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Coach Slips as Turnaround Efforts Not Enough for Investors

06:00PM 01/30/15

By Kurumi Fukushima

Shares of Coach (COH) slipped after revealing that profit and sales fell significantly from a year ago, making it TheStreet's Move of the Day. More

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NBA to Form Largest International Digital Partnership with Tencent

05:54PM 01/30/15

By Jon Kostakopoulos

The NBA is forming its largest international digital partnership through an expansion of its arrangements with Chinese Internet giant Tencent, the league said Friday. More

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Struggling Retail Apparel in Need of a Mega Trend to Boost Sales

05:51PM 01/30/15

By Richard Collings

Luxury and apparel companies are facing headwinds as growth slows in key emerging markets. More

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Xerox Reports Sixth-Consecutive Quarterly Drop in Revenue

05:47PM 01/30/15

By Jon Kostakopoulos

Xerox is trimming its 2015 outlook for the second time after posting quarterly results and reporting its sixth-consecutive quarterly drop in revenue. More

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German Breweries See Their First Increase in Sales in 7 Years

05:39PM 01/30/15

By Jon Kostakopoulos

Bottoms up for Germany! The German government says the country's breweries saw their first increase in sales volume in 2014 after seven years of declines. More

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Kia Showcases Sorento in Super Bowl Ad After Record Monthly Sales

05:21PM 01/30/15

By Brittany Umar

As Kia returns with a Super Bowl advertisement for the sixth straight year, Kia vice president of marketing Tim Chaney explains what messages the automaker wants to impress upon viewers. More

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Visa Only Blue Chip to Close Higher as Dow Drops 251 Points

04:50PM 01/30/15

By Susannah Lee

Stocks tanked on the last trading day of the month to make this January the largest monthly drop since last January. More

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Be Careful What You Wish For

04:42PM 01/30/15

By James "Rev Shark" DePorre

The potential is growing for a more severe downtrend. More

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This Week's Action Is a Roadmap

04:33PM 01/30/15

By Timothy Collins

If the pattern breaks, you should know by midday Tuesday. More

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Jobs Data, Crude, Earnings and Foreign Currency Impact Highlight the Trading Week Ahead

03:53PM 01/30/15

By Jill Malandrino

Jobs and earnings take center stage for the trading week ahead, TheStreet's Jill Malandrino points out. More

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This Market Is a Vicious Plaything

03:34PM 01/30/15

By Jim Cramer

You can't have a market that behaves like this. More

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Cramer: January Has Us Gripped by Commodity Decline, Strong Dollar

03:30PM 01/30/15

By Jim Cramer

In looking at the first month of trading of 2015, Jim Cramer says the problems that plagued us in January are likely to set us up for the quarter. More

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Ohio State Expects $3 Million Increase in Sales From Championship

03:28PM 01/30/15

By Brittany Umar

Ohio State University is demonstrating how college football can mean big business. More

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Drugmaker Eli Lilly's Q4 Profits Slide on Back of Stronger Dollar

03:14PM 01/30/15

By Jon Kostakopoulos

Drugmaker Eli Lilly's fourth quarter profits slid on the back of a stronger dollar. More

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What Shake Shack IPO Says About the Market

03:00PM 01/30/15

By Brian Sozzi

And a quick follow-up on Deckers Outdoor. More

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