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James Altucher

06/02/07 - 12:14 PM EDT
Cramer's Q&A from Friday, including questions he answers on whether Sears Holdings (SHLD) is a hedge fund and what's the best way to do homework on a stock.

Notable Calls has the latest color on Motorola (MOT).

With the S&P 500 hitting all-time highs, there are a lot of unusual things going on. Here are the unusual stocks of the day: stocks that rose on unusual volume Friday, suggesting a possible breakout. And stocks with unusual option activity, suggesting that you and I are getting taken by someone who knows something.

Morgan Stanley gives us its thoughts on Apple (AAPL).

The Marley Group notes that True Religion (TRLG) gains momentum.

Stocks and Blogs figures out where the potential growth is for Expedia (EXPE).

Volume Spike Alert highlights Frozen Food Express (FFEX).

The best of every world: The Highest Yielding Healthcare REITs. Ride the baby boomer demographic and get paid to do it.

Ask not for who the Dell tolls ... ok, that's bad humor. Here's the latest analyst color on Dell's (DELL) quarter.

Valueplays knows why Google (GOOG) stock has been largely stagnant.

The best stocks in the Investors Business Daily's 100 top stocks, as ranked by Vector Vest.

Eddie Lampert is buying up more shares of Sears.

You ever go into a Dollar Tree store? Seriously, for a dollar, you can buy anything. Like a canister of Pringles or a mop or whatever. FlyOnTheWall breaks down Dollar Tree (DLTR) stock.

I knew there was one stock into robotics, but this blog post analyzes the two pure plays in robotics. ETF anyone?

Cramer's Portfolios of the Week gathered from "Mad Money," the RealMoney Blog, "Stop Trading" and his various articles.

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