone Innovations Inc. 70Table 30: Company Profile – Depuy Synthes International 71Table 31: SWOT Analysis – Depuy Synthes International 71Table 32: Company Profile – Integra LifeSciences Inc. 72Table 33: SWOT Analysis – Integra LifeSciences Inc. 72Table 34: Company Profile – Biomet Orthopedics 73Table 35: SWOT Analysis – Biomet Orthopedics 74Table 36: Company Profile – Medartis AG 74Table 37: SWOT Analysis – Medartis AG 75Table 38: Company Profile – Acumed LLC 76Table 39: SWOT Analysis – Acumed LLC 76Table 40: Company Profile – Tornier N.V. 77Table 41: SWOT Analysis – Tornier N.V. 78Table 42: Company Profile – Swemac Orthopaedics AB 79Table 43: SWOT Analysis – Swemac Orthopaedics AB 79Table 44: Company Profile – Zimmer Holdings Inc. 80Table 45: SWOT Analysis – Zimmer Holdings, Inc. 81Table 46: Company Profile – Skeletal Dynamics LLC 82Table 47: SWOT Analysis – Skeletal Dynamics LLC 82Table 48: US Sales ($m) Forecast for TWF and TWR, 2009–2018 92

List of FiguresFigure 1: Anatomy of the Wrist 14Figure 2: Treatment Paradigm for Wrist Arthritis 18Figure 3: Wrist Arthrodesis with a Fusion Plate 21Figure 4: Total Wrist Arthroplasty 23Figure 5: Population with Wrist Arthritis in the US, 2008–2020 26Figure 6: Disease Segments of Wrist Arthritis 27Figure 7: Universal 2 Total Wrist Implant System (Integra LifeSciences Inc.) 31Figure 8: ReMotion Total Wrist (Small Bone Innovations, Inc.) 33Figure 9: Maestro Total Wrist System (Biomet Orthopedics) 35Figure 10: Tornier Resurfacing Capitate Pyrocarbon Implant 37Figure 11: Motec Wrist Joint Prosthesis (Swemac Orthopaedics AB) 39Figure 12: MWP III Total Wrist Prosthesis (Zimmer Inc.) 41Figure 13: LCP Wrist Fusion Set (DePuy Synthes, Johnson & Johnson Co.) 44Figure 14: Integra Total Wrist Fusion System (Integra LifeSciences Inc.) 46Figure 15: Arthrodesis System 2.0/2.3, 2.5 APTUS Wrist (Medartis AG) 48Figure 16: Implate Wrist Arthrodesis Nail (Skeletal Dynamics LLC) 50Figure 17: Importance of Safety of Arthrodesis and Arthroplasty Implants 55Figure 18: US Arthrodesis and Arthroplasty Procedure Volumes (2009–2018) 61Figure 19: Medicare Payment Trend for Wrist Procedures, 1992–2004 66Figure 20: US TWR and TWF Market, 2009–2018 92

Companies MentionedSmall Bone Innovation Inc.Depuy Synthes InternationalIntegra LifeSciences Inc.Biomet OrthopedicsMedartis AGAcumedTornier N.V.Swemac Orthopaedics ABZimmer Holdings Inc.Skeletal Dynamics

To order this report: Orthopedic Industry: MediPoint: Total Wrist Reconstruction - US Analysis and Market Forecasts

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