Thursday November 27th, 2014
The Big Idea
Mark Sebastian Advanced Analysis: Managing Hedges That Don't work
Mark Sebastian | November 24, 2014 9:02 AM ET
I have discussed strike and term selection, the right instrument to hedge a portfolio and how to manage a hedge that has been working. But what about a hedge that doesn't work?
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Hot Topics
Mark Sebastian Novice Trade: PANW
November 25, 2014 2:48 PM ET
Palo Alto Networks has scanned for of my favorite plays.
Henry Schwartz Analysis: GRMN Speculation Despite Pullback
November 25, 2014 11:31 AM ET
Option flow in Garmin picked up last week when deal chatter made the rounds- causing shares to spike several dollars and implied volatility to jump nearly 10 points
Jared Woodard Analysis: Economists Have the Gas/Shopping Relationship All Wrong
November 25, 2014 8:35 AM ET
Economists at a couple of other broker-dealers have published notes showing that a regression of retail sales on gas prices suggests no statistically significant relationship. However, they've drawn the wrong conclusion.
John Carter Analysis: FB
November 25, 2014 8:28 AM ET
Drilling down on the Facebook hourly setup for clues on the next move
Jared Woodard Novice Trade: XRT
November 24, 2014 12:11 PM ET
A week ago, we looked at owning call spreads in the retail sector ETF (XRT) ahead of the holiday season. With the ETF at $93.38 in Monday trading, our December 91/94 call spread has already reaped much of its potential profit, and we are looking to close our prior position and roll into a new one.
Henry Schwartz Intermediate Trade: SPY
November 24, 2014 11:27 AM ET
I may enter a simple vertical put spread sale, to collect a bit of decay and express a flat to upside view into the holidays.
Invitation to Test Drive All of TheStreet
November 24, 2014 10:31 AM ET
For only $1, we'll give you everything we got -- 12 different products -- until the ball drops on New Year's Eve.
Skip Raschke Intermediate Trade: VMW
November 24, 2014 8:32 AM ET
The stock has been under selling pressure which appears to be subsiding. The Trade - Buy 1 VMW January 87.50 call for 2.35 and Sell 1 VMW January 92.50 call at 1.05
Mark Sebastian Novice Trade: MA
November 21, 2014 3:22 PM ET
MA is at 52 week highs and its implied volatility is at 52 week lows, one of my favorite setups.
Jared Woodard Novice Trade: COP
November 21, 2014 1:09 PM ET
An investor bought the COP December 65/70 put spread 13,148 times for $0.47 at 11:09, with the underlying stock trading at $73.65. If oil prices stabilize, investors may stop souring on the sector and companies like COP could rebound sharply. I would not be surprised to see crude oil find demand support here and would not want to trade alongside this investor; I would actually prefer taking the other side of the trade.
Henry Schwartz Analysis: BIG Gamma Into SPY Expiry
November 21, 2014 12:07 PM ET
While the introduction of weekly options has taken some of the thrill out of the monthly and quarterly expiration cycles, we still see most of the open interest in longer-term contracts. Today in SPY we see just over 27million contracts of open interest, with 8 million (29%) set to expire in a few hours. Of note is the position in the Nov 207 calls- 122K contracts, which were opened just this week when buyers paid 10-15 cents as SPY traded near 205.05.
Jared Woodard Intermediate Trade: IBM
November 20, 2014 1:38 PM ET
This is the next trade in my exciting new series, Adventures in Knife Catching.
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This weekly chat forum is for all of the contributors and readers. Please use it for general questions and off-topic conversation.
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This weekly chat forum is for all of the contributors and readers. Please use it for general questions and off-topic conversation.
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This weekly chat forum is for all of the contributors and readers. Please use it for general questions and off-topic conversation.