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Latin America - Digital Media And Pay TV Market





NEW YORK, March 19, 2013  /PRNewswire/ -- announces that a new market research report is available in its catalogue:

Latin America - Digital Media and Pay TV Market

Amidst the global downturn, Latin America's pay TV market booms Convergence and competitionIn Latin America, convergence has become a popular solution not only for companies, as a way to attract more customers, but also for regulators, as a way to promote competition. In most countries, the incumbents continue to dominate the fixed-line sector, with Local Loop Unbundling being rare in this region and wholesale activity not very well developed. In the broadband sector, most incumbents have secured a virtual monopoly in the delivery of ADSL access, and the only meaningful competition is across technologies, from cable modem and mobile broadband services.The concern many governments face is the shortage of fixed line infrastructure, tied to the fear that operators will cease to invest in their network if they are forced to unbundle their local loop or lower wholesale prices. Of course, telecom companies have done their best to encourage this fear.Regulators hoped alternative operators would build their own infrastructure to reach unserviced areas, thus increasing teledensity. New entrants have usually used fixed-wireless technologies such as WiMAX to offer broadband, telephony, and sometimes pay TV services, but their market share has remained small.

Triple playCable TV companies, meanwhile, have jumped onto the bandwagon, flaunting their ability to offer both broadband and telephony over hybrid fibre-coaxial (HFC) or fibre optic networks, thus being able to increase the country's teledensity and broadband penetration, and create a more competitive environment thanks to their triple play solutions.The incumbents, for their part, not to be outdone by any competitor, have launched their own triple play services, sometimes by acquiring existing cable TV operators, and sometimes by resorting to satellite TV or IPTV technology.Triple play models in Latin America normally combine voice (traditional fixed-line telephony or VoIP), broadband (ADSL, cable, wireless technologies, or satellite), and pay TV (cable or satellite TV). One of the consequences of triple play is the start of competition between cable TV and telecom operators. This is, of course, beneficial for customers, who have a greater choice between service providers. But in many countries, issues of market balance and fear of losing market share to competition have led to lengthy regulatory battles, involving cable TV companies, telecom operators, and regulatory authorities.The result of these battles has normally favoured triple play, and this has led to an increase in the number of cable modem connections. Between 2001 and 2007, ADSL was gobbling up most of the broadband market, but since 2008, cable modem has been regaining some of its lost ground.

Cable TVAlthough some companies still offer analogue cable TV services, digital cable is becoming the norm in Latin America. Endemic cable TV piracy has been a powerful driver for the move to digital cable. Besides providing advanced services, the digital platform enables providers to prevent signal theft, forcing households to become paying subscribers if they wish to continue viewing cable TV.

Satellite TV Latin America's satellite TV sector was dominated for many years by DirecTV/Sky TV. Since around 2006, however, fixed-line incumbents and other new market entrants have been launching Direct-to-Home (DTH) services in several countries. The increased competition has driven significant growth in the satellite TV market.

Pay TV market growthThus, thanks to the success of triple play and satellite TV competition, the Latin American pay TV market has been performing remarkably well, not even slowing down during the recent global credit crunch – unlike the economic slump of 2001/02, which brought cable TV to its knees throughout the region. In fact, in most Latin American countries, pay TV has become the fastest growing telecom sector after mobile broadband.

Online video viewingOnline video viewing is also showing remarkable growth. According to ComScore, in 2011 consumption of online video grew faster in Latin America than in any other region worldwide. Reportedly, Brazilians watched 4.7 billion online videos in 2011, up 74% year-on-year. Mexico came second, with 3 billion videos viewed. Argentina occupied a distant third place, with 1.5 billion videos, and Chile was fourth, with 1 billion. Predictably, online video viewing in Latin America is driven by the youth market, with 15-24 year-olds accounting for 28% and 25-34 year-olds accounting for 30% of all online video consumption. Despite these strong growth figures, however, Latin America still only represents 9% of global online video consumption – a long way behind the leader, Asia, with 41.3%.

Smart TV salesSmart TV sales in the more advanced Latin American markets are expected to escalate in the near future, especially in Brazil, where the forthcoming FIFA World Cup and Olympic Games are expected to drive substantial growth in digital and smart television technologies.

Digital terrestrial TVMost Latin American markets have deployed Digital terrestrial TV (DTT). In South America, the preferred standard is the Integrated System for Digital Broadcast, Terrestrial, Brazilian version (ISDB-Tb), based on Japan's ISDB-T. All South American countries have adopted ISDB-Tb except for Colombia, which uses Europe's Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB) standard. Mexico and Central America, instead, have chosen the US standard, developed by the Advanced Television Systems Committee (ATSC). Market Highlights Brazil has removed limits on foreign ownership in the cable TV sector and has given the green light to all telcos to provide pay TV anywhere in Brazil.In the pay TV sector, Argentina is a world leader, with penetration in the major cities only slightly higher than in the rest of the country.In Mexico, cable operators report lower churn due to triple-play services.Despite delays in the deployment of DTTV, Brazil intends to complete the switchover from analogue to digital TV broadcasting in 2016.Data in this report is the latest available at the time of preparation and may not be for the current year. 

Table of Contents1. Overview Latin American Digital Media and Pay TV Market1.1 Social networking1.1.1 Argentina1.1.2 Brazil1.2 Online gaming1.2.1 Argentina1.2.2 Brazil1.3 Broadband TV (IPTV)1.3.1 Argentina1.3.2 Brazil1.3.3 Chile1.3.4 Panama2. Argentina2.1 Digital economy2.1.1 E-government2.1.2 E-education2.1.3 E-commerce2.1.4 Online banking2.2 Digital media2.3 Broadcasting2.3.1 Pay TV overview2.3.2 Cable TV2.3.3 Satellite-based digital pay TV developments2.3.4 Digital terrestrial TV3. Belize3.1 Pay TV market overview4. Bolivia4.1 Media convergence4.2 Broadcasting overview5. Brazil5.1 Media convergence5.1.1 Overview of media convergence5.1.2 Broadband TV (IPTV)5.2 Digital economy5.2.1 E-commerce5.2.2 S-commerce5.2.3 E-government5.2.4 E-health5.2.5 E-learning5.2.6 Smart meters/smart grids5.3 Digital media5.4 Pay TV overview5.4.1 Pay TV statistics5.5 Regulatory issues5.5.1 Pay TV law5.5.2 Incumbentfixed-line telcos in the pay TV sector5.5.3 Foreign ownership regulations5.6 Pay TV players5.6.1 Net Serviços de Comunicação5.6.2 Sky Brasil5.6.3 Embratel5.6.4 Telefônica Brasil5.6.5 Oi TV5.6.6 CTBC TV5.6.7 GVT5.7 Cable TV5.8 Multichannel multipoint distribution systems (MMDS)5.9 Satellite-based digital pay TV developments5.10 Digital terrestrial TV (DTTV)6. Selected Caribbean Countries6.1 Bahamas6.2 British Virgin Islands6.3 Dominica6.4 Grenada6.5 St Kitts and Nevis6.6 St Vincent and the Grenadines7. Chile7.1 Media convergence7.1.1 Overview of media convergence7.1.2 Triple play models7.1.3 Broadband TV (IPTV and TVoIP)7.2 Digital economy7.2.1 E-government7.2.2 E-commerce7.3 Digital media7.4 Broadcasting7.4.1 Pay TV overview7.4.2 Major pay TV players7.4.3 Cable TV7.4.4 Satellite-based digital pay TV developments7.4.5 Digital terrestrial TV8. Colombia8.1 Media convergence8.1.1 Triple play models8.2 Digital economy8.2.1 E-commerce8.3 Broadcasting8.3.1 Market overview8.3.2 Cable TV8.3.3 Satellite TV8.3.4 Broadband TV (IPTV)8.3.5 Digital terrestrial TV9. Costa Rica9.1 Digital Media9.1.1 Overview9.1.2 IPTV (Broadband TV)9.2 Broadcasting9.2.1 Cable TV9.2.2 Satellite-based digital pay TV developments9.2.3 Digital Terrestrial TV (DTTV)10. Dominican Republic10.1 Digital Media10.1.1 Overview10.1.2 Digital switchover10.1.3 Pay TV10.1.4 IPTV11. Ecuador11.1 Media convergence11.2 Broadcasting11.2.1 Pay TV overview12. El Salvador12.1 Digital media12.1.1 Overview of media convergence12.2 Broadcasting12.2.1 Pay TV overview12.2.2 Cable TV12.2.3 Satellite-based digital pay TV developments12.2.4 Digital terrestrial TV13. Guatemala13.1 Broadcasting13.1.1 Cable TV13.1.2 Satellite-based digital pay TV developments14. Haiti14.1 Digital media14.1.1 Overview 14.1.2 Cable TV (CATV)14.1.3 Satellite TV15. Honduras15.1 Digital Media15.1.1 Media convergence15.1.2 Cable TV15.1.3 Satellite-based digital pay TV developments15.1.4 Digital terrestrial TV16. Jamaica16.1 Cable TV (CATV)16.1.1 Market overview16.1.2 Flow16.2 Digital Terrestrial TV (DTTV)17. Mexico17.1 Digital TV broadcasting17.1.1 Overview17.1.2 Cable TV (CATV)17.1.3 Video-on-Demand (VoD)17.1.4 Direct-to-Home (DTH) Satellite TV17.1.5 Pay TV statistics17.1.6 Digital Terrestrial TV (DTTV)17.1.7 Other developments17.2 Triple play and VoIP developments18. Nicaragua18.1 Broadcasting18.1.1 Pay TV19. Panama19.1 Media convergence19.1.1 Triple-play models19.1.2 IPTV (Broadband TV)19.2 Broadcasting19.2.1 Cable TV19.2.2 Satellite-based digital pay TV developments19.2.3 Digital Terrestrial TV (DTTV)20. Paraguay20.1 Convergence20.2 Broadcasting20.2.1 Pay TV20.2.2 Digital terrestrial TV21. Peru21.1 Media convergence21.2 E-commerce21.3 Broadcasting21.3.1 Pay TV overview21.3.2 Cable TV21.3.3 Satellite-based digital pay TV developments21.3.4 Digital Terrestrial TV (DTTV)22. Puerto Rico22.1 Digital Media22.1.1 Overview23. Uruguay23.1 Media convergence23.2 Broadcasting23.2.1 Pay TV overview23.2.2 Pay-TV statistics24. Venezuela24.1 Media convergence24.1.1 Triple play24.1.2 Broadband TV (IPTV)24.2 Digital economy24.2.1 E-commerce24.3 Digital media24.3.1 Social networks24.4 Broadcasting24.4.1 Pay TV overview24.4.2 Cable TV24.4.3 Satellite-based digital pay TV developments24.4.4 Digital terrestrial TV

List of TablesTable 1 – Facebook users – top 7 countries in Latin America – 2011 - 2012Table 2 – Argentina – B2C e-commerce spending – 2005 - 2013Table 3 – Facebook users and penetration – 2008 - 2011Table 4 – Pay TV (cable and satellite) subscribers and penetration rates – 1999 - 2012Table 5 – Pay TV operators' market share – 2011Table 6 – Cablevisióncable TV subscribers – 2000 - 2012Table 7 – Brazil – B2C e-commerce spending – 2005 - 2013Table 8 – Pay TV operators by technology – 2012Table 9 – Pay TV subscribers and penetration – 1999 - 2012Table 10 – Pay TV market share by technology – 2000 - 2012Table 11 – Pay TV operators – market share – 2000 - 2012Table 12 – Net Serviços – payTV subscribers – 2000 - 2012Table 13 – Cable TV subscribers and penetration – 1998 - 2012Table 14 – MMDS subscribers and penetration – 1998 - 2012Table 15 – DTH subscribers and penetration – 1998 - 2012Table 16 – Volume of e-commerce – 2001 - 2012Table 17 – Pay TV subscribers and penetration – 2006 - 2012Table 18 – Pay TV technologies – market share – 2006 - 2012Table 19 – Pay TV operators – market share – 2006 - 2012Table 20 – VTR – pay TV subscribers by technology – 2000 - 2012Table 21 – Movistar – satellite TV subscribers – 2006 - 2012Table 22 – Claro – pay TV subscribers – 2006 - 2012Table 23 – Cable TV subscribers and penetration rates – 1995 - 2012Table 24 – Colombia – B2C e-commerce spending – 2005 - 2013Table 25 – Cable TV subscribers and penetration rates – 2000-2012Table 26 – Major cable-TV providers – marketshare – 2005 - 2011Table 27 – Satellite TV subscribers and penetration rates – 2000 - 2012Table 28 – Satellite TV operators' market share – 2004 - 2011Table 29 – Pay TV subscribers – 2008 - 2012Table 30 – Pay TV subscribers and penetration – 2004 - 2012Table 31 – Pay TV technology market share – 2004 - 2012Table 32 – Pay TV subscribers and penetration rates – 2003 - 2012Table 33 – Cable TV subscribers – 1998 - 2013Table 34 – Megacable TV subscribers – 2010 - 2012Table 35 – Satellite TV subscribers – 1998 - 2013Table 36 – Pay TV subscribers by technology, annual change and penetration rate – 1998 - 2012Table 37 – Cable VoIP subscribers of major providers – 2006 - 2011Table 38 – C&W – +TV Digital subscribers and homes passed – 2009 - 2011Table 39 – Peru – B2C e-commerce spending – 2005 - 2013Table 40 – Pay TV subscribers and penetration rates – 1998 - 2012Table 41 – Pay TV operators' market share – 2002 - 2012Table 42 – Cable TV subscribers and penetration – 1997 – 2013Table 43 – Liberty Cablevision subscribers – 2010 – 2012Table 44 – Pay-TV subscribers and penetration rates – 2001 - 2012Table 45 – Pay-TV operators' market share – 2009- 2012Table 46 – Venezuela – B2C e-commerce spending – 2005 - 2013Table 47 – Facebook users and penetration – 2008 - 2012Table 48 – Pay TV subscribers and penetration rates – 1997 - 2012Table 49 – Major pay TV providers – market share – 2010 - 2012

List of ChartsChart 1 – Evolution of pay TV in Argentina – 2000 - 2012Chart 2 – Pay TV operators' market share at a glance– 2011Chart 3 – Evolution of pay TV in Brazil – 1998 - 2012Chart 4 – Pay TV technologies at a glance – 1998 - 2012Chart 5 – Pay TV operators' market share at a glance – 2011Chart 6 – Pay TV technologies – market share at a glance – 2006 - 2012Chart 7 – Pay TV operators' market share at a glance – 2012Chart 8 – Evolution of cable TV in Chile – 2003 - 2012Chart 9 – Pay TV subscribers and household penetration – 2003 – 2012Chart 10 – Pay TV market share at a glance – 2009 - 2012Chart 11 – Cable TV subscribers and penetration – 2003 – 2013Chart 12 – Pay TV operators' market share at a glance – June 2012Chart 13 – Pay TV market share at a glance – 2012 (Mar)

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