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Zynga Proves It's Positioned For Profits

Zynga's earnings release was fantastic. The next step is profitability.

Merck, P&G and Other Dividend Stocks You Wish You'd Bought in 2013

I've covered these dividend winners before, but you're not too late to get on board.

Investors Are Leaving Apple For Microsoft. Should You?

Apple may introduce new products in 2014, but so far, investors are maintaining their distance.

Leap Out of LeapFrog Stock Before You Get Cooked

LeapFrog is making a modern day buggy whip and will leave your portfolio with marks.

Put Away the Prozac, Herbalife Isn't Finished

Don't panic. Here's how you can embrace the stock's volatility.

ETFs to Make You Rich During a Market Crash

Wall Street created a solution for investors who want to hedge against or even profit during a falling market and it's called inverse/short/bear exchange-traded funds.

Zynga Bets the FarmVille on Slots
Zynga Bets the FarmVille on Slots

04/11/14 - 01:40 PM EDT

Zynga moves a step closer to profitability and it can't happen fast enough for shareholders.

Three Dividend Stocks in Bullish Trends
Three Dividend Stocks in Bullish Trends

04/11/14 - 11:36 AM EDT

These stocks offer generous dividend yields and the opportunity for appreciation.

Rite Aid Is in Full Recovery Mode
Rite Aid Is in Full Recovery Mode

04/10/14 - 01:08 PM EDT

Should investors take the money and run or hold out for more?

Constant Contact Delivers Profits at a Bargain Price

Constant Contact is a growing technology company you can buy at a reasonable price.

Yahoo!'s Next Hire Will Make or Break Marissa Mayer

Investors will want to pay close attention to Yahoo!'s next revenue officer because this person will hold the key to unlocking an incredible amount of shareholder value.

How to Make Coin on JPMorgan and Wells Fargo Into Earnings

Find out why bank stocks are hot and making new 52-week highs.

It's Time to Buy Citigroup Shares
It's Time to Buy Citigroup Shares

04/08/14 - 06:00 AM EDT

With a forward price-to-earnings ratio of 9.64, the bank is on sale compared to its peers.

Zynga's Online Gambling Plans Ready to Blossom

Shareholders should demand that Zynga management does its job to expand the casino in order for the shares to double.

Two Dividend Stocks Your Portfolio Hopes You Buy

AT&T and Intel take the lead once again as dividend kings.

Plug Power Is a Short-Seller Widowmaker
Plug Power Is a Short-Seller Widowmaker

04/03/14 - 11:18 AM EDT

If the company missteps or loses favor among growth believers, shareholders will wish they sold the dream instead of buying it.

Buy BlackBerry While There's Blood on the Street

BlackBerry is one of the few technology giants that can double in the next 24 months.

Microsoft Hits 52-Week High, Set to Crush $50

California earthquakes must have shaken Rocco Pendola's brain for him to think that Microsoft isn't the one to own.

Rent Colgate-Palmolive For Free Instead of Buying

Option buyers have much lower price movement risk than shareholders but receive all the upside potential.

Don't Let King Crush Your Zynga
Don't Let King Crush Your Zynga

03/31/14 - 08:30 AM EDT

I'm not the only one who thinks Zynga has further to climb. SAC Capital led by Steven Cohen increased its ownership to 5.1%

Scoff All You Want, Yahoo! Investors Are Getting Rich

Battleships don't turn on a dime and neither will Marissa Mayer's colossus.

Bulls Are Running Back to BlackBerry
Bulls Are Running Back to BlackBerry

03/28/14 - 10:10 AM EDT

BlackBerry's renewed enterprise focus appears to be paying off and the company is looking presidential. I've turned bullish, and I'm not alone.

Google Can't Crush Microsoft
Google Can't Crush Microsoft

03/28/14 - 06:00 AM EDT

Not only is Google failing to crush Microsoft, Microsoft investors are positioned to outperform.

Watch Me Shoot Down Bill Ackman's Herbalife Bear Thesis

Remember BP and the gulf oilspill? This is Herbalife's BP moment. Like BP, it will recover

Don't Get Burned a Second Time With Plug Power

This is a volatile stock. Be careful if you're a buy-and-hold investor.

Why Zynga Will Crush 'Candy Crush Saga's' King Digital

Zynga has a $4 billion market cap, no material debt, more than $1 billion in cash (over $1.25 per share), the No. 1 play-money poker site in the world, and an online gambling license from the U.K. That's a combination for explosive profits.

Nu Skin Shows Why You're a Fool For Shorting Herbalife

If you're short Herbalife, you better take a close look at Nu Skin Enterprises and what happens when a stock priced for destruction receives a stay of execution.

Herbalife's Shorts -- Hey Bill Ackman! -- May Be Twisting in the Wind Soon

Time is the enemy of Ackman and other short-sellers.

Microsoft Fires Free Windows Phone at Google, but May Hit Apple

Microsoft may seem to be surrendering revenue to remain relevant as it struggles to improve marketshare but nothing could be further from reality.

Herbalife Is Resembling a Trip to the Casino

Herbalife investors face greater political risk than market risk.

Don't Let Citron Research Sour You on Plug Power

Citron Research came out bearish against Plug Power -- but don't believe everything you read.

J.C. Penney Can Crush Shorts and Longs
J.C. Penney Can Crush Shorts and Longs

03/11/14 - 04:11 PM EDT

J.C. Penney has legs to break above $10. But don't chase it or you may hit a brick wall.

Move Slow With Fuel Cell Makers or Risk Shock

It's easy to get carried away by emotion while watching a stock you wanted to buy continue to make new highs almost every hour for a week straight. But it's a trap.

Did Tim Cook Signal Apple's Top?
Did Tim Cook Signal Apple's Top?

03/10/14 - 01:39 PM EDT

Tim Cook can afford to spend money on anything he chooses. Why should shareholders foot the bill?

Surviving Staples in an Amazon World
Surviving Staples in an Amazon World

03/10/14 - 06:00 AM EDT

Short-sellers will soon run out of time to cover or be faced with paying 12 cents a share.

It's Time to Consider Portfolio Insurance

You never know when the market is about to have a correction or an outright crash. For most investors, including those on Wall Street, there's never enough notice to adjust after the fact.

Here's 3 Dividend-Paying Power Plays for Your Portfolio

Verizon, GE and Microsoft: You know them and their dividends can make you more money.

Only A Month Until Microsoft Closes Windows XP

Are you ready for the change? Does Windows 8.0 makes you want to unplug the computer and drop it?

Smith & Wesson Hits Target, Reloads for 2014

After reporting the last quarter's blow out numbers and fantastic guidance, the super-sized short interest may turn this firearms maker's stock into a short seller widow maker.

Google Has Picked Microsoft's Low-Hanging Fruit

Microsoft is no longer blowing off Google's exploits as irrelevant and is taking a serious look in the mirror to compete to stay relevant.

Zynga's Shares Spring on CEO Comments, Mobile Plans

Zynga should cash in on expansion of its poker game and mobile versions of its most popular games.

Apple 'Lost' the Tablet Battle but Remains King of Profit

For Apple investors, the goal is still to make money, which the company does very well.

Will Amazon Web TV Take Out Roku and Apple TV?

For now, Roku enjoys the pole position with about a 37% market share followed by No. 2 Apple TV at 24%. Can it last?

Apple Discounts TV but Who's Buying the Stock?

Apple TV promotion could lift the stock price.

J.C. Penney Is Changing Course
J.C. Penney Is Changing Course

02/28/14 - 11:49 AM EST

The stock offers big upside now. Here's why.

Buying GM or Huntsman? Know Your Options

Next time you're shopping for a dividend-paying stock, check the options action.

Tesla's Stock Is Not the Company: Opinion

No one questions Tesla is a fabulous company. No one questions its stock has value. The only debate is what Tesla shares are worth.

Tesla Is Partying Like It's 1999
Tesla Is Partying Like It's 1999

02/27/14 - 01:15 PM EST

Tesla is worth more than half of either General Motors or Ford. At the same time, it's expected to sell about the same number of cars in 2014 that either GM or Ford will sell before Monday

How Much Longer Can Short-Sellers Stand Tesla?

Tesla has become too big to ignore, and is getting too crazy for the short-sellers.

Freescale Is Crushing Short Sellers
Freescale Is Crushing Short Sellers

02/26/14 - 11:05 AM EST

The stock has gained about 50% in a month. Here's why the ride may not be over.

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