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US Plastic Film Market

NEW YORK, March 21, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- announces that a new market research report is available in its catalogue:

US Plastic Film Market

US demand to rise 1.9% annually through 2016US demand for plastic film is expected to grow 1.9 percent annually to 16 billion pounds in 2016, with a market value of $19 billion. Expansion of the market will be fostered by an acceleration in economic growth and an increase in consumer spending, which will drive demand for film used in diverse applications such as retail sales, manufacturing, and construction. Advances will also be helped by an increase in the use of film in packaging, where it offers advantages in cost, performance, and source reduction over other packaging materials. The versatility of plastic film increasingly allows for the downgauging of packaging, reducing the amount of material needed and lowering production and shipping costs, while maintaining desired characteristics. Although this expands the presence of plastic film in the market, it also reduces the volume of film needed, limiting growth.

LLDPE will remain most widely used plastic film Linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE) will remain the most widely used film, representing almost 50 percent of demand in 2016. Demand for LLDPE film is forecast to register strong advances through 2016. Due to its relatively low cost and versatility, LLDPE will see gains in diverse markets such as packaging for snack foods and produce, medical and pharmaceutical products, and stretch and shrink wraps. Conventional low density polyethylene (LDPE) will grow at a slower pace as it is supplanted by better performing LLDPE in many applications. High density polyethylene (HDPE) is expected to grow at an above average pace through 2016. Although constrained by slow growth in applications such as retail bags, HDPE film will exhibit gains in packaging for snack foods, baked goods, and grain mill products. Demand for polypropylene film will also be above average through the forecast period, with packaging for snack foods, baked goods, and grain mill products the leading applications. Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) film demand will remain essentially unchanged, with increases in packaging demand for snack foods, dairy products, and frozen food offset by the continued decline in demand for photographic and magnetic film. Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) film demand is expected to grow at a below average rate through 2016, primarily due to packaging for medical products and shrink wrap applications. Degradable plastic film will experience the fastest growth at more than 10 percent per annum through 2016, driven by efforts to develop more sustainable and environmentally friendly products.

Nonfood packaging to be fastest growing marketPlastic film demand in nonfood packaging is forecast to grow at the fastest rate of all film markets, driven by packaging for medical products and pharmaceuticals needed to care for an aging population. Solid growth is also expected for food packaging with the fastest gains in weight saving pouches for beverages, packaging for frozen foods and confections, and packages designed to extend the shelf life of produce and dairy. Nonpackaging applications will expand at a slightly below average rate, limited by slow growth in trash bags and other applications such as disposable diapers. Growth in secondary packaging will also be below average, constrained by efforts to reduce or eliminate the use of plastic retail bags.

Study coverageThis upcoming Freedonia industry study, Plastic Film, is available for $5100. It presents historical demand data for 2001, 2006 and 2011, plus forecasts for 2016 and 2021 by plastic film resin and market. The study also considers market environment factors, assesses industry structure, evaluates company market share, and profiles 37 competitors in the US industry.

TABLE OF CONTENTS INTRODUCTION xii I. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 1 II. MARKET ENVIRONMENT 4General 4Macroeconomic Environment 4Demographic Trends 8Consumer Income & Spending Trends 12Retail Sales Outlook 15Manufacturing Outlook 18Building Construction Outlook 21Plastic Resin Industry Outlook 24Packaging Industry Overview 28Performance 30Aesthetics 32Technological Developments 33Regulatory & Environmental Considerations 36Pricing Trends 39Historical Market Trends 41International Activity & Foreign Trade 44

III. RESINS 46General 46Linear Low Density Polyethylene 48Food Packaging 51Nonfood Packaging 55Secondary Packaging 58Nonpackaging 60High Density Polyethylene 63Food Packaging 66Nonfood Packaging 68Secondary Packaging 69Nonpackaging 71Low Density Polyethylene 72Food Packaging 75Nonfood Packaging 78Secondary Packaging 81Nonpackaging 83Polypropylene 86Food Packaging 89Nonfood Packaging 93Secondary Packaging 95Polyvinyl Chloride 96Food Packaging 99Nonfood Packaging 101Secondary Packaging 102Polyethylene Terephthalate 104Food Packaging 107Nonfood & Secondary Packaging 110Nonpackaging 112Other Plastic Films 114Polystyrene 115Nylon 117Polyvinylidene Chloride 120Ethylene Vinyl Alcohol 123Degradable Plastics 125Cellulosics 129Cellophane 131All Other 133

IV. MARKET OVERVIEW 135 V. FOOD PACKAGING 139General 139Food Industry Outlook 142Consumer Preferences 145Distribution Trends 147Snacks 149Snack Food Outlook 149Plastic Film Demand 151Meat, Poultry, & Seafood 155Meat, Poultry, & Seafood Outlook 156Plastic Film Demand 158Baked Goods 162Baked Goods Outlook 162Plastic Film Demand 163Produce 166Produce Outlook 167Plastic Film Demand 168Grain Mill Products 172Grain Mill Products Outlook 172Plastic Film Demand 173Confections 175Confections Outlook 176Plastic Film Demand 177Frozen Foods 180Frozen Foods Outlook 180Plastic Film Demand 182Dairy Products 185Dairy Products Outlook 186Plastic Film Demand 188Beverages 191Beverages Outlook 192Plastic Film Demand 194Other Foods 196

VI. NONFOOD PACKAGING 199General 199Drugs & Medical Products 201Medical Products Outlook 202Plastic Film Demand 204Shipping Sacks 208Rack & Counter 210Textile & Paper Products 213Textile & Paper Products Outlook 213Plastic Film Demand 216Other Nonfood Packaging 219

VII. SECONDARY PACKAGING 221General 221Retail Bags 222Stretch Wrap 225Industrial Liners 229Shrink Wrap 232Garment Bags 236Other Secondary Packaging 237

VIII. NONPACKAGING 239General 239Trash Bags 240Nonwoven Disposables 244Household Foodwraps & Bags 247Agricultural Film 249Construction & Industrial Film 252Other Nonpackaging Film 253

IX. INDUSTRY STRUCTURE 256General 256Market Share 259Mergers & Acquisitions 264Marketing Strategies 269Channels of Distribution 270Research & Development 271Competitive Strategies 273Cooperative Agreements 274Company Profiles 277AEP Industries Incorporated 278Amcor Limited 282AmTopp, see Inteplast GroupApplied Extrusion Technologies, see Taghleef IndustriesBemis Company Incorporated 284Berry Plastics Corporation 289Carestream Health, see OnexCereplast Incorporated 293Clopay Plastic Products, see GriffonClorox Company 294Curwood, see BemisDow Chemical Company 296DuPont (EI) de Nemours 299Eastman Chemical Company 303Eastman Kodak Company 306Evonik Industries AG 308Exxon Mobil Corporation 309FlexSol Packaging, see Sigma Plastics GroupFUJIFILM Holdings Corporation 312Glad Products, see CloroxGriffon Corporation 314Hilex Poly Company LLC 315Honeywell International Incorporated 317Hood Companies 319Innovia Films Limited 321Integrated Bagging Systems, see Inteplast GroupInteplast Group Limited 323Intertape Polymer Group Incorporated 326ISO Poly Films, see Sigma Plastics GroupKlöckner Pentaplast Group 328Kuraray Company Limited 331MACtac, see BemisMcNeely Plastic Products, see Sigma Plastics GroupMercury Plastics, see Sigma Plastics GroupMilprint, see BemisMitsubishi Chemical Holdings Corporation 333MonoSol, see KurarayNoltex, see Mitsubishi Chemical HoldingsOmega Plastics, see Sigma Plastics GroupOMNOVA Solutions Incorporated 335Onex Corporation 336Pactiv, see Reynolds Group HoldingsPerfecseal, see BemisPerformance Packaging, see Sigma Plastics GroupPinnacle Films, see Inteplast GroupPitt Plastics, see Inteplast GroupPoly Plastic Products of North Carolina, see SigmaPlastics GroupPregis Corporation 338Presto Products, see Reynolds Group HoldingsPrintpack Incorporated 340Republic Bag, see Sigma Plastics GroupReynolds Group Holdings Limited 342SABIC Innovative Plastics, see Saudi Basic IndustriesSanta Fe Packaging, see Sigma Plastics GroupSaudi Basic Industries Corporation 345Sealed Air Corporation 348Shield Pack, see BemisSigma Plastics Group 352Solutia, see Eastman ChemicalSpartech Corporation 357Taghleef Industries LLC 3593M Company 361Toray Industries Incorporated 365Tredegar Corporation 367Webster Industries, see AEP IndustriesWestern Plastics Limited 369World-Pak, see Inteplast Group

LIST OF TABLES SECTION I -- EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Summary Table 3 SECTION II -- MARKET ENVIRONMENT1 Macroeconomic Indicators 72 Population & Households 113 Personal Consumption Expenditures 144 Retail Sales 185 Manufacturers' Shipments 216 Building Construction Expenditures 247 Plastic Resin Supply & Demand 278 Packaging Shipments by Material 309 Plastic Film Pricing 4110 Plastic Film Market, 2001-2011 43

SECTION III – RESINS1 Plastic Film Demand by Resin 472 Linear Low Density Polyethylene Film Demand by Market 503 Linear Low Density Polyethylene Food Packaging FilmDemand by Application 544 Linear Low Density Polyethylene Nonfood Packaging FilmDemand by Application 575 Linear Low Density Polyethylene Secondary Packaging FilmDemand by Application 606 Linear Low Density Polyethylene Nonpackaging FilmDemand by Application 637 High Density Polyethylene Film Demand by Market 658 High Density Polyethylene Food Packaging Film Demandby Application 679 High Density Polyethylene Nonfood Packaging Film Demandby Application 6910 High Density Polyethylene Secondary Packaging FilmDemand by Application 7111 High Density Polyethylene Nonpackaging Film Demandby Application 7212 Low Density Polyethylene Film Demand by Market 7413 Low Density Polyethylene Food Packaging Film Demandby Application 7814 Low Density Polyethylene Nonfood Packaging Film Demandby Application 8115 Low Density Polyethylene Secondary Packaging FilmDemand by Application 8316 Low Density Polyethylene Nonpackaging Film Demandby Application 8517 Polypropylene Film Demand by Type & Market 8818 Polypropylene Food Packaging Film Demand by Application 9219 Polypropylene Nonfood Packaging Film Demandby Application 9520 Polypropylene Secondary Packaging Film Demand 9621 Polyvinyl Chloride Film Demand by Market 9822 Polyvinyl Chloride Food Packaging Film Demandby Application 10023 Polyvinyl Chloride Nonfood Packaging Film Demandby Application 10224 Polyvinyl Chloride Secondary Packaging Film Demandby Application 10425 Polyethylene Terephthalate Film Demand by Market 10626 Polyethylene Terephthalate Food Packaging Film Demandby Application 11027 Polyethylene Terephthalate Nonfood & Secondary PackagingFilm Demand by Application 11228 Polyethylene Terephthalate Nonpackaging Film Demandby Application 11429 Other Plastic Film Demand by Resin 11530 Polystyrene Film Demand by Market 11731 Nylon Film Resin Demand by Market 12032 Polyvinylidene Chloride Film Demand by Market 12233 Ethylene Vinyl Alcohol Film Demand by Market 12534 Degradable Plastic Resin Film Demand by Market 12935 Cellulosics Film Demand by Market 13036 Cellophane Film Demand by Market 13237 All Other Plastic Film Demand by Market 134

SECTION IV -- MARKET OVERVIEW 1 Plastic Film Demand by Market 137 SECTION V -- FOOD PACKAGING1 Food Packaging Film Demand by Application 1412 Food & Beverage Product Shipments 1453 Snack Food Shipments 1514 Snack Food Film Demand by Resin 1555 Meat, Poultry, & Seafood Consumption 1586 Meat, Poultry, & Seafood Film Demand by Resin 1617 Baked Goods Shipments 1638 Baked Goods Film Demand by Resin 1669 Fresh Produce Consumption 16810 Produce Film Demand by Resin 17111 Grain Mill Product Shipments 17312 Grain Mill Product Film Demand by Resin 17513 Confections Shipments 17714 Confections Film Demand by Resin 17915 Frozen Food Shipments 18216 Frozen Food Film Demand by Resin 18517 Dairy Products Shipments 18818 Dairy Product Film Demand by Resin 19119 Beverage Shipments 19420 Beverage Film Demand by Resin 19621 Other Foods Film Demand by Resin 198 SECTION VI -- NONFOOD PACKAGING1 Nonfood Packaging Film Demand by Application 2002 Drug & Medical Product Shipments 2043 Drugs & Medical Product Film Demand by Resin 2074 Shipping Sack Film Demand by Resin 2105 Rack & Counter Film Demand by Resin 2126 Textile & Paper Products Shipments 2157 Textile & Paper Film Demand by Resin 2188 Other Nonfood Packaging Film Demand by Resin 220

SECTION VII -- SECONDARY PACKAGING1 Secondary Packaging Film Demand by Application 2222 Retail Bag Film Demand by Resin 2253 Stretch Wrap Film Demand by Resin 2294 Industrial Liner Film Demand by Resin 2315 Shrink Wrap Film Demand by Resin 2356 Garment Bag Film Demand by Resin 2377 Other Secondary Packaging Film Demand 238

SECTION VIII – NONPACKAGING1 Nonpackaging Film Demand by Application 2402 Trash Bag Film Demand by Resin 2443 Nonwoven Disposable Film Demand by Resin 2474 Household Foodwraps & Bags Film Demand by Resin 2495 Agricultural Film Demand by Resin 2516 Construction & Industrial Film Demand by Resin 2537 Other Nonpackaging Film Demand by Market & Resin 255

SECTION IX -- INDUSTRY STRUCTURE1 Plastic Film Sales by Company, 2011 2582 Selected Acquisitions & Divestitures 2673 Selected Cooperative Agreements 276

LIST OF CHARTS SECTION II -- MARKET ENVIRONMENT 1 Plastic Resin Demand, 2011 282 Plastic Film Market, 2001-2011 44 SECTION III – RESINS1 Plastic Film Demand by Resin, 2011 482 Linear Low Density Polyethylene Film Demandby Market, 2011 513 High Density Polyethylene Film Demand by Market, 2011 664 Low Density Polyethylene Film Demand by Market, 2011 755 Polypropylene Film Demand by Market, 2011 896 PVC Film Demand by Market, 2011 997 PET Film Demand by Market, 2011 107 SECTION IV -- MARKET OVERVIEW 1 Plastic Film Demand by Market, 2011 138 SECTION V -- FOOD PACKAGING 1 Food Packaging Film Demand by Application, 2011 142 SECTION VI -- NONFOOD PACKAGING 1 Nonfood Packaging Film Demand by Application, 2011 201 SECTION IX -- INDUSTRY STRUCTURE 1 US Plastic Film Market Share, 2011 260

To order this report: Plastic Industry: US Plastic Film Market

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