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Kia Strives to Be More Than Low-Cost Option With K900 and New Sedona

04:00PM 04/18/14

By Ruben Ramirez

Kia's Michael Sprague expects Kia's recent sales momentum to continue as more buyers get acquainted with the automaker's portfolio. Kia is also looking to tap into the luxury market. More

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Foreign Real Estate In These Markets Will Diversify Your Portfolio

03:00PM 04/18/14

By Juliette Fairley

Looking to diversify your portfolio? Search no further than foreign real estate. Panama, Paris and Uruguay are among the top three markets overseas with prime real estate. More

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Toyota Unveils Updated Camry, April Sales Looking Strong

12:00PM 04/18/14

By Ruben Ramirez

Toyota's Bob Carter says early sales indications are April are "holding up nearly as strong as March" and "sales momentum for Toyota is fantastic." More

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We're in the Grips of a Struggle

07:14PM 04/17/14

By Jim Cramer

Maybe we can get some perspective about stocks that were loved. More

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Big Banks Surprise with Better Earnings, Google Sells Out of Glass

07:00PM 04/17/14

By Brittany Umar

This week, big banks including Citigroup, Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs surprised with better-than-expected earnings and the Labor Department also gave good news on the job front. More

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Grains and the S&P

06:48PM 04/17/14

By Options Profits Team

Chris Robinson talks about grains and then what is happening in the S&P. Since this is the Thursday before the holiday weekend there has been light volume which equals choppy trading. More

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Earnings Scorecard: Looking Ahead to Facebook and Netflix

06:11PM 04/17/14

By Kori Hale

Netflix reports on Monday and analyst expect $0.83 a share on $1.27 billion in revenues. On Wednesday analyst expect Facebook to report $0.24 a share on $2.35 billion in revenues. More

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Subaru's Biggest Challenge: Keeping up With Demand

05:18PM 04/17/14

By Ruben Ramirez

Subaru says its biggest challenge right now is keeping dealers stocked with enough inventory to meet demand. The Forester is down to a 14-day supply. More

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Markets Mixed Amid Volatile Earnings, Ukraine Peace Deal Reached

04:47PM 04/17/14

By Jane Searle

Markets closed mixed after a volatile day of trading - the Dow was lower with the Nasdaq and S&P higher. More

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Understanding the High Frequency Trading Debate

04:04PM 04/17/14

By Jill Malandrino

Dan Cook, Business Development Manager, of Nadex, a U.S.-regulated exchange, breaks down the HFT debate so we have a better, basic understanding as the debate evolves. More

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Gassy Names Make Sense Here

03:50PM 04/17/14

By Daniel Dicker

Now is the time to position and hold in natural gas names. More

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A Welcome Break

03:47PM 04/17/14

By James "Rev Shark" DePorre

Let's see if today's forgiving market mood continues next week. More

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Ford Marks 50 Years of Muscle with Limited Edition Mustang

03:22PM 04/17/14

By Brittany Umar

One of America's signature muscle cars is turning 50. To celebrate the Mustang's birthday, Ford is releasing a special version of the iconic car -- the 2015 Mustang 50 Year Limited Edition. More

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Hunting for Straddle Plays

03:19PM 04/17/14

By Timothy Collins

Low volatility ahead of a long weekend creates good conditions. More

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The Backwards Logic Around Federal Spending

02:30PM 04/17/14

By Mike Norman

Contrary to popular wisdom, this spend adds to the private sector. More

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