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International Wind Energy Development: Offshore Report 2013 Forecast 2012 - 2021

NEW YORK, Dec. 11, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- announces that a new market research report is available in its catalogue:

International Wind Energy Development: Offshore Report 2013 Forecast 2012 - 2021

BTM Consult, a part of Navigant's global Energy Practice and a premier forecaster of the international wind industry, brings its experience and expertise to a comprehensive look at the offshore wind energy industry, as well as the impacted supply chain in this expanding but challenging market.Offshore Report 2013 is BTM Consult's most comprehensive overview of the offshore wind market to date. The report highlights developments in the international offshore wind market over the past two years, as well as industry growth trends as projected in the report's near-term forecast to 2016 and medium term predictions to 2021.Offshore Report 2013 provides an assessment of all major offshore wind markets and incentives from across the world, and a detailed analysis of both the demand and supply sides of the offshore wind market in 2012.  Key findings are included from the latest update of the "balance of plant" supply situation and from this report's analyses of offshore wind financing, including future CAPEX and OPEX requirements. The report's special theme reviews the current shipping and logistics situation for offshore wind farm construction.

Key components in the study include:-Blades-Gearboxes-Generators-Bearings-Towers-Converters-Transformers-Pitch drive systems-Yaw drive systems-Control systems

Key materials in the study include:-Foundations – gravity and steel-Contractors on installation-Key suppliers to "balance of plant" included in the study:-Installation vessels-Cable laying vessels-Sub-station suppliers-Cable suppliers-Providers of cable installation offshore-Hammer suppliers

Key "infrastructure" included in the study:-Offshore wind ports-Offshore wind power transmission Combo License - Hardcopy Report + CD-ROM PPT. No digital files will be delivered with a combo license purchase. This is a single user license. When an order comes in it will be fulfilled by our London office, and all orders will be delivered within 7 business days. There is no shipping charge.- Corporate License - PDF File + PPT. This is an unlimited user license. Report files are large and will be delivered to the client via an FTP if their server rejects them via email.

Table of ContentsAbbreviations and Technical UnitsPrefaceExecutive Summary1.  Introduction1.1         Methodology1.2         Limitations of the research2.  Status of Global Offshore Wind Power2.1         Market update 2011 – demand side2.2         Market update 2011 – supply side3.  The Global Offshore Wind Power Market3.1         Offshore wind resource in key regions3.1.1       Offshore wind resource in Europe3.1.2       Offshore wind resource in China3.1.3       Offshore wind resource in Japan3.1.4       Offshore wind resource in South Korea3.1.5       Offshore wind resource in the United States3.2         Offshore wind market profiles3.2.1       Europe3.2.1.1        United Kingdom3.2.1.2        Germany3.2.1.3        Denmark3.2.1.4        France3.2.1.5        Belgium3.2.1.6        Sweden3.2.1.7        The Netherlands3.2.1.8        Ireland (Republic)        Other EU countries3.2.2       Asia3.2.2.1        China3.2.2.2        Japan3.2.2.3        South Korea3.2.2.4        Taiwan3.2.3       North America3.2.3.1        United States3.2.3.2        Canada4.  Structure of the Offshore Wind Market4.1         Customers in the market4.1.1       Developers/Operators/Owners4.1.2       Strategies of leading offshore wind farm developers4.1.2.1        Dong Energy4.1.2.2        Vattenfall4.1.2.3        E.ON4.1.2.4        RWE4.1.2.5        SSE Renewables4.1.2.6        Centrica4.1.2.7        Eneco4.1.2.8        Longyuan Power Group4.1.2.9        TCW4.1.2.10     Marubeni4.1.3       Project portfolios held by leading offshore developers4.1.4       Trends on the demand side4.1.5       Geographic location of leading offshore wind farm developers/operator activity4.2         Offshore wind turbine suppliers4.2.1       Overview of the offshore turbine market4.2.2       Evolution of offshore turbine technology 1991-20124.2.3       Technology trends for offshore turbines4.2.3.1        Traditional multi-megawatt offshore turbine4.2.3.2        Medium speed turbines4.2.3.3        Direct drive offshore turbines4.2.3.4        Hydraulic drive offshore turbines4.2.3.5        Super-size turbines ?10 MW4.2.3.6        Floating turbines4.2.3.7        Summary of offshore turbine technology trends4.2.4       Strategic analysis of offshore wind turbine manufacturers4.2.4.1        Leading OEM suppliers (Tier 1)        Recently established OEM suppliers (Tier 2)        New entrants (Tier 3)4.2.5       Offshore turbine supplier project portfolios5.  Offshore Wind Economics & Finance5.1         Offshore project financing5.1.1       History of offshore wind project finance5.1.2       Current and future status5.2         Offshore wind plant costs5.2.1       CAPEX5.2.1.1        Capital cost components5.2.1.2        CAPEX trends5.2.2       OPEX5.2.2.1        OPEX cost components5.2.2.2        O&M trends5.2.2.3        O&M strategies5.3         Levelised cost of energy5.4         Offshore wind cost reduction pathways overview5.4.1       Aim of initiatives5.4.2       Key outcomes5.4.2.1        Supply chain5.4.2.2        Innovation5.4.2.3        Contracting strategies5.4.2.4        Planning & consenting5.4.2.5        Grid5.4.2.6        Finance6.  The Offshore Wind Supply Chain & Technology Trends6.1         Offshore wind supply chain strategies6.2         Key components6.2.1       Rotor blades6.2.2       Gearboxes6.2.3       Generators6.2.4       Bearings6.2.5       Power converters6.2.6       Power transformers6.2.7       Towers6.2.8       Pitch drive systems6.2.9       Yaw drive systems6.2.10     Control systems6.3         Key component materials6.3.1       Castings for offshore wind6.3.2       Forged parts for offshore wind turbines6.4         Offshore wind farm balance of plant6.4.1       Offshore foundations6.4.1.1        Challenges of offshore wind foundations6.4.1.2        New offshore wind foundation designs6.4.1.3        Gravity based structures6.4.1.4        Suppliers of offshore wind steel structures6.4.2       Offshore cable suppliers6.4.3       Substations6.4.4       Specialist installation contractors6.4.5       Installation and construction vessels6.4.5.1        Types of vessels6.4.5.2        Installation vessels6.4.6       Contractors for offshore cable installation6.4.7       Cable laying vessels6.4.8       Pile driving hammers7.  Offshore Wind Infrastructure7.1         Offshore wind ports7.2         Offshore wind power transmission7.2.1       Overview of offshore wind power grid7.2.2       Challenges of offshore wind power transmission8.  Offshore Wind Market Forecast and Predictions8.1         Introduction to offshore wind market forecast and prediction to 20218.2         Methodology for offshore wind market .forecast to 20168.3         Offshore wind power market forecast to 20168.4         Methodology for market prediction to 20218.5         Offshore wind power market prediction 2017 to 20218.6         360° market analysis for offshore wind power development to 20218.7         Challenge and opportunities for offshore wind market development9.  Special Theme: Offshore Wind Shipping and Logistics9.1         Macro overview of offshore wind shipping and logistics9.1.1       Offshore market and geographical scoping9.1.2       Definition of shipping and logistics9.1.2.1        Wind turbine generator – inbound parts (assembly)        Installation (outbound)        Operations and maintenance9.2         Strategic issues for offshore wind shipping and logistics9.2.1       Overview of installation process in Europe9.2.2       Outbound logistics (installation)9.2.3       Types of companies involved and the roles they play9.2.3.1        Shipping companies involved in offshore wind9.2.3.2        Logistics companies involved in offshore wind9.2.3.3        Ports involved in offshore wind9.2.4       Case studies of strategies applied9.3         Tactics and practices in offshore wind shipping and logistics9.3.1       Practical experience9.3.2       Best practices and what to avoid – case studies9.3.3       Transport cost for offshore wind and its impact on installed cost per megawatt9.4         Challenges and trends in offshore wind shipping and logistics9.4.1       Impact on shipping and logistics of ever larger wind turbines9.4.2       Risk management – global asset policy9.4.3       Future changes in allocation of supply chain tasks9.5         Conclusion: Offshore wind shipping and logisticsIndex

List of FiguresOffshore wind power markets around the worldLocation of sub-suppliers to the offshore wind industryGeographic distribution of global offshore wind installations at end 2011Progress of offshore wind turbine development 1991-2012European offshore wind resource mapFrequency of tropical storms and typhoons over China, 1961-2008Wind resource map in ChinaOffshore wind resource map in JapanOffshore wind resource map in South KoreaOffshore wind resource map in the US United States bathymetry distributionNational plans for offshore wind by 2020Offshore wind projects in operation or under constructionUK offshore wind development process flow chartGerman maritime zonesOffshore wind farms in the German North SeaOffshore wind farms in the German Baltic SeaMap of Danish offshore wind projectsMap of French offshore wind projects with concessionsMap of offshore wind projects in the Belgian North SeaMap of Swedish offshore wind projectsMap of offshore wind projects in the NetherlandsMap of offshore wind projects in IrelandDefinition of wind resource areas in ChinaProcess of offshore wind project approval in ChinaApproved and proposed offshore projects in US watersTop 10 operators' market share and presence by the end of 2011Offshore project ownership by investor type by the end of 2011Geographic distribution of Top-20 offshore wind development portfoliosDistribution of offshore wind development portfoliosOwnership of offshore wind project portfoliosLeading offshore wind project developers by countryMarket share of offshore turbine suppliers as of end 2011Offshore wind turbine suppliers' market strength and positionSegmentation of offshore turbine size as of end 2011First deployment of commercial offshore turbine technology as of end of 2011Evolution of commercial offshore wind turbine technology 1991- 2012Development timeline of medium speed Multi-MW offshore wind turbinesDevelopment of direct drive technology for offshore wind turbine applicationInstalled floating offshore wind turbine projectsFoundations for Fukushima Recovery Experimental Offshore Floating Wind FarmRoad map of offshore wind turbine technology development 1991-2015Classification of offshore turbine suppliersSummary of established OEMs' market strength in offshore wind sectorSegmentation of product size 1991-2011 (Siemens)Siemens offshore wind turbine installations by country 1991-2011Segmentation of product size 1994-2011 (Vestas)Vestas offshore wind turbine installations by country 1994-2011Breakdown of OEM project pipelines by countryOverview of features of the major fund classesOffshore wind project overview of key phasesOffshore wind plant capital cost breakdownO&M employees per MWOffshore wind installations by plant sizeO&M costs by category and yearO&M cost forecastLCOE as a function of CAPEX and NCFBreakdown of costs for a conventional offshore wind turbineOverview of offshore wind foundationsMarket share of different offshore wind foundation typeNew monopile designs from DNVFour selected foundation designs for Round 3 sitesOffshore wind ports in Northern EuropeIllustration of existing and future interconnectorsForecast for offshore wind power installations 2012 to 2016Cumulative global growth of offshore wind power capacity to 2021Offshore wind farm installation case study with low degree of  turbine assembly at the siteOffshore wind farm installation case study with higher degree of assembly at seaInstallation of on-shore transformer station, export/array cables, and offshore substation

List of TablesInstalled global offshore wind power 2006 – 2011 (MW)Offshore wind test sitesStatus of offshore projects under construction in 2012Operating offshore wind farms at end 2011Commercial offshore turbine suppliers (end 2011 figures)Overview of results from UK Crown Estate Rounds 1, 2, 2.5Projects in The Crown Estate Round 3 & Scottish Territorial WatersGerman offshore wind projects in operationGerman pipeline of offshore wind projects in North Sea and Baltic SeaGerman pipeline of pre-consent offshore wind projects in North Sea and Baltic SeaOffshore wind projects in DenmarkOffshore wind project pipeline in DenmarkOffshore wind project pipeline in FranceOffshore project pipeline in the Belgian North SeaOffshore wind projects in SwedenOffshore wind project pipeline in SwedenOffshore wind projects pipeline in the NetherlandsOffshore wind project pipeline in IrelandOffshore wind project pipeline for FinlandOverview of the first Chinese offshore concession projectsComparison of purchase prices for onshore wind, intertidal and offshore windChinese offshore wind project pipelineOffshore wind project pipeline in JapanOffshore wind project pipeline in South KoreaWind Power Promotion Target of Commissioned Capacity in Taiwan (Unit: MW)The Incentive Program of Offshore Wind Power Demonstration System in TaiwanRegulated power purchase prices for offshore wind power in TaiwanOffshore wind farm owners/operators by the end of 2011Top ten offshore wind farm operators by the end of 2011Top 20 global offshore wind development portfoliosOverview of offshore wind turbine deploymentTraditional Multi-MW (4.0-7.0 MW) turbines designed for offshore applicationMulti-MW Medium Speed Turbines Designed for Offshore ApplicationMulti-MW direct drive turbines designed for offshore wind applicationMulti-MW hydraulic & hybrid drive wind turbines designed for offshore applicationProgress of R&D on super-size offshore wind turbinesStrategic analysis Siemens offshoreStrategic analysis Vestas offshoreStrategic analysis REpower offshoreStrategic analysis Sinovel offshoreStrategic analysis Areva Wind offshoreStrategic analysis BARD offshoreStrategic analysis GE Wind offshoreStrategic analysis Alstom Wind offshoreStrategic analysis XEMC Darwind offshoreStrategic analysis Goldwind offshoreStrategic analysis Mingyang offshoreStrategic analysis Mitsubishi offshoreProject pipelines held by Tier 1 offshore turbine suppliersProject pipelines held by Tier 2 offshore turbine suppliersProject pipelines held by Tier 3 offshore turbine suppliersOverview of recent significant project finance deals in offshore windProfile for pension and insurance fundsProfile for Sovereign Wealth Funds (SWFs)Profile for infrastructure fundsProfile for Private Equity (PE) fundsProfile for commercial banksBaseline assumptions for example offshore wind farmOverview of fundamental CAPEX componentsApproximated CAPEX for offshore wind projects in the EUApproximated CAPEX for offshore wind projects in ChinaKey factors influencing CAPEXOverview of innovations impacting costsOverview of fundamental OPEX componentsOperations and maintenance costs for a 500 MW reference plantTrends that will impact O&M costsMajor O&M strategy elements and best practicesSpecific recommendations from UK's Offshore Wind Cost Reduction Task ForceSources of key components for selected wind turbine suppliersIndependent blade manufacturersGearbox suppliers for offshore wind turbinesIndependent generator manufacturers with offshore wind applicationsSuppliers of large bearings for offshore turbinesIndependent power converter suppliers for offshore turbinesIndependent power transformer suppliers for offshore turbinesIndependent tower suppliers for offshore turbinesMain pitch drive unit suppliers for offshore windMain yaw gearbox suppliers for offshore windIndependent suppliers of main control systems for offshore windIndependent suppliers of castings to the offshore wind industryFoundries supplying main forged parts to the offshore wind turbine industrySuppliers of offshore wind foundations – gravity based structuresSuppliers of offshore wind steel structuresCable suppliers to the offshore wind industryManufacturers of offshore wind farm sub-stationsOffshore wind specialist contractorsTypes of offshore wind installation vesselsOffshore wind installation vessels  Jack-up barges and shipsOffshore wind installation vessels — Heavy lift vesselsOffshore wind installation vessels under construction and planned- Jack-up bargesOffshore wind installation vessels under construction and planned- Heavy lift vesselsWeight of commercial offshore wind turbinesContractors for offshore wind cable installationCable laying vessels suitable for offshore windSuppliers of piling hammers to the offshore wind industryOverview of ports for offshore wind in Germany & DenmarkOverview of ports for offshore wind in the UKOverview of ports for offshore wind in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, & ChinaPort facilities across key functionsList of existing and future interconnectorsForecast for offshore wind power development up to 2016 (MW)Prediction for offshore wind development 2017 to 2021 (MW)360° market overview of key offshore wind power marketsShipping and logistics activities in six identified stages of offshore wind farm developmentDanish freight forwarders with long-term involvement in wind energy transportationExamples of more recent regional freight forwarder entrantsGlobal freight forwarders already active in or entering the offshore wind arenaKey European ports involved in offshore windORECCA projections of port requirements to handle large scale OSWF installationPort of Esbjerg 2020 wind energy expansion strategy and investment planWind Scenario Model tool segregating offshore wind transport costs through 2050

To order this report: Renewable_energy Industry: International Wind Energy Development: Offshore Report 2013 Forecast 2012 - 2021__________________________Contact Nicolas: nicolasbombourg@reportlinker.comUS: (805)-652-2626Intl: +1 805-652-2626


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