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Robert's Most Recent Article

3 High-Dividend Stocks That Can Handily Beat the Market

03/09/15 - 05:30 AM EDT

Investors can grow their portfolios with this simple and effective strategy: Buy, forget and collect.

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7 Vital Retirement and Estate Rules Baby Boomers Need to Follow Now

02/27/15 - 03:00 PM EST

Hire an expert, review your documents regularly and don't rely on just a will to accomplish your goals are among the highlights of sound estate planning.

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Why Only Some Airline Tickets Are Falling With Lower Oil Prices

12/26/14 - 06:20 AM EST

Airlines can buy futures contracts, thereby locking in their cost. The same contracts bought not long ago are now costing some airlines millions of dollars.

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Three Stocks to Buy in 2015: Las Vegas Sands, Seagate and Wynn Resorts

12/16/14 - 01:23 PM EST

For buy-and-hold investors, 2015 promises to have its share of winners and losers. These stocks will help you position your portfolio for the coming year.

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Top Ten Critical Rules Every First-Time Homebuyer Needs To Follow

12/16/14 - 09:57 AM EST

Taxes, restrictions on use, neighbors, and even the smell of apple pie baking can cause home buyers problems they didn't anticipate.

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Zynga’s Shareholders Wait for Gain Is Nearing an End as Mobile Grows

11/26/14 - 09:49 AM EST

Zynga is in the right place at the right time with the right leader and with the right products.

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Buy Alon USA, HollyFrontier and Valero Despite Lower Oil Prices

09/26/14 - 06:10 AM EDT

Oil prices could be headed as low as $75 a barrel, but investors should consider the recent selloff in energy stocks as a buying opportunity.

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SAP's Bid for Concur Is Better Than What CEO McDermott Said It Is

09/19/14 - 04:12 PM EDT

SAP CEO Bill McDermott failed to sell the Concur deal, but that doesn't mean it isn't good for the German software maker.

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Four Reasons Why the Market Is Peaking Right Now, and What to Do

07/02/14 - 03:28 PM EDT

Despite market euphoria the market will not appreciate forever. The last time the margin debt level exceeded $400 billion was during the spring and summer of 2007.

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Intel Wins the Chip Battle vs. AMD Based on Technology Trends

06/30/14 - 01:54 PM EDT

Intel processors carry a higher selling price. Intel chips are considered superior, and investors don't need to look further than the stock price to figure it out.

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Microsoft Is Blasting to $50 so Get On for the Ride Now

06/27/14 - 03:27 PM EDT

That's really what it's about, the ability to buy value that others don't see.

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You're Better Off Selling Bed, Bath, & Beyond and Buying Lululemon

06/26/14 - 01:44 PM EDT

Both disappointed investors and both experienced margin pressure but Lululemon is a potential takeover target.

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Yahoo!'s Marissa Mayer Receives a Wall Street No-Confidence Vote

06/25/14 - 01:56 PM EDT

If Yahoo! can grow its operational profit, the shares have tremendous upside. If Yahoo! can't, the shares are already discounted and are unlikely to continue much lower.

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Micron's Best Days Are Ahead of It, but Wait to Buy the Stock

06/24/14 - 12:11 PM EDT

Micron is executing well, but the bull thesis isn't new. The shares increased 132% since a year ago.

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Will Chip Wilson Take Over Lululemon or 'Just' Lead It to Dominance?

06/23/14 - 01:13 PM EDT

Who is in a better position than Wilson to know if Lululemon is oversold or not? Probably no one.

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BlackBerry's Turnaround Is All About CEO John Chen -- and He's Just Getting Started

06/20/14 - 01:44 PM EDT

Forget trying to make useless comparisons to previous performance. John Chen is the reason BlackBerry is turning around.

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BlackBerry Financials Continue to Improve; Shorts Run for Cover

06/19/14 - 12:38 PM EDT

BlackBerry is a perfect storm for short-sellers. They need to cover and quickly.

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Why Amazon's Smartphone Faces an Uphill Climb

06/18/14 - 11:41 AM EDT

Amazon's new smartphone will face off against the iPhone 6 and Samsung S6. The only winner is AT&T.

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Zynga Has to Put Real Money on the Online Poker Table, or Else

06/16/14 - 02:10 PM EDT

Zynga should move quickly to further monetize its free money poker base before users leave to play on other sites.

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4 Rising High-Yield Dividend Stocks to Buy on Your Road to Wealth

06/12/14 - 06:00 AM EDT

Has the market reached a top? Dividend-paying stocks outperform as a whole compared to non-dividend stocks and offer a buffer if the market declines.

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Zynga Is Still a Buy No Matter What Other Investors Think

06/09/14 - 09:30 AM EDT

Zynga's CEO really dropped the ball but the company hasn't changed and is still a buy.

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Lululemon Is Oversold and a Value Buy Ahead of Earnings

06/06/14 - 01:29 PM EDT

This stock is so discounted it won't matter if the upcoming earnings report is lackluster.

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Broadcom, Walgreen and DuPont Are Three Buys Near 52-Week Highs

06/06/14 - 06:00 AM EDT

Companies reach new highs because their undervalued. Full price today is often a value discount next week.

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3 Stocks Able to Begin Dividend Payments for a Substantial Payoff

06/03/14 - 10:46 AM EDT

Some companies are perfectly positioned to pay dividends. These three are good investments on their own but don't be surprised if they declare a dividend in the near future.

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Zynga Is a Chinese Takeover Candidate at Content Hungry Web Sites

05/29/14 - 03:06 PM EDT

Don Mattrick is working magic turning Zynga into a highly profitable game maker. Zynga could become a short seller widow maker with 9% short interest and a 20% a year growing Chinese mobile games market.

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Neutral Tandem, CenterPoint, AstraZeneca, Intuit: 3 Dividend Pros to Buy, 1 to Sell

05/29/14 - 06:00 AM EDT

Dividend stocks offer a great alternative to other low-yield investing options.

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Three Stocks You Should Sell Now: Intuit, KAR Auction, Southwest Airlines

05/27/14 - 02:58 PM EDT

Picking the right stocks to invest in is half the battle, knowing when to exit is the other half. Shooting for the moon is fine in Vegas, but on Wall Street, only the smart profit.

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Cisco and Fifth Street Are 2 Stocks That Will Pay You to Own Them

05/23/14 - 03:55 PM EDT

Dividend stocks reward long-term investors, but pick carefully. I like Cisco and Fifth Street.

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PetSmart Is a 'Heads You Win, Tails You Breakeven' Trade

05/23/14 - 01:38 PM EDT

The stock decline by the specialty retailer after reporting first-quarter earnings is a typical overreaction and the stock is a buy.

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Minimum Wage Is a Law Against Workers

05/22/14 - 01:32 PM EDT

Businesses must adjust their model to match what the consumer wants. If a country implements a minimum wage, production will move and/or consumer demand will fall.

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RackSpace Payday Not in Your Near Future

05/16/14 - 03:58 PM EDT

This is not where you want to place your money.

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Microsoft, Ford, Simulations Plus Are Hot Dividend Plays

05/16/14 - 02:54 PM EDT

Dividend stocks are the key to long-term portfolio growth, Make sure to get your share.

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Tesla Will Never Again Reach $260

05/15/14 - 01:32 PM EDT

Tesla remains over-valued and the shares will likely reach $100 before finding support.

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4 Buys (Yes, Buys) at 52-Week Highs

05/15/14 - 09:30 AM EDT

Buying strength and moving with the trend instead of against it is a proven profit method.

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Microsoft Is the Real Technology King

05/13/14 - 03:09 PM EDT

Your portfolio wants to make money more than it wants the latest technology 'flavor of the day' stock.

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Yahoo! Is Out of Reasons for Not Paying a Dividend

05/13/14 - 09:30 AM EDT

Buying company after company is a waste of money until Yahoo! can get its own house in order.

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Here are 2 Dividend Stocks to Buy, One to Sell

05/12/14 - 01:22 PM EDT

Not all dividends are the same. Some offer high yields and others are dividend traps. Here are two to own and one to avoid.

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Twitter Insiders Are Selling Shares

05/09/14 - 01:56 PM EDT

Since SEC filings will let the world know anyway, what's the point of not disclosing?

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Toyota Crushed Earnings, but Faces Headwinds

05/08/14 - 01:37 PM EDT

China is a problem or at least a significant challenge for Toyota.

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Wait for $100 Before Buying Tesla

05/08/14 - 11:35 AM EDT

Tesla's price decline is nothing more than reality.

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Surviving Whole Foods In a Walmart World

05/07/14 - 12:08 PM EDT

If you pay more than $38 for Whole Foods stock this week, you're probably spending too much.

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What Options Traders Expect When Cisco Reports

05/06/14 - 03:45 PM EDT

Will Cisco shares hold in its current 200-day range or will the shares take another hit when they report?

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What to Do With Volatile Plug Power Shares

05/02/14 - 09:23 AM EDT

The company's secondary offering may help stabilize the stock, but is there any upside?

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Perfect Storm Setup Buy for Zynga

04/30/14 - 03:01 PM EDT

If and when Zynga expands real money gaming into other markets, all bets are off on how far the stock may go.

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Twitter Shares Get Plucked

04/30/14 - 09:18 AM EDT

Cash-burning companies with high price-to-earnings ratios need to demonstrate rapid growth or face a brutal market reality.

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Surviving Gogo In an AT&T World

04/29/14 - 01:34 PM EDT

Profit while others panic and run around as if their heads were cut off.

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Herbalife Scores a Hat Trick Against Bill Ackman

04/29/14 - 06:00 AM EDT

Herbalife's suspension of its dividend is a brilliant move against shorts who bought put options.

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Apple Approaching a Short-Seller Sweet Spot

04/28/14 - 03:58 PM EDT

Put emotions aside, waiting for the right time to enter or exit is your strongest edge to win in the market.

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Why You Should Sell Amazon's Stock to Buy Microsoft's

04/28/14 - 10:36 AM EDT

There are good reasons why Amazon's stock has been falling fast.

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The 4 Rules of Earnings Season, Plus Tips: Buy Under Armour Next Week, Dump Amazon A.S.A.P.

04/25/14 - 04:28 PM EDT

The first rule of earnings season is to never chase a stock unless you're taking a stop loss. If your trading desk doesn't include a Bloomberg terminal or another equally fast wire subscription in unison with computer-directed trading, you're fighting a losing battle.

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