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Captain America Cruises, Allergan Surges and Amazon Teams Up

08:00PM 04/24/14

By Gregg Greenberg

"Captain America: The Winter Soldier" topped the box office again last weekend, while Amazon is teaming up with HBO to make its hit shows available to its prime members starting in late May. More

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Market Risks Big Enough to Keep Bulls Up at Night

07:30PM 04/24/14

By Gregg Greenberg

The market may be on a roll, yet major risks abound, says Salient Partners' Ben Hunt, most notably the change in Chinese monetary policy which could soon pressure the entire global economy. More

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I Come to Praise Apple

06:31PM 04/24/14

By Guest Contributor

But to bury Tim Cook. More

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This Tissue Maker Is Nothing to Sneeze at

06:00PM 04/24/14

By Sham Gad

Orchid Paper may be in a boring business, but it's a lucrative investment. More

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Microsoft Tops Expectations With Strong Earnings of $0.68 a Share

05:48PM 04/24/14

By Kori Hale

Microsoft reported earnings of $0.68 cents a share on $20.4 billion in revenues, beating analyst estimates of $0.63 cents a share on $20.39 billion in revenues. More

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Amazon Beats Expectations With $19.74 Billion In Revenues

05:35PM 04/24/14

By Kori Hale

Investors received a welcome surprise on Thursday as Amazon's quarterly revenues topped expectations. Amazon is rapidly growing its revenue but continues to be held back by its thin profit margins. More

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Starbucks Reports In-Line Earnings, Raises Concerns over Coffee Prices

05:25PM 04/24/14

By Kori Hale

Starbucks reported earnings in-line with expectations of $0.56 cents a share, but missed on revenues of only $3.87 billion. Analysts were expecting $3.95 billion in revenues. More

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The Shiller PE Ratio Is Correct

05:00PM 04/24/14

By Tim Melvin

So avoid stocks that are richer in valuation that the broader market. More

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Markets Flat to Higher on Busy Earnings; Apple Rallies

04:59PM 04/24/14

By Jane Searle

The Nasdaq and S&P gained while the Dow closed flat on one of the busiest days of earnings season. Markets briefly turned lower as tensions in Ukraine flared. More

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Losing Momentum

04:15PM 04/24/14

By James "Rev Shark" DePorre

Momentum stocks struggle as fewer names hit the new-highs list. More

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Edelman: Diversify Your Retirement Account, Don't Day Trade It

04:14PM 04/24/14

By Gregg Greenberg

Retirement plans must include stocks, especially when interest rates remain low, nevertheless, 401ks and IRAs are not for market-timing or day-trading, says author Ric Edelman. More

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Buybacks, Cheap Debt and the Tech Bubble

04:00PM 04/24/14

By Roger Arnold

What they mean for markets and the investor. More

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Disappointments? Think Opportunities

03:43PM 04/24/14

By Jim Cramer

I 'm not giving up on these names, even though the market has. More

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Sony Moves Into Real Estate Business, No Longer Focused Just On Electronics

03:33PM 04/24/14

By Kori Hale

Sony is now getting into the real estate business with an initial investment of $2.5 million in Sony Real Estate Corp., after trying to revive its dwindling consumer electronics business. More

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Gallup Poll: Retirement is Americans' Top Financial Worry

03:09PM 04/24/14

By Jill Malandrino

In honor of Financial Literacy Month, Prudential's Caroline Feeney gives her best advice on navigating the overwhelming landscape of planning your financial future. More

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