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Cramer: Amazon and Google Changed

05:45AM 01/30/15

By Jim Cramer

The two giants have become more shareholder-friendly. More

TheStreet.com - Global Equity & Income

Spanish Economic Growth Accelerates

05:30AM 01/30/15

By Antonia Oprita

And four other things you need to know now. More

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Chevron Earnings, GDP: What to Watch on Wall Street for Jan. 30

08:00PM 01/29/15

By Kurumi Fukushima

On Friday, January 30th Wall Street wraps up a big earnings week. More

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Top 3 Cities to Live in for the Best Career Opportunities

06:00PM 01/29/15

By Jon Kostakopoulos

Looking to move your career forward? Well, the cities you need to consider living in may surprise you. More

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Hershey Falls on Earnings as Consumers Lose Sweet Tooth

05:50PM 01/29/15

By Kurumi Fukushima

Shares of Hershey Co. fell following its disappointing fourth quarter earnings report, making it TheStreet’s Move of the Day. More

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'Slow West' Director: Online Platforms Great For Indie Filmmakers

04:48PM 01/29/15

By Ruben Ramirez

While most films premiering at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival are looking for a buyer, 'Slow West' isn't one of them. More

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McDonald's & Boeing Propel Dow to Rally, Closing Up 225 Points

04:38PM 01/29/15

By Susannah Lee

Another triple digit day for the Dow Jones Industrial but this time to the upside. Stocks closed at session highs Thursday with the blue chips up 225 points. More

TheStreet.com - US Equity

The Fed Is Still the Bulls' Best Friend

04:26PM 01/29/15

By James "Rev Shark" DePorre

But it's losing some of its luster. More

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iShares: European Distress Could Once Again Lift Treasury ETFs

04:12PM 01/29/15

By Gregg Greenberg

Few market players expected the iShares 20 Year+ Treasury Bond ETF (TLT) to surge last year, but problems in Europe could take it higher again in 2015. More

TheStreet.com - Specialty

Why the Fed Has a Credibility Problem

04:00PM 01/29/15

By Roger Arnold

Walking you through the 'logic vertigo.' More

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TD Ameritrade Taps Into Twitter To Help Investors Gauge Sentiment

03:23PM 01/29/15

By Gregg Greenberg

TD Ameritrade is teaming up with Twitter to help investors make better decisions, said Nicole Sherrod, Managing Director of Trading for TD Ameritrade. More

TheStreet.com - US Equity

This Market Is Stupid

03:18PM 01/29/15

By Jim Cramer

It doesn't realize that lower oil prices and interest rates are good. More

TheStreet.com - US Equity

Oil Companies Are Hallucinating

02:00PM 01/29/15

By Daniel Dicker

Not even the majors are immune, but don't count on a price rebound. More

TheStreet.com - Global Equity & Income

Too Much Market Craziness at Once

01:52PM 01/29/15

By Jim Cramer

Such activity means a rush to the exits. More

TheStreet.com - Video

Nissan Reintroduces Itself in Its First Super Bowl Ad in 18 Years

01:45PM 01/29/15

By Brittany Umar

Nissan is returning to the Super Bowl, with its first advertisement in eighteen years. More

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