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EPA Says Gas Mileage Numbers Inflated On 4 Mini Cooper Models

06:08PM 10/22/14

By Scott Gamm

The U.S. government has told BMW to reduce the gas mileage estimates on window stickers of four Mini Cooper models. More

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Corner of Wall & Main: Analyzing Gyrations

06:00PM 10/22/14

By Chris Versace and Lenore Hawkins

We parse AAPL, CMG, MCD, KO, greenback impact and high fashion. More

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AT&T Misses On Top & Bottom Lines in Q3 Despite Lower Churn

05:28PM 10/22/14

By Gregg Greenberg

AT&T posted third quarter earnings of $0.63 a share on revenue of $33 billion. Wall Street analysts were looking for $0.64 on sales of $33.24 billion. More

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1 in 5 Middle-Class Americans Would Rather Die Early Than Retire Poor

05:19PM 10/22/14

By Susannah Lee

Wells Fargo is out with its Middle Class Retirement Study and 20 percent say they would rather 'die early' than not have enough to live comfortably in retirement. More

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Google Unveils New App Called Inbox For Managing Gmail Inboxes

05:11PM 10/22/14

By Scott Gamm

Google is introducing an application designed to make it easier for its Gmail users to find and manage important information that can often become buried in their inboxes. More

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Taking Emotions out of Investing

05:00PM 10/22/14

By Tim Melvin

Here is another way to find deep value. More

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Markets Close Lower Wednesday as Oil Prices, Yahoo Decline

04:44PM 10/22/14

By Susannah Lee

Wall Street gave up modest gains and closed to the downside in Wednesday's session. More

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Canada Terror Incident Spurred Selling

04:24PM 10/22/14

By James "Rev Shark" DePorre

Small-caps lagged badly today. More

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Get Your Shopping List Ready

04:11PM 10/22/14

By Jim Cramer

Today's correction is an opportunity for those who missed the bottom. More

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Housing: New Rules, Same Problems

04:00PM 10/22/14

By Roger Arnold

Recent optimism for the industry is misplaced. More

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ProShares: Leveraged ETF Activity Rising With Volatility, Earnings

04:00PM 10/22/14

By Gregg Greenberg

Investors are using leveraged ETFs and alternative funds to combat the market's recent jitters instead of blaming them for causing the volatility. More

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Government Increases Air Bag Warning to 7.8 Million Vehicles

03:57PM 10/22/14

By Tara Terregino

The U.S. government is adding more vehicles to a rare warning about faulty air bags that have the potential to kill or injure drivers or passengers in a crash. More

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We Are Moving Into High Tide

03:43PM 10/22/14

By Mike Norman

The government will pump money into the economy. More

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Edward Jones: Retirees Should Stay Course Despite Stock Swings

03:14PM 10/22/14

By Gregg Greenberg

Retirees and investors close to retirement should not make dramatic changes in their accounts due to the recent market volatility, said Scott Thoma, Retirement Strategist for Edward Jones. More

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Time to Sell Overvalued Treasuries, Add to High Yield Holdings

03:13PM 10/22/14

By Gregg Greenberg

Investors should consider reducing their Treasury holdings and increase their high yield exposure, said Heather Loomis, West Director of Fixed Income for JP Morgan Private Bank. More

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