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Nike’s Jordan Brand Continues to Score Points With Shoppers

03:35PM 12/18/14

By Brian Sozzi

One huge reason why Nike’s stock has dunked in the face of the Dow this year is that sales of Jordan brand products continue to be on fire. More

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Amazon Debuts 1-Hour Delivery in Manhattan, More Cities to Join in 2015

03:35PM 12/18/14

By Julia Sun

Amazon.com launched a service Thursday that promises one-hour delivery of household merchandises to its Prime customers in Manhattan. More

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Get Your Kicks From These Two Names

03:31PM 12/18/14

By Jim Cramer

Sherwin-Williams and Whirlpool are changed companies. More

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Goodbye Brazil & Russia! India and China are the Best BRICs to Buy

03:24PM 12/18/14

By Gregg Greenberg

BRIC has turned to just IC with better opportunities in India and China, said Jesse Clinton, Managing Director at Snowden Lane Partners. More

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Warren Buffett’s 'Huge Mistake' May Be The Stock To Own In 2015

03:20PM 12/18/14

By Jack Mohr

Tesco comes in at number two in this week's countdown of the best European stocks for 2015. More

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Bargain Oil Stocks

03:00PM 12/18/14

By Tim Melvin

Indicated by insider buying. More

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Couche-Tard Buys Gas Station Operator The Pantry for $1.7 Billion

02:12PM 12/18/14

By Richard Collings

Canadian convenience store giant Alimentation Couche-Tard will expand its footprint in the U.S. with a $1.7 billion acquisition of The Pantry. More

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Tune Out These Fed Naysayers

02:07PM 12/18/14

By Jim Cramer

They're just self-promoting ministers of their own portfolios. More

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PetSmart Gets Purchased, NBC Streams Ahead & Dish Does Netflix

02:03PM 12/18/14

By Gregg Greenberg

PetSmart agreed to be bought by a group led by BC Partners, NBC launched a live stream of its broadcast network, and DISH has integrated the Netflix app. More

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The Fed's Crazy Statement

02:00PM 12/18/14

By Mike Norman

And let's inject some truth into the national tax discussion. More

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How to Be More Productive and Improve Concentration at Work

01:58PM 12/18/14

By Lauren Lyons Cole

Recent research found that people who engage in 'workplace Internet leisure browsing' are 9% more productive than those who don’t. More

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Dunkin' Brands Lowers Outlook for 2015, Shares Fall

01:49PM 12/18/14

By J.R. deBart

Dunkin' Brands Group Inc. says it expects slower sales of packaged coffee at its Dunkin' Donuts shops and ongoing pressure on consumers to continue into next year. More

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Jim Cramer: Demand for Oil Is Going to Have to Come From Europe

01:34PM 12/18/14

By Jim Cramer

TheStreet's Jim Cramer says oil will only go sustainably higher if we get demand and demand is going to have to come from Europe. More

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Give the Bulls Room to Run

01:21PM 12/18/14

By James "Rev Shark" DePorre

But don't force entries. More

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Vladimir Putin's Approval Ratings Soar, Despite Russia's Troubles

01:00PM 12/18/14

By Jon Kostakopoulos

With the ruble losing more than half its value, the economy struggling, and the Ukraine crisis, one would think Vladimir Putin's days as president are numbered. More

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